icarus white hinterland


olympian girls | [listen] a playlist dedicated to some of my favourite ladies of greek mythology

i. you’re the moon - the hush sound (selene) | ii. steel - charlotte martin (medusa) | iii. trouble is a friend - lenka (cassandra) | iv. bad moon rising - rasputina (nemesis) | v. hoochie woman - tori amos (hera) | vi. icarus - white hinterland (artemis) | vii. heart attack - nerina pallot (athena) | viii. penelope’s song - loreena mckennitt (penelope) | ix. absolutely me - caro emerald (aphrodite) | x. bones - 8mm (medea) | xi. curbstomp - meg myers (clytemnestra) | xii. moody - bitter:sweet (persephone)

S E A  W I T C H

“she mixes potions in tide pools, wears dresses made of sand, divinations whispered from seashells, she is just as controlled by the moon as the tide in which she lives in. attempt to seek her out and all you will find is sea foam and a storm in her wake.”

(a convenient 8tracks playlist of my favourite dreamy pagan, magical, and oceanic tunes)

[ tracklist ]

The Lotus Eaters - Wendy Rule  |  Heartbeat - Gazelle Twin   |  Moonchild - King Crimson  |  Mississippi Song - Rising Appalachia  |  Into the Woods - Cilla Jane  |  The Heretic Heart - Catherine Madsen with the Greater Lansing Spinsters Guild  |  La Femme De La Mer - Wendy Rule  |  Chimacum Rain - Linda Perhacs  |  Swoon - Rising Appalachia  |  La La La Song - American Horror Story Coven  |  Hairy Trees - Goldfrapp  |  Unicorne - Faun   |  Icarus - White Hinterland  |  Against the Sky - Vashti Bunyan  |  O Deep Woods - Solanaceae  |  Bya Bya - Solveig Slettahjell  |  The Curse - Agnes Obel  |  Song of Exile - Cover by Karliene Reynolds  |  Blue Caravan - Vienna Teng  |  Never Let Me Go - Gazelle Twin  |  The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars  |  Come Away to the Water -  Glen Hansard

l i s t e n  h e r e


 Sherlolly Graphic Prompt (II) by dokufu

 Slender as a carp you are. Your skin is defiantly silver and so sure. As for me, I’m not so sure. I watch you skate like a knife. Beneath the water, together going arm and arm, to meet our solitude, to meet it head on. I’ll meet you where the water’s warm. To meet my solitude, to meet it head on.” — White Hinterland, Icarus ()