Anyone who knows the sky and the clouds knows that it couldn’t have been the sun that brought Icarus to his demise. It was not increasing heat, or light so warm it felt like an embrace, and the wax keeping his flimsy wings together did not melt.

No, the sky is as cold and unforgiving as the earth in Persephone’s absence.

Maybe it was Aeolus who threw Icarus out of the sky with his winds, or it could have been his son, Boreas, who dusted the wings with frost until they were so brittle they shattered, or maybe it was neither.

What would Icarus have reached if he kept flying highter?

Would Icarus have risen into the thinning atmosphere, clutching his throat from lack of air? Would he have reached the realm of the gods, only to be struck down from the heavens by a bolt of lightning for hubris?

Either way, it ends the same: with melted wax, or frozen limbs, or singed feathers.

—  Mortals Were Never Given Wings Because Even Birds Know Their Limits

My skin stings, father,
But the sky tastes so lovely.
I can breathe like an immortal among the clouds,
So freely and with such purity.
And yet my mortality has begun to fail me.

The sun scorches me, father,
But I love it’s rays.
I can shine as brightly as the stars,
And hold fire in my palms.
And yet my mortality has begun to fail me.

The wind is breaking me apart, father,
But how good it feels to be stripped away of humanness!
To have no plague of skin or bone,
To be a psykhe,
And yet my mortality has failed me.


Amarantos Argyris


For @delphicsacrifice

greek myth asks
  • zeus:if you could have one power, what would it be?
  • poseidon:do you prefer the ocean or land?
  • apollo:what are your favorite pieces of poetry?
  • aphrodite:do you believe in true love?
  • athena:what are your favorite classic novels?
  • ares:are you a confrontational person?
  • artemis:do you prefer night or day?
  • hera:who makes up your tumblr family?
  • hestia:where do you live or want to live?
  • demeter:do you enjoy nature?
  • persephone:what's your favorite season?
  • hades:do you believe in an afterlife?
  • hephaestus:what do you enjoy making?
  • hermes:where do you want to travel that you've never been before?
  • odysseus:what's your favorite place to travel?
  • echo:what's something you can't stop talking about?
  • narcissus:what's your best trait?
  • icarus:what's your fatal flaw?
  • orpheus:what's your favorite song or type of music?
  • eurydice:what's something you regret?

You can’t love me, Apollo says with a sharp grin and peaked teeth.

I won’t, Icarus answers and kisses Apollo’s knuckles one by one.

You have to promise, Apollo says and runs his hands over Icarus’ bare shoulders.

I do, Icarus promises and throws his head back when long fingers coil around his throat.

You have to swear, Apollo whispers and bites down on the sensible flesh of Icarus’ cheekbones.

Whatever you want, Icarus swears and closes his eyes against the blazing fire of flesh on flesh.

You get greedy, Apollo snarls after a while and pushes the boy away.

Please don’t go, Icarus thinks when the waves kiss his back and break his bones.

it was his last thought before he fell | r.m

what if the sun fell in love with icarus?
(maybe apollo caught sight of the boy,
sun-streaked skin glowing gilded,
feathers fluttering like slain daydreams,
moth-bitten promises half-remembered
& something lovely in his fallibility.)
what if icarus fell in love with the ocean?
(maybe he dreamt of her salt-soaked kisses,
softness dotting his body like constellations.
fingers laced in his hair like a crown
for a broken king. a gentle swan song,
a chilly numbness of unremembrance.)
what if icarus turned away from the sun?
(maybe apollo blazed infernos with the bitter sting
of humiliation. singed off feathers one by one,
thrust him into the frigid embrace of an ocean
that would sooner kill than love back:
a lesson to mortals who dare defy the gods.)
—  DIVINE RETRIBUTION | paperharbors

11:33 p.m, Apollo said: hey
11:33 p.m, Icarus said: hey
11:33 p.m, Apollo said: what’s up?
11:33 p.m, Icarus (unsent): why are you writing me? why is my heart beating so frantically? why does it feel like bursting? stop it. go away. don’t text me.
11:33 p.m, Icarus said: not much. what about you?
11:33 p.m, Apollo said: same. I miss you.
11:33 p.m, Icarus (unsent): no you don’t. you never missed me in the first place. but I did. god, I didn’t get the stench of your perfume out of my sheets. I scrubbed my body until it was raw and red but I could still feel your fingers and hands all over me. I was not free, you haunted me for months. no, you don’t miss me.
11:33 p.m, Icarus said: I miss you too.
11:33 p.m, Apollo said: wanna come over?
11:33 p.m, Icarus (unsent): no. no I don’t. because you will promise me the sun and I will believe you, I will trust you and I will ignore the flicker of something dark and haunted in your eyes. I will bare my throat and close my eyes and you will leave me spent on dirty sheets with burns on my back and bruises in fingerprint shapes on my thighs. no. no I don’t want to come over.
11:33 p.m, Icarus said: sure, I’ll be there in 10

- texts between Icarus and Apollo | r.m