The Future of the Planet of the Apes Franchise

I just got back from seeing War for the Planet of the Apes, and, oh my God I am happy to have witness the greatest modern trilogy of films in cinemas in recent years. I can go on about how super awesome and spectacular they were, but I wanna talk about the possible route for the future films in the franchise. After all they are making a fourth one.

I definitely do believe this will be a new phase of the saga, one that is a new trilogy of films but the focus will shift to Nova. The reason I say this is because the original series had started off with focusing on the main human characters which gradually shift into focusing on the main ape characters. Escape from the Planet of the Apes was not only the third film of the original films but it was also the transitional film that changed the perspective of the main characters. And since War is the third film of the reboot saga I think it is more fitting to have the new trilogy focusing on Nova.

Think about it, Nova is unique as she was raised as a human and knows she is a human – which is quite the opposite of Caesar, who had to figure out who and what he was before just accepting the fact he is Caesar. Clearly the Ape Nation will definitely protect and respect Nova – especially what she did for them. Also I assume Maurice will be the new leader of the Ape Nation until Cornelius is mature enough to lead (a homage to the originals where the orangutans were the leaders of their society). And no one is gonna question it. This can lead to many possibilities, the consequences of having a human living among sentient apes. And then we get the Icaras space ship crashing in and Taylor/Ulysses comes in to make things more complicated.

That is right. I do believe any potential fifth and sixth movies of the reboot saga will be THE remake of the original 1968 classic. BUT it is gonna be different because clearly the direction they went for the saga is not gonna follow the original. It could take elements from the classic and it could take elements from the novel as well. But I think these last two movies are gonna be original and will focus on what does it mean to be human on a planet of apes? And of course this new trilogy will be a major time skip from War to the point where Nova is a young adult and could form a healthy relationship with Taylor/Ulysses as they struggle to amend peace between humans and apes.

So without further ado, I present to you my ideas of titles for any future Planet of the Apes movies in the reboot saga. Along with a brief plot synopses:

  • Aftermath on the Planet of the Apes: As the Ape Nation become a thriving community, a new threat threatens Nova place in the Ape Nation.
  • Lost on the Planet of the Apes: Human astronauts arrive to a planet rule by apes and causes a disturbance among the apes.
  • The Human from the Planet of the Apes: Nova and Taylor/Ulysses must race against time to save the planet.
Shantae: Dreaded Apocalypse Starter for Superxcrossoverxgalaxy

Meanwhile in Aquamarine Town… The earthquake shook and the sky turned into darkness as everyone gone into Panic!

“What’s going on around there?” She got frightened.

Meanwhile in Anode City… The same thing happened to Aquamarine Town.

“Whoa man, I hope I didn’t think what it is…”

Meanwhile in Scamper Town… 


“Brother, everything’s shrouded to Darkness! Could this be that…”

“I don’t know Railey but it can’t be happening!”

Meanwhile in Sunlight City


“This is bad! The world’s in danger but but what?”

Meanwhile in Moonlight Town…

“Ugh, don’t tell me If it’s the end of the world or something…”

Meanwhile in Scuttle Town…


“Oh no… Looks like everything is shrouded to Darkness…”

“I was going to say this but Risky has finally opened the Genie Realm! Does this mean that…”

“My niece is lost to that pesky Pirate! You gotta find Sky!”

“Rodger that!” Bolo went outside to find Sky!