I am My only Competition!
I want to be better ME Everyday. Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.
I’m not trying to have the most followers. Biggest Butt, Strongest Body. I didn’t ask for this life. This life Chose me. My intention were to just share my Journey and Be an Awesome Mom. And that’s what I’m doing.
Don’t focus on me. Take charge of Your Body, Your Health and Your Life. The only way to do this is to Focus More on You and what you need to do. It’s time for you to get Up take a Look in the mirror and say “I CAN DO THIS” speak it into the Universe Positive thoughts lead to Positive Actions. I post my pictures as Motivation But you’re your own Inspiration. “Everyday is a day you can be a better person than you were yesterday. So do something today that your future self will Thank you for.” You Want it. GO GET YOURS!!! 👊 iCan YouCan WeCan #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #icanyoucanwecan

Thoughts of the morning… #rp @getfitwithnic_
” Seriously What are you waiting for? For someone to come and save you? If so, you may be waiting forever😩. Depend on yourself. Work for yours. Nobody owes you anything. You get out of Life what you Put into it. So if you aren’t doing sh*t. You won’t get Sh*t in Return. Get Busy. Start Today. Start Now. Change your Life for the Better. #Truth #ToughLove #FactsOnly #Life #Happiness #icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #ThatsABar “

#FitnessTip: If you want to increase muscle mass and strength in all areas, squatting will help you get there.
The more muscle you have on your frame, the more calories you will burn during training.
Not only will squats put on appreciable amounts of size and strength on your legs, they will also increase performances.
Squats help you build a better Butt, Quads, Hamstrings . Squats can also strengthen your core.
Message for those of you with “Bad Knees” Squats have the ability, when done correctly, to strengthen joints and prevent injury. The knee, hip and ankle joints.
Squats are great for a total lower body workout.👍 Get your SQUAT ON!! 💪 #Getfitwithnic #icanyoucanwecan #squat #fitfacts #body #tips #work #Results

Framily! Wanna join me? For moral support? Lol! Sign up ASAP and let me know.

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TONIGHT and Thursday Night it’s going down!
You know where to meet me On the Track and Field. Don’t forget to bring a Bottle of Water and Your Yoga Mat. Everyone is welcome to Join.
Sign up Now:

@icanyoucanfitness@gmail.com (Please leave your Full name and a Guest name if you are bringing one)
FULL BODY WORKOUT. Have Fun. GET FIT💪 #icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_

#Repost from @getfitwithnic_ with @repostapp —- CHICAGO‼️ NEXT WEEKEND I WILL BE IN YOUR CITY!🎉 Are you Ready? SAT OCT the18th and SUN the 19th… Do not wait until the last Minute to Book. You can Bring Friends or come alone and make new Fit Friends😬 BOOK NOW👉 seatriot.com/lacunafitness/NicB or you Can go to website seatriot.com I am Teaming up with @LacunaFitness Very own @spurlock82 & @itsmesydnie 👈 if you have any Questions feel free to contact @itsmesydnie. I’m So Excited to meet each and everyone of you. Please be sure to bring a Bottle of Water and Yoga Mats. This is a Workout you don’t want to miss. Have good Energy. All Levels of Fitness! MEN and Women are both welcome to Join💪 I will be teaching you exercises that you can do Anywhere at your own Time and Pace. #icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #LacunaFitness #Bootcamp #body #workout #teamfitness

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That’s the Real Goal! HEALTHY & HAPPY. Nothing More, Nothing Less! Stop competing, Stop Comparing. Stop downing yourself. Stop the negativity. Live Your Life. Choose to Be Happy. Choose to Live Healthy. Smile Often. Everything else is irrelevant 💅 #icanyoucanwecan

JUST DO IT!!! Live Healthy. Get Fit. There were a room full of Pretty Awesome lovely Women Ready to Put in WORK💪 #NIKE #NIKEWomen #Essence #PrettyGirlsSweat #Positivity #GoodVibesOnly #icanyoucanwecan by getfitwithnic_

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I Can, You Can, We Can Challenge
Cost: $9 
December 1st to December 8th, 2014 
Emphasis: NO Sugar, Gallon of Water, & Exercise 7-day Challenge
If I can do it. You can do it. If you can’t do it alone. We can do it together.
This challenge welcomes participants of all ages, genders, sizes, shapes and fitness levels.
Designed to cater to each individuals current personal fitness level. Anyone can join, participate and benefit from this challenge, immediately!
What does the challenge include: -Full body workout videos featuring heart pumping, Butt blasting, Leg toning, abdominal targeting exercises. - Customized nutritional and healthy food recommendations from Nic’s personal grocery list. - Fitness and nutrition tips
- Motivational videos and inspirational content. 7 complete days of comprehensive online coaching .

Participants can complete the provided workouts at any time, or frequency to maximize challenge results.
Workouts can be performed anywhere. From within the privacy of your home, job, park or literally any other area where the space permits. A gym is not needed in order to complete the selected workouts included in this challenge.
1. For 7 consecutive days you will receive instructional personalized full body workout videos.
2. You will be provided with a custom created healthy food and nutritional recommended plan.
3. On December 1st, you will return to the site in order to access the full challenge details, content and downloads.
4. Follow and adhere to all of the clearly stated details of the “I can, You can, We Can” challenge.

Go to my Calendar on TRAINERSVault.com/icanyoucanwecan
BOOK Now Dec 1st-8th #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #icanyoucanwecan #icanyoucanwecanChallenge

(Photo Taken Tonight) 5’4 132lbs Goal weight 135lbs. My Body is MY BODY. If you have been sleeping on My Workouts, Tips, Meal Plans and Challenges you better Wake yo Ass Up. There is No Secret to this Lifestyle. I’ve been taking you all on my journey throughout my Post. You better do your Research. Scroll through all 2000+ Post and Videos. No Wraps, Protein Shakes, Waist Trimmers/ Trainers. Those Dumb Detox teas. Diet Pills or GYM! I refuse to give anyone or any dumb product I do not believe in any credit for My Hard Work. I did it My way on My Time. Go Get Yours. #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #icanyoucanwecan #body #flex #mirrorflexies #abs #vcuts

#FitnessTip: If you know me you know I’m a Huge Fan of Resistance Bands which are inexpensive and can be purchased for under $5 or no more than $15 depending on Which Sporting Good Store you buy them from. I’ve had people reach out to me saying that they could not find any from places such as Target, Walmart. Sporting Good stores are Sports Chalet, Big 5, Dicks this can also be Googled in Google Search as “Sporting Good Stores” Several location will pop up. Put that Smart Phone to use Folks. I actually like to buy my Resistance Bands from Ross, & Marshall’s. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and squats. They’re also Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels. Go get your Resistance Bands. No Gym Needed to Set your Fitness Goals. If I can do this. YOU Can Do it too. #teamfitness #icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #health #fitforlife #fittip

She needs no fancy clothes
to make her look sexy.
She needs no man by her side
to make her feel sturdy.
She needs to tell no lies;
her honesty is her beauty.
She’s smart in the head,
and courageous in the heart,
confident in herself,
and compassionate in her thoughts,
independent and able,
strong and graceful. ~Author Unknown
Photography By @quby Mua: @lateciat #icanyoucanwecan


All the way Zoned Out!!!! Foot work was crazy. (Hate that I had to speed the video up for IG 😔) Jump Rope is my favorite Form of Cardio. Targeting my whole body but I also get one helluva Workout. Pull out your Jump Ropes and get Busy. Strengthen that Upper and Lower body burn Calories you can definitely get a Great Workout in with just a Jump Rope👍 #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #Icanyoucanwecan #QueenofTheOutDoorWorkouts