Down-to-Earth, weird, quirky, and a tad bit insane, this week’s Mancrush Monday goes to Misha Collins. Fellow Destiel shipper and one half of the actual ship, he harasses Jensen for the sake of making him uncomfortable and interacts with fans like they’re his closest friends. Put on top of that the humanitarian works he does and his unwillingness to act like a normal celebrity that rivals Jennifer Lawrence and you got yourself my darling, Mish-Mish. Can I have one for my own please? I swear someone like him is gonna be the only person that can handle me. I promise I’ll take care of him and feed him everyday! 😍😍😘😘 #mcm #mancrushmonday #mishacollins #destiel #icantgetoverhim #hestoodamncool #andadorableashell

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I love him.

I love him. That’s all that I really know. I love him so much. There is nothing that he could do that would make me love him any less. I used to wonder what it was like to love someone so much that you would go to any length just to keep them in your life. I used to wonder how girls could lie awake crying at night over a boy. I used tonot understand what girls meant when they said “I will always love him, no matter what. He will always be in my heart.” I used towonder what love was and why I didn’t feel it like other girls did. I used tonot know what a soul mate was. That all changed once you came into my life. From the first day I met you my life was changed. You were new, you were different and I liked it. We had a connection from the beginning and I can still feel it from so far away. Because of you I now know what it’s like to love someone so much that I go to every length to keep you in my life. Because of you I know what it’s like to lie awake crying over someone. Because of you I know what it means to always love someone no matter what, and that they’ll always be in your heart. Because of you I know what a soul mate is. And because of you, I know what love is and I feel it just like the other girls do. I feel it every time I think about you. I feel it every time I see your name pop up on my phone screen. I feel it when I laugh at our conversations. Most of all I feel it when, after all this time, you tell me that you love me. People try to tell me that I have no idea what love is, that I’m just a dumb teenager, but they’re wrong. Is the pain I feel fake? Is the ache I feel in my heart whenever I speak his name fake? Is the pounding of my heart whenever I see the words “I love you” come from him fake? Are the tears streaming down my face just thinking about him fake? Don’t tell me I don’t know what love is, because I feel it. Even if he doesn’t feel it, I do. Even when years pass by I will still feel it. Even when I meet someone else and pour all my love and affection to that person I will still feel it. That will never change. I love him so much. That’s all I’ll ever really know.