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You wake up one morning to find a package outside your house. It's addressed to you. You open it and pull out a collar and a dog leash. The collar comes with tags. One of them states 'Property of Martina', while the other says 'Dean Winchester'. You stare at these things wondering what in the world is going on. Suddenly out of nowhere, a dog approaches and sits before you, tail wagging. You check the box a second time and out falls a note that reads, "Hope you like your new pet. Love, Gabriel".



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"Dean, I've never kissed a girl before. Stop laughing, this is serious. What if I miss and we bump noses or something?" After he stops chuckling, Dean walks over and ruffles his little brother's hair. "Look man, it's okay. Do you want to practice on me? I can teach you." And suddenly, Sam's nervousness gets 10x worse. "Uh- what? No, that's okay. I think I got it covered." Dean looks confused. "But you just said-" "No, I was kidding. I got this, Dean." "Well, if you're sure.."



pls let Sam practice kissing with Dean. Pls pls pls. 

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Sam Winchester

My otp: Sam/Dean
My most hated pairing:  I don’t hate any pairings that I can think of
My unusual otp: Sam/everyone (IDEK, I just love Sam getting gangbanged)
My crossover otp:  Sam/Faith Lehane (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
My brotp/friendship otp: I guess I don’t really have one for Sam considering the way I like him to get gangbanged *LOL*
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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7 for the number thing ehehe

yes yes good turn offs are far more fun to explain than turn ons

  1. people who dont get passionate about anything. like, where the hell is the fun in life if you dont find at least one thing beautiful and inspiring and so interesting you want to share it with everyone
  2. this might sound harsh and i mean no offense, but people who just dont care about whats happening politically and internationally. im a politics major, ahaha, so that explains a lot i think
  3. rudeness
  4. country music (???)
  5. selfishness
  6. elves
  7. being really hairy 

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go here, anon: fuckyeahsabriel.tumblr. 

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i dont ship sabriel but i do know that in changing channels, there are some scenes that suggest gabe was trying to help sam like when the nurse keeps slapping him, she says sometimes people just die, its not your fault suggesting that jess death wasnt his fault either. idk there was a better explanation somewhere in that lolol

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gab tortured Sam. people just dont understand anything and like to ship shit that doesnt make sense lol.

The amount in which Gab tortured Sam, even if it was good intentioned is what gets to me. But that’s just what I see. 

I still miss Gab… and I think it’d be cool if he came back. :)