Ping’s swimsuit, replete with required flotation needed to not sink (she IS a robot/android/playstation accessory after all).  One adjustment her body needs to make to maintain buoyancy (and it is a design flaw they are working on) is that she has to size-up a bit all around to attain that bouyancy and, well, the upshot is that in Beach Scene mode if she has to get in the water, she has to look chubbier.  ^^;;  This does not, as you can imagine, amuse her.  Also, she does require a float ring to balance her, ahem, upper body floatation. ^^;;  (note: this is actually a very rough drawing, so its more smudgy than the others.  Also of note, i need to re-address the top a bit because um, that isn’t gonna stay on in the water the way it is drawn)