The Right Partner || @icanpackquitethepunch || AU || TFA Verse

With a soft sigh The Super Soldier entered the Pub. He was quite late to join his friends in this place. He had attended some important meeting with Colonel Phillips, Agent Carter, and others in the SSR Headquarters. Since His first action, that saved many soldiers. It changed Colonel Phillips’ mind. From now on, Captain America would be sent off to the front line, to face HYDRA.  Phillips allowed Steve to make his own group. And what Steve was thinking about after He got out from the Headquarters was to find and ask his friends to join his group.

Jim Morita was the first person who noticed his arrival, and waved slightly at the super soldier, calling him to join them. Steve nodded at him once. He could see his friends were sitting and drinking. He could hear their laughter. Some of them were singing. He took a sit, and began to talk to them about what Colonel Phillips just ordered him. He told them that He needed a team, and would be great if they would want to join him.