This is my follow forever, there is not many blogs on the list but the blogs that are on the list are the best of the best. These blogs are amazing and they are runned by fantastic people. These blogs I will truly follow forever! Thank for a great blog year!

  • bowties-and-cheekbones.tumblr.com Kristina is a wonderful person who has an absolutely perfect taste in books, movies and tv-shows. 
  • consultinggothdetective.tumblr.com Lise is a vary talented and creative person. She can make beautiful boosh bags and she got an unbelievable sense of style. 
  • mostly-british-comedy.tumblr.com Maja is a swede like me, with a great sense of humor. Her gif sets are always brilliantly funny!
  • icanmakeyouhate.tumblr.com Stephanies blog has made me discover several good tv-shows. Before I found this blog I had not watch Black Books or Fresh Meat. 
  • thehancock.tumblr.com Richard is one of the nicest guys in the world and I always enjoy discussing books with him. His blog is filled with the best of the hobbit, harry potter, doctor who and miranda :)
  • cheesyfeetdontcry.tumblr.com This is one of my most dearest followers, who I am very sad to say that I don’t know the name of. I wish I had started following her earlier because her blog is absolutely great!
  • pinkgloom92.tumblr.com I am sad to say that I don not know this persons name either but the blog is a hilarious and wonderful blog that ships johnlock so hard. 

So this is my favorite blogs and people on tumblr and I hope everyone will follow them! :)  (Sorry about the bad edit and eventual spelling mistakes)