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Second Time Around

Can I have an imagine where you see roman once and it was for a quick time, until years later you see him again and you guys really hit it off?(:

Leg Day. It was kicking my ass as always. My thighs were on fire after doing three rounds of leg extensions, fifteen reps each at fifty pounds. I needed water before I started on my donkey kicks, which would have my buns burning next.
I walked over to my gym bag to grab some money for the drink machine. As I pass by a room strictly for arms & chest workout machines, I hear grunting from a guy who’s really showing no mercy. Lifting at least 200 pounds on the Chest Fly machine, I could see the veins from his biceps bulge with every press. His Beats were secure over his ears, head down with closed eyes. The sweat forming on his forehead was sliding down his reddened face in sleek columns. Man, was he getting it! When I realize I’ve been staring at him this whole time, he suddenly stops his reps and makes eye contact. 

“Shit!” I whisper to myself, kicking it into gear towards the drink machine. 

I can feel my heart beating a million miles per hour, since I’d been caught staring at the stranger. I hope he doesn’t think I’m a creep! Inwardly, I roll my eyes and slide my money into the vendor. I press the code for a Fiji water, watching the coils roll back to dispense me one. Then suddenly it stops, causing my water to remain wedged between the coil with the cap leaning on the glass. Are you kidding me?  

I try to shove the glass. “Seriously?” Nothing moves, so I try pushing my shoulder into it. “Oh, come on!" 

I try to type in the code again, A6, hoping it would solve the problem. Nope. Nothing. I lean my head back, looking up at the white ceiling. Now I have to go back for more change to push my water out; I better get a second one too, dammit! 

As I turn around, I come to an immediate halt. My chest starts to cave in, the heart beats have increased again, my body became rigid; he was standing in front of me! Grey eyes lazily stared down at me, as I coached myself to keep breathing. A ghost of a smirk appeared on his lips, as he slid his headphones to his neck. 

"Need any help?” He slightly nodded towards the machine. 

“Um, I—uh sure.” I began, “I’d appreciate it." 

He nodded again and I moved to the side. In one swift, hard bang to the glass with his huge fist, my Fiji slid carelessly to the retrieving flap. He leans down, grabs my water and hands it to me. 

"Thank you so much.” I bring it to my chest. 

“No problem. Next time, use A8. A6 is the shitty one." 

I nod on a grin. "I’ll keep that in mind for next time." 

He smirks. "Cool. So you come here often?" 

"Well I try”, I state, “I’m a little rusty due to my hectic work and school schedule. But I try to fit in some gym time when I can." 

"I see,” he runs a hand through his ear length hair. “So what are you studying for?" 

"School Counseling,” I twist my bottle cap open, taking a small swallow of the cool water. “This is my third year." 

"That’s what’s up. So you like kids, I assume." 

"Love them,” I giggle. “They can be a bit challenging, but I feel they can all be misunderstood sometimes.”

“You seem passionate.” He raises an eyebrow. 

“I try to be.” I put my head down on a nervous chuckle. “Sorry for rambling." 

"No, no! I didn’t meant it like that.” He chuckles. “I could just see how your features brightened when you talked about it. It’s all in your eyes, the passion for the career." 

I bite my bottom lip, trying not to blush under his gaze. "Thanks for noticing." 

"Anytime.” He smiles. “Well I better get going. My time is up for tonight.” He extends his hand out to me. “But it was nice talking to you and hopefully I’ll catch you spying on me again." 

I laugh, shaking my head. "Oh God, I’m so sorry about that.” I shake his hand. “It was an accident. I promise I’m not a weirdo or anything." 

"Nah, it’s cool. I don’t mind. I’m Leakee, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Leakee. I’m Gina.” My hand slowly slides from his. “Have a goodnight.”

“Same to you, Gina. Don’t work out too hard.” He winks at me before heading off to the exit doors. 

— 6 years later —

“Ready to go, handsome?" 


I gather my last round of worksheets, shoving them into their correct file placements. My 8-year-old nephew Jason, was keeping me company as he always does after school. He would do his homework and play on my iPad, while I write my End of the Day reports and file worksheets on students I’ve counseled. Being that he attends the same school, it was convenient for him to ride back home with me instead of riding the bus. His mom and I stay in our old childhood home; we’re sisters. 

"Got your homework done?” I grab my satchel and keys. 

Jason slides his book bag on. “Yep. Today we worked on times tables again, so it was pretty easy." 

"Cool,” I nod. “Told you they were gonna get easier." 

We head out of my office into the parking lot. After stashing our bags in the backseat, I crank up and hit the road. 

"Geegee, did mama tell you that she’s taking me to Smackdown tomorrow night?” His brown eyes sparkled behind his glasses. “She won the tickets off the radio.”

“Oh really? That sounds exciting, Jay. Are you excited?” I grin at him.  

“Are you kidding me?! Geegee, I’m thrilled!” He squeaks, “I get to see my favorite group of all time!" 

He cups his mouth with his hands. "Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD!” He starts playing on his invisible guitar. “Da na da na da na da da da, da na da na da na da da da daaaaah!" 

I stop at a red light, laughing as he bobs his head. "Is that what I’ve been hearing for the past few weeks?" 

"It’s their theme music! It sounds so cool! I can’t wait to hear it live tomorrow!" 

"I bet. Make sure you tune up those strings on that air guitar for the show.” I proceed down the interstate, taking our exit. 

Jason’s smile couldn’t be any wider, as he stares out the window. “My favorite is Roman Reigns. He’s so cool. Wanna know his signature move?" 

"Tell me.” I chime. 

“It’s the Superman Punch!” Jason cocks his small fist, lightly punching the seat cushion. “It’ll knock you out fast, especially when it aims for the button." 

I raise an brow. "What’s the button?" 

His balled fist dabs his mouth. "The button.”

We share a laugh, finally pulling into the parking garage of the house.

“Hey, mom’s home.” Jason calls out. 

I place the gear in ‘Park’ and shut off the engine. We hop out and grab our bags, then head inside. Jason jets upstairs to his room, as I make my way to the kitchen. I spot my dear sister going through the mail, wearing her Chase work shirt. 

“Well, well. Look what the garbage men left behind.” I stride past Jasmine nonchalantly. 

She looks up, “Oh ha ha, you cow!” She playfully rolls her eyes. 

I chuckle. “Whatever. You’re home early." 

Jasmine nods. "I asked to get off early so I could pick up Jason’s shirt for that WWE show." 

"Oh Jasmine, he’s so excited! How did you manage to score those tickets off the radio?” I stand next to her, grabbing a few envelopes. 

“By faking a bladder infection and going to the bathroom over fifty times a day.”
I shake my head and smirk. “That’s a definite way to make you the golden caller." 

"Tell me about it.” Jasmine rolls her eyes. “But it was worth it.” She grins. 

“Mooooom!” Jason calls from upstairs in a singsong voice. 

“Down here, Jay, in the kitchen!” She replies. 

Suddenly we hear a rush of padded footsteps down the stairs, coming to an immediate halt at the kitchen entrance. Jason is all bugged eyed and wide mouthed, as he holds up a black tee. There were three men in a 'tough guy’ pose on the front wearing all black, with the acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. above them.

“MY SHIRT CAME IN ON TIME!” Jason yelled. “Thank you, mom, thank you!” He races towards Jasmine, bear hugging her hips. 

She giggles, wrapping her arms around him. “I had to overnight it, sweetie. Didn’t want to chance it in such short notice of me winning the tickets." 

I playfully slap Jasmine’s arm. "Great job, sis." 

"I’m the best mother ever, I know!” She whispers, placing her hand over her heart. 

Jason breaks away from her hips. “Look at my shirt, Geegee! Isn’t it awesome?”

I take a good look again at the small shirt. “Awesome is an understatement, Jay!" 

"That Roman Reigns is a hottie right?” Jasmine chimes in. 

“Oh God, mom!”

“Which one is he?”

Jasmine gives me a stale look. “The HOT one, Gina. He’s not hard to pick out." 

I glance back at the shirt and come in contact with the middle man. His tall physique almost towering his group mates. A tattooed sleeve that looks like black armor, decorated his right arm. Long, black hair cascaded down his chest, with a chiseled face that held a lazy grey eyed glare. 

For some strange reason, I start to get the feeling that he’s familiar to me. But how? 

"Earth to Gina!” Jasmine snapped three times. “Told you that man is certified iCandy. Even you were caught in a trance.” She laughs. “Swoon much?”

I slowly break away from the shirt, slightly shaking my head. “No, that’s not it. He just looks familiar.”

“Duh! He’s famous! You probably seen him on TV when Jason was watching one of the shows." 

I shrug, finally giving up on that feeling. "I don’t watch wrestling but you may be right." 

Jasmine looks back at her son. "Did you try it on?" 

"Yep, and it fits! I also found the tickets on my dresser. How come you have three tickets, mama, instead of two?" 

"Oh!” Jasmine claps her hands. “The radio station gave me the extra ticket for being so persistent.” She looks at me, “Wanna be a WWE fan for a night?”

“Oh no, I don’t know the first thing about that stuff. I just found out who these guys were.” I point at Jason’s shirt. 

“Please come with us, that would be so awesome!” Jason grabs my arm. “Geegeeeeee!!!!" 

"Yea, come on Geegeeeee!!!” Jasmine mimicked in her whiny voice.
I’m shaming them for whining their way into my heart. “Fine, I’ll go." 


Jasmine couldn’t have been any luckier; she got tickets that sat us right in front of the damn ring! The stadium was packed from wall to wall with die hard WWE fans, it was definitely a sold out show. Jason was overly thrilled that we were front row and he plans on being in every shot of the camera. He wanted to make a sign for tonight but his excitement wouldn’t let him decide on what he wanted to do. So Jasmine and I thought of an idea to write: I’M A HOUND OF JUSTICE” with a big, black downward arrow. We are going to put it over his head whenever the cameras come across our section and for the Shield to see when they come out. 

As I sit comfortably eating my nachos and observing the scenery, my mind flashes back to last night. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’ve seen that Roman guy from somewhere before. It definitely wasn’t recent but I just can’t forget that face. Those eyes. It’s aggravating me that I can’t seem to remember jack squat, not even a small detail surfaces. 

"Gina! Pass me my chili dog!” Jasmine shouts over the music. 

I hand her the dog that was sitting in the food tray I had on my lap. 

“Jason, you wanna eat now? The show is going to start in 30 minutes. Think you can calm your nerves and grub some?” I smirk at his cute face.

He finally sits down, nodding at me with glee. “Yep, I can eat. I need all of my energy for when my guys come out and bring the house down!" 

Reaching back into my lap, I hand him his chicken tenders & fries. I place a napkin over his lap, as he starts eating at the fries. 

I smile, "Good deal." 

The show has finally started and I placed all of our trash on the food tray, sliding it under my seat. The stadium was electrified by screaming fans, the WWE Universe, as I was told. The cameramen scanned through the sections, capturing lots of posters and people shouting. Jasmine cued for me to hold my side of the poster we made and lifted it over Jason’s head. Soon one of the cameraman captured us on the big screen, laughing, as Jason cocked his fist and yelled into the camera. 


After a few matches, I was being schooled on who’s who. To say that I’ve never taken the time to watch wrestling, I must say it’s a fun sport to watch. I might just be watching it with Jason from now on. 

Next up is a triple threat match between The Wyatts and the Shield. I watched as my nephew stood in anticipation, patting his hands on the cushioned barricade. Suddenly the lights went out and cellphones lit up the stadium. 

"The Wyatts,” Jason turned towards me.

“Gotcha,” I said. 

“Mom, what are you doing? Are you seriously a fire fly?" 

"What? Is that what this is called?” She proceeds to sway her phone in the air. “I’ve always wanted to do this.” She laughs. 

I chuckle at my looney sister.

Once the guy blows out his lamp, Bray I think, the lights come back on. 

“Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta. SHIELD!” 

Here we go! Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Shield comes down from the stairs in the crowd, passing by adoring fans that are slapping them on the backs and arms. I could hear Jason rocking out to the theme song, playing his air guitar of course. Jasmine and I held up the sign again over his head, as we were caught on camera again. The guys began to circle the ring in different directions, looking at everyone shouting for them. 

Dean Ambrose came over to our section, eyeing our sign that pointed boldly down at my overexcited nephew. He held his fist out towards Jason, which was quickly connected with Jason’s fist. 

“Welcome, brother!” Dean nodded before walking off into the ring. 

“Mom, did you see that?! Dean Ambrose saw me!”  

Jasmine smiled. “Yes, baby, how cool was that? I recorded it for you!” She waved her phone a little. 


The three Hounds met up in the ring, grilling their opponents every now and then. My focus immediately switches to Roman. He rolls his shoulders back, stretching out his fingers, and bending his neck from side to side. The man’s back was a glorious sight, so well sculpted and lean. 


As if he heard him, Roman turned around and looked directly at us. Jason repeated himself and Roman gave him that certified smirk that he’d get the job done. His fist dabbed his mouth and he pointed at Jason with his other hand.
Then his eyes landed on me. Holy crap. There was a small crease that formed on his forehead. Is he looking at me? 

“Gina, have you been noticing Roman Reigns staring at you? Jasmine says leaning behind Jason. "Because I surely have." 

I lean back, "Jas, I think I’ve seen him before." 

"Uh, yeah. Everybody has!” She laughs. 

“No, I mean outside of the ring. Like…” I start to trail off. 

Jason shouts, “Yeah!! It’s the Shield!”

“I don’t want to sound crazy, but I believe he’s thinking the same thing." 

Jas looks back at Roman standing on the outside of the ring. "Maybe it was at a store or something recently. You know they’ve been in town all week." 

I shake my head. "It wasn’t recent. I don’t know.” I drink more water. “Maybe I’m going crazy after all.”

The bell cues for the match to start. Seth Rollins goes first against Luke Harper. Then Dean Ambrose gets tagged in, close lining Luke out the ring. Jason is shouting to Roman that he needs to turn around, because Bray Wyatt was sneaking up behind him. Fortunately, Roman glanced to the side and managed to jump down on a punch to Bray. Bray stumbled in front us, hugging his back on the barricade.

“Get him, Roman! You’re going down, Bray!” Jason looks down at a knocked out Bray Wyatt. 

Roman walks towards us, quickly giving Jason a fist bump! “Great looking out.” He nods and smirks. 

As he grabs his opponent by the hair our eyes lock. My body goes rigid having him so close to me. He was like a giant, sweaty tower cascading over my short frame. He pushed Bray back a little and slapped him hard, making him stumble farther from us. Roman took a glance at my hand where I held my bottle. His brow raised in curiosity; correction: amused curiosity! When he looks back at me, there seems to be a ghostly smile. I gave my bottle a puzzled look, making sure it wasn’t leaking or anything. 

“Wait a minute,” I murmur. 

Jasmine reaches behind Jason to smack my arm. “He’s definitely checking you out, sis! Toss him your water, he seems parched.” She jokes. 

“A gym,” I say. “It was a gym!" 


"I’ll explain after the show, but that’s where I’ve seen him!" 

After a few more rounds of tagging partners, the match ended with Roman spearing Bray. The ref counted to three, in which the bell rung on cue. The crowd went crazy as the Shield banded together sticking their fists out. 

"That’s how it’s done!” Jason yelled, “Woooooooo!”

I laughed at my adorable nephew, as he jumped up and down celebrating the victory. Suddenly, I caught Roman walking towards us. He held his fist out to Jason, who bumped it with his in return. 

“Hey kid, you were awesome. I appreciate your support.” He smiled. 

A big, dopey grin spread across Jason’s face. “You’re my favorite wrestler! My favorite move is the Superman Punch then the Spear!" 

"Is that so?” Roman playfully raises a brow. 

He nods, “Yep! Because you get to shut their cake holes before you knock 'em out!”

“Jason, oh my God!” Jasmine’s appalled. “Cake hole, seriously?" 

Roman laughs, "Cake hole. I’m gonna use that one, only if you don’t mind." 

"Nah, it’s cool.” Jason answers coolly.

“Are you his mom?” He looks at me. 

“No, he’s my nephew. The lovely mother is my sister.” I blush, pointing to Jasmine. 

Roman hold his hand out. “Any child that’s a fan of the Shield, automatically has awesome parents.”

Jasmine shakes his hand on a giggle. “I’d like to think so too, if I do say so myself." 

He smiles at Jasmine and looks back at me. "It seems we have questions that need answers.”

I raised an eyebrow. “I definitely agree with that." 

"Well, in fifteen minutes, I want you to meet me by the East exit. Cool?" 

"Cool,” I nod. 

“Roman, before you go, could you sign my poster?” Jason calls out. 

“Of course buddy. Mom, gotta pen?” He asks Jasmine. 

“Mom, PLEASE say you have a pen!” Jason worriedly asks. 

Jasmine easily pulls out a permanent, black marker from her purse. “Calm down, son.” She hands it to Roman. “I got you." 

Roman signs:

 "Superman Punch for the cake holes, Spears for the K.O.s! Thank you, brother!”                                  RR 

After Jasmine asked for one final request, she took a picture of Roman and Jason. 

Fifteen minutes later, I was at the East exit of the stadium. It didn’t take long for me to notice a tall figure approaching me. He stood in front of me in a soft grey t-shirt and black sweatpants. His damp hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. Casually he slid his hands in his pockets, glaring down at me. 

“Now, where have I seen you before?” He starts. 

“Okay,” I inhale. “You might think I’m crazy but I believe it was at a gym." 

Roman looks over my head, nodding at someone who called out a greeting to him. "I see.” He focuses back on me. “What if I don’t think you’re crazy?”

“Then I would be shocked that I’m right." 

"Is your name Gina by any chance?”

My eyes widen, “Yeah, it is." 

Roman grins, "Thought so. I never forget a name to a pretty face.”

I start to blush, “Um, thank you.” I twist my lips, “But I don’t remember you telling me that 'Roman’ was your name." 

"That’s because at the time it wasn’t. Does 'Leakee’ ring a bell?" 

"Yes, Leakee! That’s it!” I rejoice, “Oh my God, I was tormenting my brain to figure all of this out. I just knew I saw you before, hell I could never forget you." 

"That was my stage name back at FCW.” He chuckles, “Gina: The Fiji Drinker and Spy.”

I close my eyes, embarrassed. “Ugh, now you’re making me remember everything!” I inwardly groan. 

“Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. I was checking you out at the drink machine before I approached." 

"Oh really now?" 

He tucks his bottom lip between his teeth. "I may have purposely held back from telling you about A6. I wanted to enjoy watching you struggle to get your water until I swooped in to save the day. I was also enjoying the backside view, if you know what I mean." 

I gasp, "Wow, such a jerk move!” I laugh, “I was dying of thirst and you were watching my butt. How lovely." 

He shrugs, holding his hands up. "I’m a guy that saw a beautifully shaped woman in yoga pants. Can you really blame me?" 

I glare my eyes, shaking my head at his excuse. "Well, I guess I can let it slide. You did get me my water after all." 

"Indeed I did.” He smirks, “So what happened to you after that night? I was looking forward to seeing you again." 

I sigh, remembering why I stopped going to the gym that year. "Jasmine needed someone to watch Jay at the time. She had a job that required her to work nights and she couldn’t afford a baby sitter. So school, work, and baby sitting weren’t allowing me to go back to the gym." 

Roman nods, "I understand. That was very noble of you to help your sister out like that." 

"Thank you. Besides he became like my own son, I loved him too much to even let anyone else watch him." 

"Now if I recall, you said you were studying for School Counseling. Am I conversing with the best School Counselor in the world right now?" 

My cheeks couldn’t get any warmer. "Well, I wouldn’t say the best just yet but I’m getting there." 

"Don’t see yourself short. I still recognize that passion in your eyes.” He steps closer to me. “Gina, please tell me that you’re single." 

I waste no time answering. "I’m single." 

"Good, because I feel this is my second chance to ask you what I should’ve back then.” He grabs my left hand, moving his thumb across my fingers. “May I take you out on a date tomorrow? I leave for the next show the day after and I can’t just go without taking you out. Hopefully we can stay in touch this time." 

My heart leaps in excitement at his plea. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach, flutter like crazy. "I would love that, Mr. Reigns.”

He brings my hand to his lips, placing a soft peck on the back. “Thank you, Miss Gina. I can’t wait.”