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the philly pride flag thing:

 I live in philly and yeah, The gay community here has been doing a lot of revamping…mostly because of racism that targetted black people (but a lot of other problems too). I’m pretty sure all of this happened in just the past year

-one of our most popular gay clubs, iCandy, was exposed for having a strange, arbitrary dress code that kind of targetted black people (one of the rules was that nobody could wear timberlands)

-it came out that the owner of that same club often talked shit about his black customers using the n-word. one occasion was caught on video

-it was discovered that our LGBT healthcare center was refusing to hire black medical professionals

-the same center was making work life for other black employees hell

(-they were also harboring a doctor who was sexually assaulting their patients)

(-years after our only lesbian bar closed down, we got a new one, but less than a month in a customer came forward saying that they refused to let her in because, being trans, she didn’t look enough like the photo on her ID. they did a lot of backpeddaling on facebook, saying the ID was expired, but the customer posted a picture of the ID proving that was a BS excuse)

(-at another gay bar, like 9 people have been dosed with the date rape drug, making a lot of people feel unsafe)

anyway philly’s “gayborhood” has never really been a totally safe place for black people, which make up about half our population. i’m proud of all the work that has gone on to start to put an end to this shit, and while this gesture is purely symbolic, it is rooted in the history of black activism that has always gone on here

like philly is a predominantly black city with an increasing latinx & asian population so the inclusion of those stripes means……a fucking lot. like they said racism in gay clubs has been a big problem in the past despite that fact. that’s part of why i’ve just disengaged from the gay club scene in philly like. when i used to go to icandy’s (the #1 culprit of excluding poc) 18+ nights it was literally like. all white people or white-passing/lightskin people in there. 

like the inclusion of those additional stripes is philly’s gay community trying to make up for its racist history & directly working towards inclusion of lgbt poc which is like……great! i can’t sit here & say that it’s going to eliminate racism from the community because that’s unrealistic just that i hope it leads to something more.