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‘’ The Dark Mage Zeref ‘’

killua:”i couldn’t do anything”
gon: “.. i’m sorry for being so selfish, i promise to never do it again”

i just want gon to apologize and  killua to be better at talking about his thoughts and feelings rather than keeping it for himself ;;

ugh ok i just really need to vent about Pokemon Go & this special evolution item bullshit… like i’ve been poking around on reddit and stuff trying to find tips (bc god knows nothing i’m doing is working), and like the drop rates are just all over the fucking place?? some people have 10-20, some still have none; one person will get 6 items in 500 spins, someone else will get 2 items in 5000 spins; some people have like 5+ of one single item and but none of the others… and it’s not totally due to city vs rural thing from what i’ve read…

and like i understand the arguement that they’re ‘supposed’ to be rare in order to ‘prolong’ the game until the next big update or Gen 3 or whatever… but at the same time like they’re losing players due to this crap, and i’m getting there myself. like how is it remotely fair that one person has almost 20 items but some people have none??

they need to change something. there are so many alternatives to the current set-up… allow item trading, even 1-2x a month. why not implement the guarenteed item drop on the 7th day? (as someone pointed out, it’d still take you 3 months earliest to collect each one.) or make it 14 days like fuck. and i’m not sure how advanced their programming is but it would be perfect if they could, by country or continent or hemisphere or w/e, keep the drop rate higher in the cold months and lower in the warm months, i’d be ok with that compromise.

(OH and could they maybe increase the number of sighting or hatchings for those particular pokemons?? i’ve only ever seen 2 Porygon and hatched 1 Chansey. i’m not asking for nests here, just being able to see them once in a while, man…)

i know i know it’s just a goddamned game but it’s one i’ve been enjoying for the most part, until now. the whole point for me is the challenge of filling up the pokedex, instead i guess i’ll just sit here watching people discard evolve items while i get none… :\

Hanahaki Disease: A disease where the patient coughs up flower petals as a result of one-sided love. 

The petals Ennoshita coughed up were orange - a vibrant hue that reminded him of Tanaka’s smile.

It hurt. It hurt in his throat, straining it with every cough. It hurt in his chest, thorns clawing beneath his breast.

Tanaka’s smile bloomed roses in his heart, and it was beginning to suffocate him.