The Free Cities (Work in progress)

This will be a new map of the Free Cities mentioned in A Song of Ice and Fire. The final map will be A3-sized and awesome. I mean it. Terrific.

There Are No Sanctuaries

by Kesi Foster, Urban Youth Collaborative (NYC)
December 16, 2016

Black and Brown youth have never received sanctuary in this country, its cities, our communities, or in the institutions that are supposed to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment, including our schools. Despite Mayor’s and municipal governments from New York to Philadelphia and Los Angeles to the Bay Area cities, reaffirming their commitments to be “Sanctuary Cities,” Black and Brown youth are entangled in a web of oppressive, discriminatory, and dehumanizing policing and criminal justice systems weaved on the local level around their communities and schools.

The Sanctuary Cities movement emerged in the 1980’s when communities worked with churches to provide sanctuary for people leaving Central America due to political instability fostered by US involvement. The churches promised a safe haven free from the clutches of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As the Obama Administration aggressively moved to break-up immigrant families, deporting more people than the 2.5 million people, the Sanctuary City movement began to redefine sanctuary to address the new conditions. This has included varying levels of commitment by Municipal governments to not cooperate with ICE. Some Sanctuary Cities have passed policies to not share local law enforcement information with ICE and not to detain individuals for minor crimes based on their status. Other districts have passed mostly symbolic commitments to limit interactions between local law enforcement and ICE. Certain districts provide legal and social supports for undocumented communities. Today, close to 50 cities across the country claim to be sanctuaries by providing protections from an unjust, unforgiving, and discriminatory federal criminal legal system.

Unfortunately, Black and Brown young people and their families in these same cities are not protected from unjust, unforgiving and discriminatory local criminal legal systems. From “broken windows” policing, to Stop and Frisk, to criminalizing the poor to the school-to-prison pipeline, the systems that Black and Brown youth are forced to navigate everyday make finding sanctuaries an impossible task.

Even if local officials don’t let ICE walk in the front door of our schools to take our children, local militarized police forces are taking Black and Brown youth out of the back door in handcuffs. This is not a sanctuary for Black and brown who are targeted and it’s not a safe place for them to learn. Black students are more than two times as likely to be referred to law enforcement than their white peers, and Latina and Indigenous students are similarly disproportionately criminalized and pushed into the criminal legal system by their schools. As the incoming Administration begins to expand on plans to expand its use of criminal to target undocumented communities, and push Stop and Frisk as a national strategy to increase law and order in Black communities, school-policing policies will do little to provide sanctuaries for any community.

State and local funding priorities facilitate putting young people in front of police, prosecutors, and judges when they need guidance counselors, mental health workers, and restorative justice practitioners. There is no evidence police in schools creates safer environments or helps improve academic outcomes, but for many Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth, police are more prevalent in their schools than guidance counselors and more empowered than school administrators. Police were never put in schools with Black and Brown youth to keep them safe. They are there to police them and that will always end in their criminalization and incarceration. If Black and Brown youth are ever going to be free from the clutches of the local and federal criminal legal systems that stalk them in their communities and schools, we must respond to the new conditions created by the infrastructure put in place by the Obama administration and those that preceded him and by the explicit intentions of the incoming Administration to oppress, deport, and incarcerate Black, Latina, Muslim and Indigenous communities. We have to respond collectively across struggles.

Our resistance must keep all undocumented communities – Latina, Black, Asian, Muslim free from the federal criminal legal system and dismantle the local criminal legal system that has denied Black communities from ever finding sanctuary in this country. As communities, we have an opportunity to connect our struggles, to expand ideas and strategies to go beyond protection from one system because these systems are all interconnected. We need to come together and collectively transform our institutions, communities, and cities into sites of resistance and protection for everyone.

The World(s) of Entropic Horizons - Nations


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A rocky earth-like Planet, Ferelden  is at the outer habitable edge of the Thedas System and has a moderate to cold weather overall, with both poles capped with ice. Ferelden cities often make use of geothermal energy and hot springs are popular with travellers and locals alike. Ruled by King Alistair and Queen Rythlen, Ferelden exports natural resources such as steel, fresh water, and lyrium that is mined by Orzammar transplants.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Haven - A station dedicated to serving and hosting pilgrims to the Temple of Sacred ashes that was on Frostback, Ferelden’s lone moon. Both are now destroyed, and debris periodically falls into Ferelden’s atmosphere causing blazes of light as they burn up. These are now called ‘Andraste Tears’ and are rumoured to be signs of the dead passing into the Maker’s arms.
  • Denerim - The Nation’s capital and seat of power. Home to the Royal Couple, both veterans of the Fifth Blight.
  • Redcliffe - Ferelden’s primary mining city, near to Kinloch hold, a former circle.
  • The Blight Lands - (including Lothering and Ostagar) Lands ravaged and poisoned by the Fifth Blight

Noteworthy Fereldens

  • Rythlen Theirin - Queen of Ferelden and Hero of the Fifth Blight, Rythlen’s become somewhat of a celebrity in Thedas as footage of the heroic (and beautiful) woman saving her planet spread to Orlais and beyond. Now married to fellow Grey Warden and Blight Veteran, Alistair Theirin, Rythlen is back in the fray, working with the Inquisition to make her planet safe once more.
  • Haylan - A former Templar Hound, Haylan was born in Ferelden but was transferred to a Starkhaven Circle when her magic appeared. She now works with the Inquisition as their main doctor and healer.
  • Leliana Nightingale - Spymaster of the Inquisition, veteran of the Fifth Blight
  • Garrett Hawke - Former Champion of Kirkwall and instigator of the Great Mage Rebellion
  • Carver Hawke - Grey Warden and reluctant brother of Garrett


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Ferelden’s nearest neighbouring planet, Orlais is closer to the Sun, and is significantly larger and richer. Formerly spanning both planets, the Orlesian Empire contained to it’s titular planet and it’s two moons. Officially ruled by Empress Celene, Orlais has been embroiled in a brutal Civil war as General or the Orlesian army Gaspard attempts to take the throne.

Noteworthy Locations

  • Val Royaux - The Capital of Orlais and seat of the Divine, Val Royaux is a picturesque city. Everything about it is manicured and ornate. The slums are kept in an undercity, kept out of view. Elves are rarely seen above ground.
  • Halamshiral - The true heart of Orlais. Halamshiral was built on the blood of elves, and had one of the worst alienages among the outer Thedan planets. Unlike Val Royaux, Halamshiral’s slums are still above ground, although Celene had the Alienage purged shortly before the War of the Lions broke out. Construction to tear down the Alienage and build a gentrified neighbourhood has ceased in the meantime.
  • The (Hissing) Waste - The larger of Orlais’s two moons, whatever greenery and life once covered this moon, now there is only poisoned sand and ruins from the Second Blight. It was renamed after the Blight.
  • Approach - The smaller of Orlais’s moons, Approach is similarly tainted by the Second Blight and little survives on the arid surface. However, there is an oasis on the far side of Approach where something has kept the Blight’s Poison at bay.
  • Adamant Fortress - A station built above The Waste by the Grey Warden Corps ages ago, Adamant was one of many staging grounds the Wardens used to fight back and defeat the Second Blight.
  • L'Emprise du Lion - A province-continent towards the northern Orlesian pole, L'Emprise is temperate, and was formerly known as a resort getaway for Orlesian Nobility and the nouveau Riche.

Noteworthy Orlesians

  • Milliara Lavellan - Unwilling Herald and reluctant Inquisitor, Milliara is a former 'pet’ bard (a bard sponsored by a singular patron and looked down upon by others in the profession). She grew up in Halamshiral’s Alienage before meeting her Patron and eventual lover, Frederic. When their son, Nils, exhibited magic, she abducted him and fled to reconnect with her father’s Dalish clan. Bargaining for them to instruct Nils in magic and take them both in, Milliara offered her services as spy to the clan, and wound up at the Conclave. Brusque, short tempered and bitter, Milliara has a soft spot for family and a habit of throwing herself headlong into danger.
  • Nils DuLion - The son of Milliara and Frederic, Nils is sweethearted and kind. Like all Half-elves he exhibits no elven traits aside from slightly more pigmented irises and a predisposition to magic which he revealed at a young age. He’s currently being tutored in magic by Peanut Adaar, Dorian Pavus and Solas.
    • DuLion is a common name given to bastard children of nobles.
  • Frederic Rousseau - A Captain of the Chevalier Legion and Baron in his own right, Frederic is loyal to Gaspard, and even considers him a close friend. However, Frederic’s love for his son drove him to renounce his ties to the Orlesian Empire and join the Inquisition so he could spend time with Nils. He holds Milliara accountable for stealing away their son, but old feelings resurface the longer he’s around her.
  • Empress Celene - The Empress of Orlais (contested).
  • Grand Duc Gaspard - The General of the Orlesian Army and head of the Special forces the Chevaliers Legion.
  • Galaren DuMarc - a bastard son of the nouveau riche family the DuMarcs, Galaren was sent away to live with a great aunt rather than bring shame to his family. He’s been rather forcibly recruited into the Inquisition.


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Stronghold of the Inquisition, Skyhold is a large and ancient fortress found in the asteroid belt beyond Ferelden. Built before Tevinter influence, it runs on spells and mechanisms that have been lost to time but maintain a planet like atmosphere and barrier to help protect those that live inside. Now it’s home to the remnants of the Lavellan clan, and other wayward souls that have joined forces with the Inquisition.

Noteworthy Skyhold Residents

(Who are not otherwise listed as part of another nation)

  • Clan Skyhold - What’s left of Clan Lavellan
    • Fiowyn Lavellan - 'Auntie Fi’ to Nils and often the volun-told babysitter, Fiowyn is actually Milliara’s cousin, not her sister. Sweet, awkward, and with a love of books and pretty people, Fiowyn’s happy to stay in Skyhold caring for the residents. After all, there’s bears out on Orlais and Feredlen
    • Aldes Lavellan - A hunter and consummate flirt, Aldes and his sisters survived the purge of Lavellan’s clan by being out on a salvage mission when the Marcher nobleman’s forces attacked.
    • Karya Lavellan - The youngest of the lavellans, Karya is shy around strangers. Quiet and thoughtful, she’s still reeling from losing her family, although being at Skyhold helps. Especially around so much knowledge and this sweet android who she keeps seeing around.
    • Kalieth Suryana - A warden mage, half sister to Aldes and Karya, veteran of the Fifth Blight. 


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The closest habitable planet to the Sun, Tevinter is only habitable in sub-polar lattitudes and above due to the proximity of the Sun’s rays. once the centre of an empire that conquered nearly the entire Thedan system, now Tevinter is a crumbling shell of the glory it once was.

Noteworthy Tevinters

  • Dorian Pavus - Pariah Altus, wonderful, sparkly, sassy man.
  • Kenslynn - a half-elf from Tevinter, she’s now joined the Inquisition. Often seen hanging out with Clan Skyhold.

The Free Marches

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Composed of different stations and colonies scattered throughout the asteroid field between Nevarra and Orlais, the Free Marches are a collection of independent nation-states that often band together to bargain with and defend against the larger planetary nations. Each colony has it’s own culture, from Kirkwall’s reputation as a Sin City (and now anarchy and terrorism) to Ostwick’s trade hub and Starkhaven’s…. accents.

Noteworthy Marchers

  • Theseus Trevelyan - formerly a Templar of Ostwick, Theseus, the 'spare’s spare’ of the Trevelyan family was attending the conclave when the Breach exploded, destroying Ferelden’s moon Frostback. He joined the Inquisition shortly after.
  • Maeve Trevelyan - A distant cousin of Theseus, Maeve is one of the two Heralds that emerge from the Breach after the Conclave is destroyed. A trained assassin, Maeve worked for a time with the Antivan Crows. In a relationship with the Commander.
  • Peanut Adaar (and brother Tanim) - A Vashoth mage, Peanut was always an apostate, but she’s as far from the snarky tourtured stereotype as you can get. She’s sweet and prefers baking to fighting. Often seen giving hugs to those who need it, like Clan Skyhold. Part of Team Nanny with Aunti Fi.

Par Vollen

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A large flotilla of stations and ships that appeared in Thedas in recent times. In an endless war with Tevinter, with the Tevene moon Seheron as the main battleground.

Home of the Qun.

The Dalish

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A nation with no homeland left to them, Dalish elves travel in clans, using special ships with solar sails called aravels. The main ship’s systems are powered by magic-infused animals called Halla, who are sacred to the Dalish.

Dalish elves are easily identifiable compared to 'city’ elves by their glowing facial tattoos called vallaslin that are made with luminescent ink that often will visually pulse in time with their heartbeat.


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A dwarf planet (hah), Orzammar is between the Astroid belt of the Free Marches and Orlais. It’s surface is barren and the residents live in vaults and cities carved out of the planet’s caverns. However the continued excavation over millennia resulted in an unstable crust, and after a massive quake, Darkspawn erupted from an undiscovered cavern, overrunning most of the Dwarven kingdoms.

Now, only a few cities remain, and the dwarven diaspora has spread across the whole Thedan system, with many dwarves creating new cities in the crust of other planets. Unfortunately, it appears darkspawn have followed.

Ninjago Magica AU Masterlist

Heyo Tumlbr! I’m @regaltempo and I have created a Ninjago AU blog to share fanart, fanfiction, and anything else about this AU. If you are interested in knowing more about this AU or this blog please feel free to keep reading!

This post is going to contain spoilers for both Ninjago and Madoka Magica, If you haven’t seen this anime I ABOVE AND BEYOND recommend you to check it out. You can find the show on Netfilx, CrunchyRoll, and Hulu (or somewhere on the internet if you don’t have any of those) with only a few short episodes that all put together makes up the time span of a normal movie, so you could watch all of it in one day! I seriously recommend it! It does have a lot of similarities with Ninjago and It’s probably my favorite show of all time! Please check out a few episodes if you’re interested!

If you guys are interested, please let me know. I honestly put a lot of work into this au and I really want to see it grow. Even if you haven’t seen the anime before, I’m certain you will after this!

I’m sorry I know I tag you guys in things all of the time but I really want to know what you guys think about this.

@dividedwecantfall @undead-eggplant @theninjaofcake @lloyd-garmadone @cafeghosties @garmacondrai @purplerose244 and since I know you like both of these things @americananime26

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taking nice photos, my best friends, big cities, iced coffee, and good food.

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{{ask-the-bavarian-cities}} late delivery for Sechzig from Henry - purple hyacinth

Send my muse some flowers and they’ll react to their meaning! {Still accepting!}

Purple Hyacinth — “I am sorry, please forgive me.”

Sechzig: (scoffs) “Yeah, yeah, I forgive you. I’m sorry too, by the way. It didn’t cross my mind that you could be a gloryhunter.”



VIA Tom Hardy

MMFR On ThE WaY - ENjoY!!! - 30 + years in the making…. Worth every minute - minimal CGI everything you see happened - doesn’t matter if you believe it or not - it did. **posters note :unedited part one of two

Testament To GM and the entire Stunt and FX dept. detail to design DOP John SEALE and all the crew. Charlize Theron and her cast Kill this project - and I’m grateful to be part of this - next level of Car big Action Chase and Fight orchestrated extravaganza. More cuts than any movie ever - big loud and beautiful and utterly spectacular - has to be witnessed up there on the biggest screens - Enjoy xxx Tommy

Fury Road is the indisputable heavyweight example of the Art of creating Action Movie spectacular at it’s very best! **poster’s note : unedited part 2 of 2

I don’t like to hard sell or talk up anything. I keep my head down. But I’m blown away by what I’ve witnessed. MMFR It just couldn’t be rivaled by anything out there - no matter how awesome super Hero movies are; which they are or how fancy their stunts and dancing which is spectacular fantastic and dynamic and exciting and athletic in its own way and God knows there’s much more of that kind of awesome to come… MMFR  is a breath of fresh air it’s a full barrel of C4 in the Shotgun.
Fury Road is a different league of badass - a refreshing break from the norm - there’s no rubber suits and cloaks and magic cgi nope no super powers and no men flying and climbing up buildings sliding across cities on ice or waving glowing sticks of whatever throwing shields about or wielding big hammers and casting spells I mean that’s awesome too - but now the difference is here in this world none of that super stuff flies. Not remotely and that’s not to mean people don’t get flown or thrown about driven to extremes and acrobatic imaginative sequences aren’t abundant by any stretch. Just that  Everything here is painful everything here really hurts everything is alive  - visceral. Full of real life insanity - comic book impossible articulated without computer gen straight to screen - you see it’s way more than
Post apocalyptic petrol heads rampaging anarchic lunacy and carnage screaming and careening off the screen throughout an awesome but natural heightened technicolor apocalyptic landscape on live location - theres 9 months shooting of blood sweat and tears condensed into a fast visceral heart pounding 2 hours of orchestrated madness and breathtaking live action  -  backed up by thirty years of thought prep and due diligence - everything you see happened - witness the plethora of impossibilities and athletic challenges undertook with utter conviction and complete disregard for personal safety in the pursuit of making this movie memorable - so many dangerous live stunts crammed into it - it is a miracle nobody was really really badly hurt and the attention to detail is second to none - suffused with painstakingly detailed design… the ride is riddled with eye opening mouth gaping jaw dropping death defying risks; larger than life characters and drama punctuated with tenacious physical action - braved with authenticity and conviction - captured in all it’s utter brutiful and splendid madness.. A broad creative team of dedicated and talented people came together all determined to use their skills to go on an adventure to capture one mans epic vision -Conjured up from one mans mind … And laid it out in all it’s dynamic force beyond full on…. It’s beyond badass… Haters don’t have a leg to stand on … It’s more than a movie to us. It was ass impossible. It almost might not have happened. This shit.. Is what Action movie makers dream about - they’ll stop take notes and confer - it’s a treat -miller spoils us.  MMFR is more than just an action movie - it is what the thrill and the art of making the action movie is all about - anyone who was on it will tell you what it was and what it is - it’s the dream ride. for anyone who wants to do Action movies… Who wants to execute the impossible - the epic and it has a strong and epic mythology all of its own. The images will speak for themselves… It doesn’t need the hype - I’m just excited I’m grateful that it’s here.. It is an event - And it’s greater than I could have ever imagined. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen…. it’s off the fkn Chain.

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I'm creating a fantasy story with a slightly viking inspired seafaring warrior/raider culture. What kind of armour (and weapons) would you recommend for hand-to-hand combat on sea (pre-firearm technology level; late medieval or so)? Is it viable to think that these warriors would be able to swim in their armour if they fall overboard? Any extra things to keep in mind if these warriors should be considered the most fearsome elite warriors of my world (also against land-based infantry)?

As a brief history lesson:

Late medieval is the 14th and 15th centuries. The first use of firearms in a European warfare date to the 13th century. From a military standpoint (in Europe) the late medieval period is when firearms were first finding their place in warfare.

In the real world, the vikings were mostly gone by the 1100s. So they didn’t last to see the rise of firearms or the late medieval period. But, if you’re using piratical raiders, in a fantasy setting based on the late medieval era, then guns are a rapidly growing part of the landscape.

During the 14th century, gunpowder weapons were used primarily as siege equipment, gradually giving way to use in infantry combat as the technology was refined.

The 14th century started with a sudden climate shift in Europe called The Little Ice Age (this lasted into the mid-19th century, if I remember correctly), which strained Europe’s agriculture base. Simultaneously, Europe’s population had been gradually shifting into cities. The densely packed urban areas created ideal circumstances for the spread of disease. Specifically, Bubonic Plague, which wiped out over half of Europe’s population in under a century.

The Little Ice Age is particularly interesting, if you’re working with pseudo-vikings, because it caused in seasonal freezing of many rivers and straits in Europe. This resulted in battles where infantry was marched across the ice, to assault cities that, traditionally, would have required a naval force, and simultaneously, left the defender’s ships frozen in harbor.

The cold also resulted in a serious population decline in Northern Europe, due to famine, the arctic conditions, and (I assume) migration.

That might give you some ideas to play with in working out the details of your setting.

In the real world, the Vikings used chain mail (only one surviving shirt has ever been found) and lamellar armor (small metal reinforced plates, bound together in a grid pattern). Leather garments have survived, and they were probably intended for use as armor.

For weapons, the Vikings used swords (rarely), axes, spears, knives (called “knifr” or “seax” depending on the design), and bows. Spears were used both as thrown weapons and in close quarters. Bows, as I understand it, were used for both hunting and warfare. I’m not sure if they had distinct designs for each. I’m also, almost certain, the vikings didn’t use composite bows. While those already existed, the glues that held them together would have been water soluble, making their use at sea, “extremely problematic.” Swords were time consuming to make, making them rare and expensive.

It’s probably worth pointing out, with the Vikings, the best insight into what they used as arms and armor come from their burial sites. This means if something was too valuable to use as grave goods, or was given to an heir (such as swords), it’s probably disproportionately rare. Also, from what we know, most of the hilts would have been fashioned out of organic materials (like bone, ivory, and wood) which didn’t manage to survive the thousand years it took for archaeologists to find them. The same goes for any cloth armor they may have used. (It’s a bit of an open question.)

Moving forward a couple centuries, probably would have resulted in higher quality swords that were more easily produced. Meaning they could be longer, and more numerous. They would also probably retain most of their desirability from when they were rare, though their value as status symbols would suffer.

I don’t know what changes Viking Armor would have seen, moving forward. Though, it’s worth pointing out the Vikings did frequently take foreign weapons and armor as plunder. So whatever armor (and weapons, for that matter) they’re using, would probably be either patterned off foreign designs, or outright stolen.

The thing I can’t address at all is how the Viking ship design would have changed and evolved. I just don’t have the background to speculate intelligently on that subject, sorry.

I hope that gives you some ideas to work with, at least. It might not be the setting you had in mind, but there’s certainly a potential setting to play with there.


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Loudest Subtext and Ivy, writing a fic together
  • Loudest Subtext: If my cockatiel deletes our entire document I am terribly sorry
  • Loudest Subtext: he keeps dropping out of the sky and running across the keyboard
  • Loudest Subtext: he has uninstalled entire programs before
  • Ivy: LOL
  • Ivy: I shouldn't have started in on tweaks before you'd finished
  • Ivy: sorry about that
  • Ivy: I ruined your flow
  • Loudest Subtext: Oh, no, you didn't! I'm fussing in a text document full of bits and pieces
  • Ivy: wait this is starting to sound like an Always ad.
  • Loudest Subtext: lol
  • Ivy: Always: for those days when your flow is the melting polar ice caps, overtaking cities and small nations. Can you hear the screaming? We can.
Space Child // Kelly


Loki remembered his world dying.  The ice was melting, cities were falling to darkness.  His father only had one option, send Loki away to protect him.  He remembered the Bifrost opening and sending him away.  He thoguht he’d go to a nearby realm that knew about his kind but he didn’t.  He landed on a strange world.

He was exhausted and had passed out at some point.  He lied curled up on the ground in the middle of the Bifrost mark.