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You think you can’t love Yuri Katsuki more...

…and then you realize that in Episode 2, when he gets anxious seeing how Yurio is more comfortable with Viktor… he goes to the Ice Castle to practice Figures. 

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Let me geek out for a bit: 

School Figures or Compulsory Figures are an old staple of figure skating, that were taken out of competition after 1998 - lots of people didn’t like them because they were repetitive and boring to broadcast (Each skater had to do the exact same 6 to 12 figures (depending on the year) one after another, alternating both feet). Plus, historically they amounted anywhere between 20 and 60% of the total score. 

Very few skaters learn them anymore, as they are no longer deemed necessary to be competitive. 

Though they are believed to help develop stronger skating skills and give better symmetry  to the body and a better line, since you learn to use both legs rather than just favoring your dominant one. Many also think it helps to reduce injuries, particularly to the ankle. 

Anyway, when Viktor finally tracks Yuri down at the Ice Castle, Yuri is seen skating slowly in the background. He’s not just stroking or doing cross overs, he’s repeating the same pattern while alternating feet. 

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It makes total sense that Yuri does this to calm down. As I said, figures are repetitive in nature, and when you got anxiety problems, repetitive tasks can actually be quite soothing if it’s something you enjoy doing (I knit, for example). 

That he took the time to learn them when he didn’t have to (Yuri is 23 and the figures have been discontinued for almost 17 years by that point), say something both about him and about the people who coached him as a kid. His technique must actually be quite solid. 

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I’ve been cleaning all day.
Here are some poor quality photos of one of my bookcases. 
I don’t normally share anything personal like this, but I was pleased with how everything looked. 
-Please don’t steal. xoxo

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