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Leon wasn’t precisely sure what he had done to piss off the rather angry group of aliens (actually he knew but it was an accident and he thought it was just common sense to loosen such standards when moving through a very crowded travel nexus), but if there was one thing that was certain, they were doing their utmost best to kill him. He ran through the Crossings, doing his best to dodge the energy blasts being shot his way, letting his shield absorb what he couldn’t avoid as he protected the precious little box of goods. Why was it that every time he did something to help people out, something bad happened to him? Every. Single. Time. At least he was already near the Earth world gates. One must be thankful for the small things.

He quickly jumped through the nearest gate, praying that he lost the murderous goons, and emerged in what looked like the back of a small shop. Slipping outside, he merged with the general foot traffic as he tried to get his bearings. He was somewhere in the general area that was Asia, that’s for sure. It took him a few moments before he realized he was in Davao, the location of his current group project and the reason he was in this mess in the first place. Wonderful. What a coincidence.


There are no such thing as coincidences.

As he got carried by the flow of traffic, he realized he could hear yelling and general panic from the area he’d just emerged from, meaning they most likely managed to follow him to Earth. Fuck. Hoping to blend in and lose them that way (some aliens really couldn’t tell humans apart), Leon turned to the nearest person: a man in what looked like scrubs.

Hello, I know you don’t know me but pretend you do.” Leon put on his brightest most charismatic smile though it was juxtaposed by the tension in his voice. He wasn’t sure what languages the man spoke but the Speech would take care of that (not that he’d be able to understand anything in turn, other than English and various European languages).

That’s when a shot of plasma whizzed past, heading straight toward the stranger’s head. Well it was worth a shot he thought as he quickly expanded the shield to include the man, causing the bolt to impact and disappear about an inch from the man’s head. Too close. Leon wasn’t sure if it was an accident or if they had seen him talking to the man and decided that they must be in cahoots, but better safe than sorry.

Come with me if you want to live!” he said, attempting to pull the man with him into the alley. He needed to contain the possible damage and trauma as quickly as possible, and hope that human incredulity took care of the rest.

     i caved & did the thing like everyone else is doing. by now everyone knows the rules, but just the quick rundown. like this if you’re a mutual & you’re cool with me : randomly tossing you starters, showing up in your inbox ic ( or ooc ), throwing plot ideas at you, sobbing into your lap about threads, & sending you pretty much every meme you ever reblog. there’s no cap to this & i’ll probably refer to it quite often ( & have a link to it somewhere on my blog tbh ) , & i hope everyone knows that you’re never obligated to answer any of the things i hum at your head.