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HEY FUCKER WITH THE TENTICXL BUSINESS GOIN ON. YX HERE? Gogdxmn where the fuck is thxt shit *a short troll stands outside knocking on your door, he seems pissed. His eyes glow a bright lime

Dawn opens the door in a short night gown. Doesn’t look like she expected anyone.

“Wha– Who? Sweet Signless, what the hell do you want?”

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"So...?" Oso asked, as he licks his lips. ❤️

Send ‘So…?’ for my muses reaction to your muse kissing them

“W-what?” His whole face was red as he tried to move away from them. He turned his head and tried his best to cover his blushing face, only to fail. “Y-you can’t just do that here, in public…” He scolded them. 

“Couldn’t you at least wait til we’re alone…?” He asked, at least that would make him feel better.

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12 [M/F] {{welp, let's see how this goes 😂}}

Smut Starter Call (NSFW)  || X

It was quiet. Much too quiet for his liking. He didn’t feel like sleeping at the moment. He wonder if his sweetie was still awake. Hide turned his attention to her, moving closer to her side and placed one arm over her. 

“Hey, Ichiko…are you still awake?” He whispered in her ear. He didn’t want to take any chance that she was still asleep. Although a small part of him wanted to wake her up. He placed small kisses along her bare shoulder, hoping it would wake her up.