Ogrimskar shook his head and chewed on the cigar with ever appearance of ruminating upon what the gnome had said. He glanced over to Lindon, a grin spreading on his face beneath his beard. It took someone with some familiarity with dwarves to tell the subtle differences in their expressions.

“Explosions would nae concern yer lady, less she bought the weapons. If'n they blew up here, I doubt she would shed a tear for those who fell. I don’t make no hiding o’ wha’ I know o’ yer Mistress. She is a right beast an’ no mistake, but she don’t give a whit fer tha’ trenchmen.”

Tweaks shrugged his shoulders slightly, seeming to more closely accept what Ogrimskar said than what Lindon did.

“I don’t doubt your caliber, Lindon, nor that of your lady. But I do know that she didn’t bat an eye at Agol'watha, when Warlund threatened to butcher anybody who left. There’s a reason that when I visit I do not leave with my back turned to her. Though I doubt she could match me in a contest of hand to hand combat, I don’t doubt her propensity to ram a knife between my ribs, or poison me with a cookie she offers.” Tweaks chuckled softly. “I think that she cares about loyalty, not about the individual man. Though she seemed a bit more open when I visited her after the appearance of Argus.”

The commander would say nothing in regards to Ogrimskar’s ideals of Eve, for he felt the same way- and knew it firsthand. But being the loyalist that he was to the Daniels name, the commander merely inclined his head in acknowledgement.

He then shifted his gaze to Tweaks, his expression sobering once again, losing all face of the polite and kind-hearted commander. Agol'watha. This was the third person who had mentioned Eve and Warlund and their position on it. It still infuriated the commander when he heard of it, and likely? Both men saw it as his jaw then clenched and the friendliness in his gaze shifted to that of irritation and ire.

She cares about loyalty and not the individual man. Boy, did they have the right of it. The commander remained quiet for a time, considering his words carefully. “While I do not always agree with what the Lady requires or demands, it’s in my duty to follow through. But I will say this, and she well knows lest she has forgotten with the possibility of being brainwashed,” he’d not say by whom the brainwashing would have occurred from, but the gnome and dwarf were certainly not ignorant. Nor was the distaste Lindon held for Warlund a secret. “…but I have high morals for myself. For my men. Had I been there during Agol'watha and not placed on some other mission, I can assure you, we’d not have attacked innocents. Children. I am a beast upon the battlefield and righteous bastard when it comes to commanding an army, but I am no monster.”

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     He was watching the curve of her chest rise and fall with those quiet sleeping breaths, and wondered why the gods had ever allowed him such a wonderful, perfect, agonising moment. It was in this grey morning, with the songs of sea birds rolling in with the tide and the salty breeze on his bare skin that he realised the unshakeable truth–he was in love with her.

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Wilford is hiccupping, standing in his footie pajamas, alcohol pungent on his breath. He was giggling, and here he was, needing someone to take care of him for the night. A note was pinned to him. "Whomever it may concern, Please get this drunken moron out of my office, and keep him out. Give him some water, he'll dump it on himself so figure something out. He's in his pajamas. His only clean clothes. Entertain him. Please. -Dr.iplier." ((wilford-knxws-whats-best))


Bim was the one who found Wilford like that. He was at first startled seeing Wilford in his pajamas, but he found the note and read it. He took a deep breath, letting himself fill with some confidence, and took Wilford by the hand.
“Let’s go, Wilford.”, he spoke with a gentle smile, carefully leading Wilford to his room. He normally was a little intimidated by Wilford, but since he needed help now and was apparently drunk, Bim would be happy to let him be the bigger one now and take care of Wilford.

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What does love mean to the Kais? What does it mean to you?

     ‘’ You made an interesting question, suppose I could explain that to the likes of you.   Love is an absolute command, a means to exchange peace && beauty between creatures.  I cannot tolerate the transgressions and blasphemies that ningens commit, they are the symbolization of leeches; parasites.  To me, love is for mortals to acknowledge && accept me as their only TRUE GOD, and in that Utopia of reverence, I would let them thrive.  It is their own fault they are drowning in their own sins at the end of the day. “

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You travel, right? Which places do you enjoy going to most? Any people you like visiting?

“It’s an understatement to say I’ve been to several places. Mountains, deserts, oceans, valleys, jungles, small towns, big cities….I’ve always favored higher up views of the ocean, the sun’s rays basking over the boats rushing by or the view of the other people down in the sea, enjoying themselves and laughing without a care, as well as the breeze pushing into your skin and enveloping you in a sense of serenity. Recently, though….”

“I’ve found myself winding up the same paths, wandering within the Johto region. I could go anywhere I want in the world, with exception of very few places and yet I find myself at the same crossroads, hiking up the same cliffs and mountains. The same views, the same sensations and people, and yet, it’s always for one person in particular that I visit…”

“….I guess you could say that he’s the one I like visiting.”