sodoffyabuggers replied to your post:Vangers our kid lives under th’ couch now.

[Worth waves a hand to silence her. Okay okay he gets it. Gives him a chance to slack off and watch TV anyway. From under the couch a scuffling can be heard, as if Marl had understood that treats would be his if he relinquished his spot. But he was a stubborn child. Now that people *wanted* him out, he was that more inclined to stay.]

[Patted the box with a hand, but left Marl to do his thing in the box. She understood the general appeal of small quiet space with muffled familiar sounds outside it. He’d come out when he wanted.]

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Bd,...IT's flower she's not waking up

He jumped up, leaving his soul in his chair and not bothering to clean off the dust before running off. He didn’t know where Flower was, but somehow he knew he was heading in the right direction.
     ♐●⚐⬥♏☼✏ ☞●□🕈♏❒✏ ♐☹□⬥☜❒✏
          [flOweR! FloWer! fLowEr!]


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֎Flower heard Frisk before he saw them.

     ֎The wheezing and coughing was something that threw him right back to before the barrier was broken, and all Flower could see was Frisk dying again, only this time, there wouldn’t be someone to help heal that hole.

     ֎He ran forwards, scooping Frisk up into his arms and letting his knees hit the ground as he started kneeling, his hands moving to their back and shoulders. “Sweetheart?? Frisk, it’s me. It’s Sans. Sweetheart look at me, c'mon. Yer alright, ’M here.” He didn’t notice that he was crying until the red tears dropped onto Frisk’s clothes, soaking into the fabric. “Sweetheart calm down, yer alright, I’ve got ya.” He brought Frisk up so that he was clinging to them, with their head on his shoulder as he sat them on his femurs, hugging them close. “C'mon sweetheart, breath. I’ve got ya. ’M not going to lose ya again.”

Frisk was even more startled than before being suddenly picked up. They held onto him then though, knowing who it was, that he was here.
They clung to him, trying to breathe, but couldn’t. Tears rolled over their cheeks, they were still panicking. They were scared, they didn’t want to die!

They were trembling, their tears soaking into his shoulder. They couldn’t calm down and they started to feel dizzy soon too.

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If you want somewhere spacious and quiet to stretch your wings, there is always the Quiet Water spot in Waterfall. Hardly anyone really goes there, and there should be more than enough room.

* Hmm. I shall consider it. There is still a high risk of someone seeing me, though.


Ooo! A new person he hadn’t seen around before! Was he new?? Well, he was new to him either way, so he just had to introduce himself!

  “Hi! Why is England the wettest country? Because the queen has reigned there for years!”

  Of course he started with a joke, what else?

“I’m glad the hedgehog hasn’t come back yet. I’ve finally got the Roboticizer equations done. It’s actually a good thing I destroyed it.”

He’s been waiting, because he was sure the meeting was happening soon enough.