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'...who is this guy? I've never met him..." Mid looks at the others.

The lost soul launched more attacked at the noise, which were mostly blocked by Reaper. A few got though his guard, but he took them instead of letting Mid get hit.
“Damn, this kid is strong,” Reaper gasped. His HP was getting low… He used his turn gulping down some food for healing
“003, the Underfell fusion child,” CP said, stepping up next to Reaper. “He was an experiment for his Gaster until we took him in. ‘m surprised you haven’t seen him. Dawn seemed to like him.” Or had Mid just never seen him in his blaster form?

Starter for dmc-vergil-and-his-cohorts

A soft sensation seemed to brush against Spike’s belly as he lay face-down in the grass. His nose was filled with the unusual scent of dew and wet plantation. He had a headache, which didn’t make the fact that he was lying on his stomach with his face planted into the dirt any better. Behind him, he could hear strange vocal noises behind him, as someone, or something, appeared to be speaking in a cutesy, Alien-like language. That’s when he felt something grab hold of his tail.


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Hi Frisk!! Have you ever had a crush on Sans or Asriel?

“I’ve been asked this a few times.” 

“And no. I’ve never had a crush on Sans. I see him as a big brother or an Uncle. Not really…. Crush… Material?” 

“As for Asriel…. Well we’re not gonna talk about that.”