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Charlie, do you have any tips on how to be as great as you? Or even a little bit.

“While being as great as me is impossible, I suppose I’ll give you a few tips…

1. Don’t stand for anyone’s bullshit. You think I got this way letting people walk over me? If they try, you might need to teach them a lesson, I suppose.

2. Do it with grace. Everything I do I do with an air of elegance. You can’t be a queen unless you act like one.

3. Care about what other people think? Don’t be ridiculous. They hate you? They love you? What does it matter! You’re here for a reason, not for them.

4. You want something? Go and get it! I’ve wanted my revenge for years and did I ever stop for even a moment? Never. Now look at me.”

The Wolf

Each and every day, hiding from the sunshine, wandering in the shade.

     She laid upon the cool asphalt, the cold wind passing over her exposed skin, reminding her of feeling, reminding her of the need to be breathing. With that, she took her first, uncontrolled breath of oxygen, filling her lungs with much needed air, her heart pumping her blood. Translucent cylinders ran from her inner elbow, her nose. Metal cylinders ran from her spine, her nape, her skull. Water from the vat flowed from her mouth as she coughed, racking her body and ribs. 

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What's​ the wiredest thing you ever did?

“Other than baking buttercup flowers into a pie when I was a kid?”

She laughs, seeming to remember something!

“When we were still just getting back our forms in the Underground, Az and I decided to play catch with a ball. But it kept going through us because of the throwing force! We made it a game to aim for the other person’s head.”

“Between you and me, Asriel isn’t the best shot~”

“Hey! I’m right here you know!”