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Julchen had been following a human, hungry after days of only bread, no blood. She chewed on her lip, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce

Whitara brushed some of her bangs out of her eyes and glanced back, noticing the sane person who had been following her. She sighed a bit and wasn’t sure what to do. Once she reached the park, she sat down and leaned back.



((Let’s make this one short and sad af))

“When will you learn?!” The scolding of a teacher was nothing new to senior Midna, especially considering this was her tenth time in detention. But, considering graduation was just around the corner, the teacher seemed extra harsh with her. She was certainly scolding an earful.

“You’re graduating two weeks from now! Don’t you care at all? Keep skipping classes like this and that might not happen! Are you even listening?” She put her hands on her hips.

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"Kid, I need to get away from the city fumes and loud crowds for a bit. Feel like joinin' me on a lil' hunting trip? Ya might learn a thing or two."

 “I hate nature. Why the hell would I want to shlump through muck and ticks when I could go to the grocery store and buy three pounds of ground beef which is already cleaned and ready to be added to a meal.”

hardworkingwitch ha dicho: She didn’t say much, blubbering slightly. She really did have the mind of someone at a young age. “She… I… Crush… Can I… Have a hug?” That was probably asking too much, but she was clearly distraught.

You didn’t really understand what she just said, but you clearly understood the part asking for a hug.

You are still so confused, but seeing the witch cry moved your feelings a bit, so you just wrapped your arms around her for a hug from you, not saying anything for now.