The things I took away from Eurovision this year:

  • 12 points from Russia…to RUSSIA HAHAHA
  • skiing
  • ain’t no dance party like an Israeli dance party
  • anything you can do a 19 year old Belgian kid can do it better
  • we need to prepare for the Russo-Swedish War of 2015
  • there is an Australian Bruno Mars


What a nice day it was. The pet shop was rather quiet today. There weren’t many customers which was perfect for Ace! His ears and tail twitched lightly as he ran around the shop obviously being very hyped now.

Pet tamer Carrie, who is also the owner of the shop told him that they would get a new pet soon. And he of course, wanted to meet his new friend! Which..seemed to confuse customers, mostly because he wasn’t sitting inside his cage. He never understood that concept. Just because he had squirrel ears and a tail didn’t mean that he had to be locked away like a real animal!

Nonetheless, he just ran around and waited, in hope to see the new pet soon.

A slow, enthusiastic clapping could be heard from behind the vampire, the sound slightly muffled by Mephisto’s pink gloves. The floor was tainted in red, the metallic scent of blood assaulting the demon’s sensitive noise, the cries of agony still lingering on his pointy ears…

                                           Truly magnificent.

“What a  d e l i g h t f u l  show indeed!” The king of Time and Space exclaimed, looking positively thrilled, sitting cross legged on his floating sofa, levitating a few inches over the floor… Like a king waiting to be amused by his servants.