Saito’s Petty™ Moment #9: Scary Saito

Remember when Ryunosuke tried to steal some of Saito’s food and was scolded for it?

*Ryunosuke attempts to take some of Saito’s food*

*Saito stops Ryunosuke, his fast reflexes and tone scaring him*

Saito: If you need me for something, wait until after I’m done eating. In the world of beasts, you have no right to complain if you get killed for disrupting a stronger animal’s meal. 

Ryunosuke: Eh?!

Saito: Furthermore, this is one of my favorite dishes. Never go after it!

Ryunosuke: G-got it! M-my bad!

*Saito resumes enjoying his meal in peace*

Harada, rubbing salt in the wound: You must not value your life. Of all the people here, I can’t believe you went after Saito’s food.

…Nothing is more frightening than Saito defending his tofu.

Ryunosuke’s Petty Moment #1: Summer Illness

Remember when Souji attempted to make Hijikata rice porridge because he was genuinely worried about him? Things escalated quickly after Ryunosuke grew suspicious of Souji…

Souji: What? Is it that weird for me to make porridge for Hijikata? …If you’re done teasing me, buzz off, would you? I need to focus on seasoning.

Ryunosuke: I see. Sorry.

*Souji pours a pot full of salt into Hijikata’s porridge*

Ryunosuke: Wait! Wait! Wait! Salt is good, but not when unlimited.

Souji: Since colds cure faser after sweating, I’ll make it hot with soy sauce and seven spices.

Ryunosuke: That’s too strong for a patient!

Souji: Hijikata can take it.

*Souji makes Ryunosuke try it*

Ryunosuke, after dramatically spitting it out: You! This doesn’t taste like human food! Are you trying to kill me?! …What are you planning to do to Hijikata while he’s sick?

Honestly, the first time I watched this I thought Souji prepared that porridge as a prank. hehe, oops

Bonus! (Souji’s cooking skills)

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  • Heisuke & Ryunosuke: *can both be heard screaming upstairs*
  • Kondou: What's going on up there?
  • Yamazaki: They get into this all of the time....
  • Heisuke: You're an amazing friend!
  • Ryunosuke: You're my BEST friend!
  • Heisuke: Your eyes sparkle like emeralds!
  • Ryunosuke: Well, you smell like flowers!
  • Heisuke: When you hold me in your arms, it feels like home!
  • Ryunosuke: Your my Wonder Bra because you're the BEST support I could have!
  • Heisuke: I'm envious of how your hair falls!
  • Ryunosuke: Your shirt's so cool it makes me wanna rub your chest all day!
  • Yamazaki: They won't stop until someone gets the last word...
  • Heisuke: I LOVE YOU!
  • Ryunosuke: I LOVE YOU!!

Well, I finished the third season. And I can’t help but wonder if Ibuki hated the Shinsengumi after everything that happened…and I also kind of don’t understand why he didn’t just leave. 

His case wasn’t like Chizuru’s. In that time period, he certainly could have made it on his own. He didn’t see anything he wasn’t supposed to until much later. He could have left at any time…and the Shinsengumi would have been glad to let him go. Hell, it kind of seemed like everyone wanted him to leave if he wasn’t going to join them. 

He said he didn’t understand the Shinsengumi or Serizawa; I don’t understand him. In the very beginning, he wanted nothing more than to leave; but that will left him rather quickly. Why?

If someone treated me like Serizawa treated him, I would be gone within the first three days of dealing with him. 

I suppose you could say that he stayed for the lady, but even then that doesn’t make much sense. His reputation was being damaged every second he spent with the Shinsengumi; he was a male so he could have found work somewhere in Kyoto and lodging if he wanted to stay around her. 

All in all,

I liked getting background on the main men of the series, but I didn’t really enjoy the season as far as the main character went. They didn’t bother to give him any real character growth; yes, he trained with Saito and wanted to get stronger, but-each time it really counted that he draw his sword–he couldn’t. 

Season 3 seemed to mostly be themed around resolve. Ibuki, to me, never really seemed to have it until that last scene. 

I liked Chizuru a lot better. She might not have been a warrior in the tradition sense of the word, but she was strong in her own ways. She committed to her choices and was loyal to them. She never gave up on what she wanted to achieve.  

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Beep! #8 from either Saito or Yamazaki to Ibuki

Editor’s Note:  A large number of heretofore undiscovered records (letters and texts) has recently been uncovered and will soon be published for the Discerning Reader.

A frustrated text from Saito or Yamazaki to Ibuki.


Yesterday I heard you *debating* whether or not to accept Captain Saito’s offer to train you.  

Today I learned that Captain Saito had to fetch you himself to join the training session.

You utterly lack the resolve and strength of character needed to remain among the Roshigumi.  

Even a LAMP would be more worthy of Captain Saito’s instruction than you are. 

At least a well-tended lamp will burn its best. You choose to wallow in the shadow of indecision no matter what is given to you. [Ed.’s Note:  Yamazaki-san is surprisingly poetic when indignant.]



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Hakuouki SSL ~ Swimsuit Edition ~ Transparent*

* In the interests of truth in advertising, this means I removed the background; the bathing suits are not transparent.

My edits ~ Captions provided

Note: Harada’s hair.  I have a better version, but not transparent.