Hakuouki SSL ~ Swimsuit Edition ~ Transparent*

* In the interests of truth in advertising, this means I removed the background; the bathing suits are not transparent.

My edits ~ Captions provided

Note: Harada’s hair.  I have a better version, but not transparent.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄❄️ I hope everyone’s holiday was full of fun, happiness, and spending time with people you care about~ 

Have some Yamazaki and Ibuki snowball fights because if Ibuki had stayed long enough for it to snow, I could see this happening. _(:’3

Poor kawaii Ryunosuke!

I think he is severely unappreciated in the anime adaption of Reimeiroku. Playing the game had me like the kid even more! Is it only me or Ryu is not so sour in the game as he is depicted in the anime? In my humble opinion he is actually very sweet at times and very helpful, despite the fact that he is determined not to live as a samurai and practice swordsmanship. His way of talking is different as well. He is not “barking” and nagging all the time. He is joking around, making bets with Sano, consoles Souji in his own way when he is down etc…

Ryunosuke needs more love! The game of Reimeiroku needs to be translated at some point. There is a limit as to what foolish me can understand with my meager knowledge of Japanese and a list of Hiragana and Kanji by my side.