Full Disclosure: ImpracticalOni’s Hakuouki Plushies

Note:  There are captions.

Note:  ONLY because quite a few people have asked.  
Please skip this post if you are sick of Hakuouki plushies.

Seriously, I know it’s a little over the top, but I love them all.

anonymous asked:

Otori,Ryunosuke and Masumoto

Marry: Otori. He’s really quite cute, to be honest, and he’s got a good head on his shoulders and a decent body beneath ’em.

Fuck: Ryunosuke. I cannot for the life of me tolerate him long enough to actually marry him, but damn if I wouldn’t fuck that boy.

Kill: Matsumoto… I have no feelings about him. I don’t really want him to die, but I have stronger emotions about the other two, so…


Hakuouki SSL ~ Swimsuit Edition ~ Transparent*

* In the interests of truth in advertising, this means I removed the background; the bathing suits are not transparent.

My edits ~ Captions provided

Note: Harada’s hair.  I have a better version, but not transparent.

yuutolovesturtles  asked:

How about treat for Yamazaki/Ibuki? :3

I don’t know almost anything about Reimeiroku since I only saw the anime once and have zero game context, so idk how many treats I can provide you, but here goes!

  • The reason Yamazaki apprehends Ryunosuke with regard to flirting with Kosuzu is not only because he’s wasting time flirting with girls, but because Yamazaki is lowkey jealous. He refuses to admit to himself why this is, but it definitely bothers him on a deeper level than just policing his time.
  • Even though he’s been being consistently abused by Serizawa for probably months at this point, getting beaten up by Yamazaki (and beating him up in return) is his first experience during which he questions whether he actually enjoys that kind of stuff on an emotional level.
  • Yamazaki writes a disproportionate amount about Ryunosuke in his journal. Not that he’s a stalker or anything, but he also keeps a much closer eye on him than necessary, again for reasons he doesn’t fully understand and doesn’t really want to. It’s just important to him. He gives up on this after Okita finds his diary and makes fun of him, which may or may not be the source of their constant conflict.
  • Yamazaki and Ryunosuke are decidedly awkward around each other following their fistfight, so (having heard a few rumors from Okita) Harada encourages Ryunosuke to apologize to Yamazaki… then pushes him into kissing him. The way he sees it, either he’s matchmaking, or forcing Ryunosuke to prove a point and get closer to Kosuzu, so it’s a win-win in his book.