Abraham (as)Sacrifices His Son ?

It had been close to ten years since Abraham had left his wife and baby in Mecca in the care of God. After a two month journey, he was surprised to find Mecca a lot different than how he had left it. The joy of reunion was soon interrupted by a vision which was to be the ultimate test of his faith. God commanded Abraham (as) through a dream to sacrifice his son, the son he had had after years of prayers and had just met after a decade of separation.

We know from the Quran that the child to be sacrificed was Ishmael, as God, when giving the glad tidings of the birth of Isaac to Abraham and Sarah, also gave the glad tidings of a grandson, Jacob (Israel):

“…But we gave her glad tidings of Isaac, and after him, of Jacob.” (Quran 11:71)

Similarly, in the biblical verse Genesis 17:19, Abraham was promised:

“Your wife Sarah shall bear you a son whose name shall be Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant [and] with his seed after him.”

Abraham (as) consulted his son to see if he understood what he was commanded by God,

“So We gave him the good news of a forbearing son. And when (his son) was old enough to help in his daily affairs, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I must sacrifice you. So look, what do you think? He said: O my father! Do that which you are commanded. God willing, you shall find me of the patient.” (Quran 37:101-102)

Indeed if a person was told by their father that they were to be killed due to a dream, it would not be taken in the best of manners. One may doubt the dream as well as the sanity of the person, but Ishmael knew the station of his father. The pious son of a pious father was committed to submit to God. Abraham took his son to the place where he was to be sacrificed and laid him face down. For this reason, God has described them in the most beautiful of words, painting a picture of the essence of submission; one which brings tears to the eyes:

“And when they both submitted (to the command of God), and he (Abraham) laid him (Ishmael) face down upon his forehead (in order to be sacrificed).” (Quran 37:103)

Just as Abraham’s knife was poised to descend, a voice stopped him

“We called to him: O Abraham: You have indeed fulfilled the vision. Lo! Thus do We reward the good. Lo! That verily was a clear test.” (Quran 37:104-106)

Indeed, it was the greatest test of all, the sacrificing of his only child, one born to him after he had reached an old age and years of longing for progeny. Here, Abraham showed his willingness to sacrifice all his belongings for God, and for this reason, he was designated a leader of all humanity, one whom God blessed with a progeny of Prophets.

“And when his God tested Abraham with various commands, and he proved true to each one.” He (God) said, indeed I have made you a leader of humanity. He (Abraham) said (requesting of God), ‘and from my progeny.” (Quran 2:124)

Ishmael was ransomed with a ram,

‘…then We redeemed him with a momentous sacrifice.’ (Quran 37:107)

It is this epitome of submission and trust in God which hundreds of millions of Muslims reenact every year during the days of Hajj, a day called Yawm-un-Nahr – The Day of Sacrifice, or Eid-ul-Adhaa - or the Celebration of Sacrifice.

Abraham (as) returned to Palestine, and upon doing so, he was visited by angels who give him and Sarah the good news of a son, Isaac,

“Lo! We bring you good tidings of a boy possessing wisdom.” (Quran 15:53)

It is at this time that he is also told about the destruction of the people of Lot.

Officials: Clallam County inmate said 'Allah Akbar' as he attacked guard

PORT ANGELES, Wash. – An assault made on a guard by an inmate at the Clallam County Corrections Facility is being investigated by local authorities, Department of Corrections Jeremy Barclay said Sunday.

Terry Breedlove, Clallam Bay correctional officer        

The attack took place on January 25 when an inmate hit a correctional officer with the top of a metal stool as the inmate exited his cell, according to Clallam County Sheriff’s deputy Brian King.

The officer was knocked unconscious, and suffered a severe concussion, family members said. He also received 20 stitches, and spent several days in the hospital. Barclay said the officer has worked at the facility for nine years.

The 27-year-old inmate, Addinjib Ibraham, said “Allah Akbar”  (the Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater”) twice - once when he hit the guard, and again after the attack, King said.

Ibraham was serving time for first-degree robbery, vehicular assault, car theft, and DUI. He has been transferred to the Washington Corrections Center in Shelton, Barclay said.

After the attack, the prison was put on lockdown while cell searches and integrity checks were made.

Barclay said this appeared to be an isolated incident, and local law enforcement is continuing the investigation.



Questions arise in wake of attack on Clallam Bay correctional officer

SP using Azam Khan as weapon against PM Modi: BJP

New Delhi, Feb.7 (ANI): Rejecting Azam Khan’s ‘baseless’ allegations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting gangster Dawood Ibraham in Lahore, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday said that Akhilesh Yadav-led Uttar Pradesh Government was using the minister as a weapon ahead of the assembly polls in 2017.

“This is all a well-planned strategy of the Akhilesh Yadav-led Government to hide their failures in the state. Akhilesh Yadav is using Azam Khan to mislead the people of Uttar Pradesh by making such baseless allegations so that no one talks about their own failures,” BJP leader Srikant Sharma told ANI.

“Prime Minister Modi has been working for the eradication of poverty, improving the situation of farmers and bringing the overall development of the country. On the other hand, there is a competition among all the anti-development parties as to who can use more ill words for the Prime Minister Modi. The statement made by Azam Khan is on those lines only,” he added.

Earlier, Khan claimed that he had proof of India’s most-wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim being present during Prime Minister Modi’s surprise meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Lahore last year.

However, the government has rubbished Khan’s allegation as 'false and baseless’.

“There are certain statements in a section of press that prime accused in serial blasts in Mumbai, Dawood Ibrahim, was also present during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Lahore on December 25, 2015. These statements are baseless, unfounded and totally false,” said a clarification issued from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. (ANI)

Tanga, TZ trip update

Me with Ibraham, who grew up in a Muslim Digo village but became a Christ-follower a few years ago

January 31, 2016

While in Tanga, I was introduced to a young man who had a beaming smile.  Ibraham grew up in Nacupuende, a formerly fully Muslim village near Tanga on the east coast of Tanzania.  Almost 15 years ago, a follower of Jesus named Samuel began working as a schoolteacher in this village.  Because of their teacher-student relationship, Ibraham became a follower of Jesus a few years ago, withstanding rejection from his family and beatings from the Muslim leaders.  As Ibraham continues revisiting the village he grew up in, others have noticed.  Just last week, one of Ibraham’s neighbors decided to follow Christ because of his example!

Please pray for strength for Ibraham and other Christ-followers in this area.  Also pray for e3 Partners and our teams as we work with these believers the next couple years to reach the mostly Muslim Digo people near Tanga.