wow ok hello everyone, this is my first follow forever in like two years cause I’m lazy af and these are a pain in the ass to put together but I just really wanted yall to know that I appreciate you and yeah

disclaimer! this is not everyone I follow cause I still have some mutuals from when I wasn’t a kpop blog and if any of you see this I still love you

(also isn’t this the gayest edit ever I love it 🌈)

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I can’t believe I reached 500 followers!!! I didn’t actually think I would ever get to this amount or even over 100 so thank you so much! I decided to do a follow forever now since its a big milestone for me. Blogs I really love get a little 🐱 before their url because I want to do a cat for my ult Xiumin and mutuals are bolded (if your blog is a side blog you may not be bolded)!

#, a-f:

🐱@22wooji 🐱@adoringdo (THE BEST THEORIES WOW) @alpacadong (great content creator) @azurethoughts @babysbtrkt (good aesthetic) @bangthebae @bkhynee @btsandexotrash 🐱@chogiwa-yehet  @dahyun (my go to for gg content) @darker-shade-of-pain @exolia @flowersforbaek


@iboston @itstheriles @jeonsshi @j-royal 🐱@jonmyecn (loves suho and the pw is lowercase) 🐱@jucys (good aesthetics!) 🐱@junchained-melody (best jun stan!) @junhoontrash @just-namjooned @kimakabrownie @kyungsoosperkylips @kylapristin (followed for the kyla content stayed for everything else) @loveisyugyeom @loves-diary (went on hiatus but Lully still made a wonderful blog) 🐱@love-seok (#1 Minseok stan)


🐱@mauloveskpop (best gifs!) 🐱@minsbugi (loved talking to you during p101 and great content creator) @minseoksteponme 🐱@mounteenbase-main + @mounteenbase (great writings!) @namswooning 🐱@nu-blessed (amazing blog! I feel like I don’t make good Nu’est content unless they like or reblog it is that odd?) @nuest-wm @pledisseventeen @rayningseason


🐱🐱@sandrasparkle91 (a beloved mutual always in my activity on here and my main) 🐱@saythename17scenarios (the best content oml!)             🐱@sehunoh (great content creator) @seonnho @shoominn @sugaredmarbles @taesflower 🐱🐱@thekoreankingdom (another most loved mutual always in my activity) @twotinyhyungs (pretty multi but I think of EXO more with this blog) @winshua🐱@yoonwang (A wonderful Rice Grain)    

Thank you to all my followers! I really love every single one of you!

heyo! it’s been a few months since i started this blog and i can’t believe the amount of people i have met and talked to! you all are so special to me and before i get into that emo shit i’m gonna move tf on lmao

okay so i love everyone on here! so much!! i might combust.. a heart nut.. 

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Merry Christmas bby’s !! (sorry for the shitty photo) It is Christmas for me today but I know for some of you it will be tomorrow so  hope you all have an amazing time with your family/friends xox

This is my first follow forever ! I just want to thank you all so much for following me & blessing my dash with your posts. Some of you I have gotten really close with & I just wanted to let you know that you all mean so much to me and and I care about you all a shit ton !

This year has been both good & bad for me. I have had so much stress with work & family members getting sick/passing away. But the good things out way the bad things, such as I have been able to travel this year, meet new friends & experience new things.

I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to these lovely babies for making 2016 memorable for me. I love you all so much and I hope 2017 will be the best year yet for you xox

@cupidtae @angelickai @eternal-ships @la-petitrose @sentimentalmp3 @parksrose @corpse-daughter090

A - C

@agustpeach @angelickai @angelngazzy @angstyjinyoung @annykang @astrospace @babejeonghan @babydontpcy @bangtans-snail @bbyngjae @baekhyunniee @baeksgrl @baekyone @bangbangbangtanx @beautifulliepainfultruth @bitchasschanyeol @bleckpink @blondejiminah @bubbl3tae @bumkangsung @chaerrin @chanyoel @chemistaery @cheekychimchim @christmasblossoms-bts @corpse-daughter090 @ctrbl @cuddly-wonho @cupidtae

D - G

@dailyjungkooks @danisonthefire @dawonforme @donteatjin @dontyumind @eternal-ships @etherealyeol @ewhcnonrev  @floral-hobi @fluffytae @frostae @gentleyoungjae @goldenkrook @goodshitjungkook @guitaristjin

H - J

@hellazelo @hisheartshapedlips @holdme-baek @hopejinji @hoseoks-lip-freckle @hwasatrsh @hyungpaochicken @hyungwonsmom @iboston @i-have83protons-and-igivenoshits @imxjaebeom @jacksontienemicorazon @jacksvn @jaebumsbabe @jeonbia @jikoookie @jiminbuns @jiminsesposa @jiminshoney @jiminiejiminie @jiminsthot @jinki-bells @jisoonyoung @j-obi @jonginsladyluck @jongkookie @jonqdae @j-stfu @junghotkookie @jungkooksbaggypants @jungkopie @junhuisass

K - M

@kimjongdae @kims-yerim @kimtayeon @kookhyun @kookieho @kookiemoments @kpop-is-her-style @lacebowsanddoilies @ladysuho @la-petitrose @lattebuns @lilbeansehun @lionbaekkie @lonelysehun @lovelast95 @maknaesquad @malimyeon @megajamlessjiminnie @minhyun @miniminijimminie @mini-woozi @minsugapuff @mistletoemingyu @miyakox @miyeonj @mnanvg @mochiminmin @multi-fandombiased @mybiasforsure @my-suncheol

N - P

@namjoonieya @notbadohsehun @now-were-talking-baby @oetori137 @officialrani @ohhmylay @oh-no-its-mo @ooomyjoonie @okaybaekhyun @parkim @parksjmin @parksrose @pcybang @pcybiased @peppermintjiminnie @philophobia999 @pink-shoulders @promixing @puppylisa

Q - T

@rainvkook @rawkurawk @reindeeryixing @r4pline @scoups95 @sentimentalmp3 @seung-boo-kwan @simply-jihoon @snownu @snovmin @softjiminstan @softminyoongi @softyen @softykook @soljy @spillthetaetae @sugamintt @sugasyoon @sugkwan @su-honey @suneokmin @sunshinevernon @taechulo @tahyungs @theunnieline @tinyhoshi @top-is-bae

U - Z

@vchiim @vmaknae @wangilator @whattamochi @xinqs @xiumallow @yasaenghobi @ycpspider @yoongideer @yoongishappiness @yoongissoftgf @yoonickwi @yoonqjae @yoonyul @youngjaesactualgf @zelos-small-dick

alright so since i started this blog in october i think it is time to finally do a follow forever,,,,especially since i passed 500 followers wowowowowow!!!!! y’all r the best followers i could have but i honestly don’t know why y’all want to follow me but thank you so much 💞 (also sorry for the occasional shit posts lol)

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