So, I’ve decided that I should start writing about this huge part of my life. Automotive photography. Plus, as a graphic design graduate, trying to get a job is near impossible. Boo. This will fill my time nicely.

What do I do?

Well, mostly dream about driving things I don’t own. Alas, I do own a purdy motor. My little MINI was a good purchase. I like how it pops on most shifts. it’s particularly good at attracting women. They like the paintwork. I don’t get a look in.

When I’m not at work, you’ll mostly find me shopping, meeting people at random and photographing cars on the street that intrigue me. Only yesterday I saw an incredible EvoX (More of that in a later post).

Well, have a good time, I post most days and now I’ll start writing more than just a witty comment with each pic.

iBosco (The one in the MINI)