I think she’s the sister that she told you about, and that’s the brother they said that she dates, and this is where they meet and you know….


Hey you who loves talking about other brothers and sisters in Islam, please stop. Save your soul.

We all know that Allah Azza Wa Jall prohibited spying on others, but how many of us have done such a thing? We may even have done it unknowingly, Astagfirullah.

What is it that we get from making stories and spying on other people? What is the good that it brings to us to know that the stories that we have discussed with our friends had cause so much grief and humiliation to a brother or a sister in Islam? 

How can one sleep when he or she knows how much damage he or she had done to the reputation of not only his or her friend but for the reputation that Islam has?

Didn’t you know that when someone knows that you are Muslim and you love talking other people, do you think they will say something about you only? No, they will talk about your religion, Islam is placed in a hot seat and people are just waiting for every mistake so they could justify their thoughts about Islam.

And you know what, with every spying and talking and backbiting you do with your friend, wallahi, you are giving them the free ticket to abuse your religion. 

Will take that responsibility? Will you able to do so?

I want us to reflect from two stories that happened during the time of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhu, and it goes on the story of how it was forbidden for Muslims to spy or talk ill about each other.

Once, a man came to Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud and told him: “Walid Ibn Uqbah’s beard was dripping wine. [in some narration it was said that his beard was soaked with wine.]

Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud then told him:

"The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam forbade us from spying, if he reveals it, we will certainly deal with him." 

[And we learnt from the story of Walid that this was indeed a false accusation that people told about him]

Another one was of the case of Abdur Rahman Ibn ‘Awf with 'Umar Ibn Al Khattab.

They were patrolling Madinah one night and they reached a house where they found a closed door and loud voices inside [disturbing noise];

Umar said: Do you know whose house is this?

Abdur Rahman answered by saying: No.

'Umar then said: This is the house of Rubi'ah Ibn Umayah Ibn Khalaf, and they are now drinking. What do you think we should do?

Abdur Rahman said: I think we have violated Allah’s prohibition. Allah prohibited us from spying, we are now spying.

'Umar then immediately took the advice of Abdur Rahman and they left. 

Look at how the Sahabah were so keen about this spying, the caliph 'Umar even with his status took the advice of Abdur Rahman because he knew that what he had done was wrong, indeed he was a caliph who took the advices of people and listened to them.

How many of us, when someone tells us, hey do not say that you do not know her or him, would arrogantly defend ourselves and further justify the ill thought by saying more words?

By Allah Azza Wa Jall, if we were this keen on observing our faults, our flaws there would be such a drastic change that will happen, but we are not most of us fail even to accept that we are wrong, but we are so good at pin pointing flaws of other people?

Why? That’s a question that lingers unanswered for so long now.

And we pray that Allah Azza Wa Jall gives us the tawfiq to concentrate on correcting ourselves and not on others. Amin


Stories were taken from:

• Al Mustadrak, Al Hakim, Kitab al Hudud, vo. 4, p. 377-382
• Al Kaba'r, The Chief Sins, Ad Dhahabi