ibn abi ad dunya

Q: Don’t you fear poverty?

Abu Hazim: How can I fear poverty when my Master possesses everything in the sky and on the earth, and beneath the earth?

Source: Mawsu'ah ibn Abi ad-Dunya (v. 2, p. 269)

Mālik bin Deenār رحمه الله said:

“Love of this world is the head of every mistake (ie the main reason mankind makes mistakes). Women are the traps of the Shaytān and wine is a caller to every sin.”

Kitāb az-Zuhd, ibn Abi ad-Dunya, 1/212

If a man among the people of Paradise were to appear and his bracelets were to become apparent, it would have blotted out the light of the sun.
—  The Messenger of Allah , Sahih Altargheeb wat-Tarheeb, Narrated by Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya and Tirmidhi.
What a beautiful residence is the grave for someone who obeys Allaah!
—  Bishr ibn al-Harith, Mawsu'ah ibn Abi ad-Dunya (v. 6, p. 87)
It’s unfitting for a believer that his belly becomes his greatest concern, or that his desires dominate him.
—  Malik ibn Dinar, al-Joo’ by Ibn Abi ad-Dunya

Iblees has five sons, he has appointed each of them on one of his affairs, their names are:
• Thabr,
• al-A'war,
• Musawwaṭ,
• Dāsim,
• Zulunbūr.
• As for Thabr: He is responsible for calamities. He orders people to rip their clothes, slap their cheeks and make the call of ignorance when stricken by calamity
• al-A'war: He is responsible for fornication (Zinā). He beautifies it and orders others to commit it
• Musawwaṭ: He is responsible for lies. He hears the news and transfers it to someone else, who in turn, goes to a gathering of people and tells them
• Dāsim: He shows a wife’s faults to her husband and makes him angry with her
• Zulunbūr: He is responsible for the market place. He sticks his flag (Fitnah) therein.

[Makaaid ash Shaytaan by Ibn Abi ad Dunya (54/35)