ibmiller's quest to ascertain what people think about p&p 2005

Because stupid asks are stupid


I can’t stand Keira Knightley. Nothing against her personally, I’m sure she’s a lovely person IRL, but I just hate her acting. It’s like…she acts with her chin or something, and it drives me nuts. So I don’t like her portrayal of Lizzy at all.

She does have a…very prominent chin.  I would agree that the Lizzy in P&P 2005 is more than a bit shallower than Elizabeth Bennet.  Still not quite sure if that’s more scripting or acting, though I’m inclined to blame the script.

As an adaptation, eh, it’s okay. I think it focuses too much on the smoldering sexual tension between Lizzy and Darcy, to the neglect of some other important themes of the novel, and, as much as I appreciate wet!Darcy, I couldn’t stand the whole “proposal in the rain” thing because, UM NO. There was absolutely no need to move that proposal from a sitting room to a downpour other than as an excuse to get the actors soaking wet, as far as I’m concerned.

Oooh, what themes?  I tend to miss the aspects of Lizzy’s closeness with Jane (after the first conversation, they completely jettison any idea of a special relationship between the two, even though Rosamund Pike is adorable as Jane).  I also detest the way they made the Bennet family rosy and happy and puppies and kittens.

My biggest problem with the proposal wasn’t the location (and I was very perplexed when Persuasions On-Line had a billion articles complaining that moving the proposal ruined Jane Austen’s structure…I still don’t understand what they’re on about).  My problem is that Lizzy and Darcy go in for a kiss!  At this point, Lizzy should be completely sincere in her hatred of Darcy, not warm for his form!

Most of the time, when my friends ask me, I just tell them to set aside the extra hours to watch the 1995 version. But if you absolutely MUST HAVE DARCY!!! and don’t have five hours, well…it’ll do, I suppose. 

(I do like Bingley as a ginger, though)

I agree that the 95 version is about 5 billion times better - but there are some really stunning shots in the 05 film.  The Netherfield Ball (even though it’s totally OOC, I tear up every time Mr. Bennet hugs Mary at the end of that incredible long shot).  Interestingly, I’ve recently decided that I wish they’d convert this film to 3D, because there are so many scenes where the depth of field and movement in and out of frames and freestanding objects would really be kinda cool (and I detest 3D normally).