I said I would do a little post with tips for revision as a thank you for 300 followers! ~ Xx

1. Just do it - if you’re anything like me, you complain more about revision and exams than actually revising. Pull yourself together and get started! Woo!

2. Start with a clear working space - but don’t spend hours tidying up your desk/study area. I simply place the folders and papers on my bed/ to the side and get started.

3. Write and rewrite notes - these don’t have to look good, they just have to become more and more condensed and concise. By the end of it, having a few key words can prompt the rest of the information in your brain!

4. Posters - make a poster per topic, each subtopic a different colour. Flipboard paper is ideal for this and can be really cheap! Then you can hang them up on walls, this can help you associate a topic with an area of a room.

5. Breaks - what works well for me is working for 45 minutes and then have a 15 minute break. However, don’t go on your phone! If it’s nice outside go for a short walk/ run. Stretch, draw, write - it doesn’t matter as long as you stick to your break times and you leave your seat/ room.

6. Association - have any quotes/ steps to memorise? Take an object (one you can visualise in your head or you can take into the exam) and for each phrase, associate it to a part of the object. Go around the object in the same specific order each time. Eventually, if you are stuck in the exam, visualise/ look at the object and you’ll be able to recall the quotes/ steps. Check out this video if you’re confuse!

6. Memorise a generic introduction - If you are doing subjects such as English, you’ll probably have to write an exam on books you have studied. Write out and memorise a generic introduction incase you blank out on the exam! Check out the post I made about this!

7. Stairs - This is great for memorising statistics. Take post it notes, on one side write the key words of the stat, on the other side write the stat/ numerical value that goes with it. Place a post it note per stair and start at the bottom. Read out the key words and say the stat that goes with it. Each time you get it right, move up a stair. If you get one wrong, back to the bottom!

8. Keep focused - If you’re having trouble focusing, try moving room. If you can’t, try a different revision method. If you’re not being productive at all, go for a walk, listen to some music, comeback and try again.

9. Past Papers - This is the best revision method for maths, do as many past papers as you can, highlight questions you can’t answer and ask teachers/friends for their insight. Once you’re comfortable with the topics, time yourself and grade it afterwards.

10. Read the textbook - I do this when I’m unsure about a topic. Highlight keywords in one colour, the definition of said key words in an other and additional information in yet another colour.

Remember that if you try your best, that’s all people can ask for! ~ Xx