Unmasked #02 - My Fear

I’ve heard rumors about my current topic in the #iBlog8: The Unwritten Blogging Etiquettes and it turns out to be a very controversial topic. I have this fear of being a dejavu but I hope not. My confidence is starting to tear away from my soul and it’s really eating me up inside. But I’m not that kind of person. Everyone knows I’m not. And this fear won’t forever be a fear. I need to do something and not just sulk into great depression.

First of all, I am doing my research on the topic. It’s very important to do my research first before I step into 300+ people and talk about blogging etiquettes. I mean, hey, I have only been blogging for a year now and I’d be talking in front of bloggers who have been in the blogging industry even before I graduated college.

Second, the stuff I would be talking about are based on my personal experiences, what I’ve learned, my own mistakes and what it taught me. I guess that’s a pretty fair point-of-view right? I can’t go on preaching about things which has been experienced by other bloggers. Am I right? So for my talk, I would be talking about my own experiences, my own lessons learned.. All from my own. I am just hoping for the best that people would appreciate me standing in front of them, gathering all the courage I can and talk about my own learnings in my year of blogging.

Blogging seems to be simple. But once you’ve started influencing people, garnering a lot of blog readers and getting invited to various events and given free stuff, blogging becomes a bit more complicated and we should always be careful of our actions for it will taint not only our blogs but also ourselves. 

We mirror our blogs. We are what we blog. So the main thought for the stuff I’m discussing in #iBlog8 is: Don’t make other people (that includes fellow bloggers, readers and brands) want to kill you. Honestly, just by following that simple rule, you may be able to get by pretty good.

Uhm, I guess this is it for now. I hope you can give me your thoughts on my talk. Thanks everyone and to those who are following and reading my Tumblr page. This serves as my personal blog. Oh and sorry for the long post!