So yeah, I’m not the pretty one, I’m not the talented one, I’m not the girl who writes that well. I dont know, maybe because I’m just me. Yes, just me. Never the head turner, the eye catcher nor the one you’ll fall for. It saddens me everytime i look in the mirror and kinda feel that I’m nothing special..

Childhood friends

One day we both went back to the place where it all started. I saw you at the exact same spot where we used to go to everyday when we were young. Minutes passed by without anyone of us uttering a word. I didn’t know what were you thinking that very moment. But as for me, I just was staring at a blank space until a series of memories suddenly flashback. 

I started crying. 

Then you asked my why. I immediately wiped my tears and laughed. I said, “nothing.” You looked away as if you didn’t care at all. So I bowed down my head and felt sad. I started crying again. Until, out of nowhere, you held my hand. You held it so tightly. 

Then you began talking. You told me how much you miss the old times. You told me how you miss me. You told me everything I’ve been dying to hear from you. Finally, you told me you love me but …

you also told me that someone already replaced me in your heart and that this is goodbye. Slowly, you let go of your hand and walked away.

•those friends who turned to strangers..

•those chances i didn’t take..

•those words i never said..

•those mistakes i never made right..

•those days i cried for something that’s not worth it ..

•those sacrifices i shouldn’t have made..

•those times i think of what people are going to say..

•those people who i loved and never really loved me back..

•those people who took me for granted..

—  things that made me sad this year x 2014
The problem with girls is that they make every thing a BIG deal. They’re willing to fight over little things which are obviously nonsense. Sometimes, they even make you feel as if they are the only ones being hurt; when in fact they hurt themselves for being overly dramatic. Also, their mood changes easily. Most of the times, they’re too hard to handle. But you as a man should be more patient with your girl. Even if it is her fault, just please try to understand her because she’ll soon realize those things on her own. Don’t easily give up on her. Give her time to change herself for the better. After all, it is not easy being a girl believe me or not!
—  alwaysbeyourmusee
Dear guys,

Girls get rejected too.

Just because you’re the only ones who mostly do the courting around doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the only ones who could ever feel rejected or pushed away by someone they like. Our pride is high so we can’t just say “I like you. Like me back” or “Like me instead of her” or whatever just to get your affection but when we deeply like someone, we confess despite the way it may sound desperate and the result would 75% be rejection. 

First, learn to make yourself happy. Happiness starts with yourself, not with relationships, not with money but with you. You need to deal with being happy alone and not having others.

Follow your heart. Don’t let others run your life. Don’t let others decide for you. Hear them but decide for yourself. Tell them what your heart wants. Following your heart lets you be happy during hard times, it also gives you no pressure in doing things. Following your heart lets you feel that no matter what you do, it feels all right.

Be positive. Stay positive. Stop over thinking instead think of happy thoughts. Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. Never let negativity overcome you.

Stop comparing yourself to others. We sometimes wish to be someone who we are not. Why? Simply because we are insecure, we think that they are better than us. Stop thinking like that, we are unique in our own ways. Know your strengths and weaknesses and let it be the root of your confidence.

Challenge yourself. Have goals in life. Strive hard but find time to enjoy the little things. Be productive and never settle for less. Pursue a passion. Dream big. Be fearless. Make yourself better person.

Be generous. I remember the time I read a book, it says that it’s better to give because it tells us that we have something they don’t and we should be thankful for that. Be kind and never take anyone or anything for granted or else you’ll lose it.

Be with happy people. I believe that people around us are big influences in our life. I hang out with the happiest people on earth, I can say. I saw them in their worsts but they still manage to laugh at it and I think that is the best thing you can do when you are feeling down. Laugh. Being with happy people gives you relief from pain and problems. Being with happy people is being with the best people. Always put on a happy face.

Lastly, pray. Make some quiet time to talk to Him. Be thankful for everything you have and you don’t have. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for guidance, strength and wisdom. Tell Him to help you open your mind, arms and heart for others. Say your prayers for others too.

Blog like no one is going to read your post.
  • Don't please anyone:It is your blog anyway, not there's. So don't please anyone. If they don't like your blog, they always have the choice to unfollow you.
  • Don't care about notes:The number of notes do not define you nor your blog. If someone's posts have more notes than yours, it doesn't necessarily mean that they're cooler or better than you. Sometimes, they just have too many friends. Also, there is no assurance that those who liked your posts actually read it. Some just like the idea of hitting the heart button, to gain attention which sounds pathetic by the way.
  • You are free to share your stories:Either they give a fuck or not, if you feel like sharing the highlights of your day, then blog about it. Isn't it good to have something to look back whenever you feel like reminiscing? Remember, your blog can be your diary too.

Naranasan mo na ba yung magkatext kayo tapos may gusto kang sabihin sa kanya, Yun bang natype mo na, tapos maiisip mo agad yung mga negative things na pwedeng mangyari pag sinend mo yun sa kanya. Kaya sa huli hindi mo na lang itutuloy dahil baka masaktan ka lang.

—  Why are you waiting on someone who obviously has no interest in being with you? Why are you hoping for something that you know isn’t going to happen? Why do keep chasing? Why are you throwing away your happiness for someone that isn’t really worth it? Why are you crying over someone who doesn’t waste a tear on you? Why aren’t you moving on?

I am not a good writer nor blogger. Sometimes when I type, I don’t notice the typo errors. I am not good at English language so my words are not that deep like the other bloggers here on tumblr. I need to familiarize more words. Even my grammars are incorrect and I didn’t even notice that. I just type what I feel, to express my feelings and to share my thoughts. 

  • Hazel Grace Lancaster:A girl who just wants to see the real world but is totally afraid to do so. Became an introvert with books as her escape and is on the edge of dying until he meets one guy who changes it all..
  • Augustus Waters:A happy go lucky guy who has alot of hidden thoughts. Someone who loves to have fun so he could keep the pain away, but then meets this one girl who intuduces a new life to him, a more meaningful one..
Dear guys, kailan niyo ba maiisip na:
  • Hindi naman importante kung mabingi na kami sa kakasabi niyo ng “I love you”.
  • Yung kakapadala niyo ng mga bulaklak na nalalanta naman sa katagalan.
  • Yung pasakitin niyo ngipin namin sa mga chocolates.

Ang sa amin lang:

  • Okay lang kahit di niyo kami budburan ng mga regalo.
  • Okay lang din kahit di niyo kami itext oras-oras.
  • Okay lang din kahit minsan, mas pinipili niyong samahan mga barkada niyo para mag-basketball kesa samahan kaming manuod ng One More Chance o The Notebook na sobrang corny, sabi niyo nga.

Ang gusto lang namin:

  • Yung tipong kahit minsan lang sa isang araw, maparamdam niyo samin na mahal niyo kami at mahalaga kami sa inyo. Isang yakap lang at hawak ng kamay, okay na kami.

Bakit di niyo ba yun maintindihan?


Life is not perfect and it will never be. You just have to make the very best of it and you have to open your heart to what the world can show you. Sometimes it’s terrifying and sometimes it’s incredibly beautiful. But no matter what, remember life is a beautiful disaster.