you are not a waste of space. 

you aren’t a failure just because you couldn’t do what you are told or required to do. 

you aren’t a mistake just because your existence weren’t planned by your parents. 

you aren’t damaged goods just because someone took you for granted. 

you aren’t your dark past just because you can’t forget it.

you aren’t your fears just because you can’t overcome them yet.

you aren’t your hopelessness just because you couldn’t see the light.

you aren’t the opinion of people who never cared to see the fire inside you.

you aren’t the flaws you see in the mirror.

you aren’t the brokenness that feel every time you breathe.

you aren’t the emptiness you crave to fill everyday.

Childhood friends

One day we both went back to the place where it all started. I saw you at the exact same spot where we used to go to everyday when we were young. Minutes passed by without anyone of us uttering a word. I didn’t know what were you thinking that very moment. But as for me, I just was staring at a blank space until a series of memories suddenly flashback. 

I started crying. 

Then you asked my why. I immediately wiped my tears and laughed. I said, “nothing.” You looked away as if you didn’t care at all. So I bowed down my head and felt sad. I started crying again. Until, out of nowhere, you held my hand. You held it so tightly. 

Then you began talking. You told me how much you miss the old times. You told me how you miss me. You told me everything I’ve been dying to hear from you. Finally, you told me you love me but …

you also told me that someone already replaced me in your heart and that this is goodbye. Slowly, you let go of your hand and walked away.

Soul mates are those one in a million
people who have the perfect chemistry. They know what makes their partner cry and they know what makes their partner smile. They bring joy to each others life because they see the best in each other. They are each others voice and strength. They have immense faith in their relationship and they stand firmly together in the toughest of times.


This is funny.
After kong iblog yang dear future boyfriend na yan. Pag punta ko sa fb, nakita ko yung wanted girlfriend kyeme. So nagcomment ako nyan. Afterwards, nakareceive ako ng friend request. And there you go hahahaha

For people who are in tumblr right now because they need escape

Hello, stranger.

You are not alone. Most people here feel the same thing. Probably not having the same exact situation but most people here, like you, crave for the kind of escape you think you won’t find anywhere else. You crave for a place where you won’t be judged, you will be understood and maybe you won’t be notice so you could experience that misery all by yourself.

Or maybe you are just tired. You can still survive that “outside world” but you need to pause life for few hours and just breathe. Yes, you aren’t alone feeling that way.

Or maybe you are one of those people who are feeling “fine”. The kind of fine that you use as a response when people ask you how you’re doing. Yup, the “I don’t know what I am feeling” kind of fine. Again, you’re not alone.

Or maybe, for a change, you’re here because you’re happy. Good for you then. In that case I hope you are not alone feeling that way.

I don’t know how you’re doing in your life right now. I don’t know what you are thinking, feeling, whatever. But I know what it’s like to be exhausted and wonder if there’s more to life than this daily routine full of things that make you question will this all matter in a decade.

So this is for people who are in tumblr right now because they need escape. I am not sure you came in the right place. But here’s one thing I am sure of: you will eventually get what you deserve. It’s up to you if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Whether you are one of those people who are running from their problems which will eventually bite them in the ass or you are on of those people who I envy, who seem to have their life figured out.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, there’s no such thing as a perfect escape. Some sleep for more than their usual hours because they need to forget. Some drink all night and end up with painful hangover. Some write their hearts out and let words bleed for them. We all have different ways of escape but here you are now, reading this, probably expecting for something more motivating than this.

But here’s the truth: you cannot escape everything but you can have faith that the storm you’re experiencing now will fade. you cannot run away all the time but you can hope for greater destination than where you are right now. you cannot fake all your emotions but you can love yourself enough to accept the reality and help yourself to get these things over with.

I wish you’d sleep well tonight. You might be one of those people who will cry themselves to sleep again tonight. You might be one of those people who even wish not to wake up tomorrow. I don’t know what you’re up to but I wish you never lose the hope inside you. It’s the one thing greater than fear of what we are not certain of.

minsan kung kailan nakahiga na ako at handa ng matulog, dun pa eepal ang mga ideas na gusto kong iblog, hayup na yan nakakatamad magtype sa cp pero heto ako ngayon nagbloblog sa cellphone, oh shet ang hipokrito HAHAHA.

And sometimes you will feel like God is not there for you. Like your lost or you are forgotten. You’re not. You’re still perfectly held by His hands wrapped within His grace. This is when miracles are in work. This is when God is working on whatever it is that needs to be done according to His will. What you need to do is continue to seek Him and have faith in Him. That way, you won’t lose the light He has prepared for you to follow.

anonymous asked:

Can you please expound "love is patient" ?

Love is patient.

Love is willingness to wait, perseverance when things get rough, committing yourself despite the ugly parts of the circumstances, unselfishness even at times of temptations, understanding that it’s all worth it. 

Patience in love is “it’s okay, I’ll do it for you if you let me because it’s for your own good even if it’s hard and really time-consuming”.

Patience in love is not just the words, “i”ll do it” but actually doing the act of patience like waiting, committing, staying faithful that it’s for love, acceptance, and the right kind of tolerance without complaint or anger. 


Ako ‘yung blogger na scroll lang ng scroll sa dash tapos out na.

Ako 'yung blogger na kapag nasa mood lang naiisipang mag blog.

Ako 'yung blogger na hindi mahilig magbasa ng long post.

Ako 'yung blogger na litong lito sa paggamit ng “nang at ng” o kaya “raw at daw”.

Ako 'yung blogger na masaya na kahit sa isang note man lang.

Ako 'yung blogger na ang ibang blog ay hanggang pang draft lang talaga.

Ako 'yung blogger na maraming naiisip iblog pero hindi alam kung paano at saan magsisimula.

Ako 'yung blogger na mahilig mag like ng blog nila.

Ako 'yung blogger na hindi pinapaalam ang username sa iba.

Ako 'yung blogger na mahilig mag follow.

Ako 'yung blogger na mahilig mag back-read.

At ako 'yung blogger na madaling humanga sa galing ng mga kapwa ko bloggers.


Andami-daming naglilipang page sa FB  ngayon na wala ng ginawa kundi magreklamo kung anong klaseng henerasyon meron ang mga kabataan ngayon. Andami-daming page pero iisa lang naman ang format at approach. 

1. Lahat ng bagay pinapansin. Tapos ang palaging topic jejemon, bitch kabataans, famewhores, pasosyal at kung paano ibash ang isang sikat na writer. Pero ginagawa lang daw nila ito para i-eradicate ang mali.

2. May ipopost na picture tapos ipapalait sa iba. 

3. Magpopost ng kung anu-anong “Every Bitch in the Philippines Starter Pack”.

3. Dapat mas malutong pa sa kropek yung mura mo kapag magsasabi ka ng opinion. Dapat may ‘tangina’ at the middle and at the end of every sentence para with conviction. Para kahit hindi maijustify yung ideas, hardcore pa rin pakinggan. Hindi pabebe.

Tapos pag may mga tumataliwas sa opinyon ng page nila,

1. Screen capture agad yung comment tapos ipopost sa mismong page para maging sentro ng bashing. 

2. Ang palaging comment ng adming palaging nagigipit sa ideas, “bitter”, “KJ”, “RIP sense of humor”, “Edi unfollow niyo yung page kung ayaw niyong makabasa ng ganito” o kaya “Just shut the fuck up if you don’t agree with us.”

3. Lalaitin ka na lang nila para magmukha silang tama.

Bitch please. Hindi na dapat pinapansin at pinag-aaksayan ang mga ganyang bagay kung ayaw mong masira yung momentum mo sa buhay. ( Pero pinansin ko kase bored ako.) At the end of the day, page pa rin nila yan. At kahit anong gawin mong comment at share para i-justify yung opinyon at galit mo sa mga pinagpopost nila, wala ring mangyayari. Mas lalo lang nagmumukha tanga at katawatawa yung mga taong handang ipagpatayan at ipaglaban yung nakakatalino-kunong comment nila pero kapag may mga essay naman sa exam walang maisagot. Kahit kelan hindi mananalo ang opinyon mo sa ibang taong may sariling opinyon. Dedma is the highest form of sarcasm. Pero kung hindi mo talaga kaya, iblog mo. Hindi sa FB ang tamang lugar para sa matalino mong opinyon. Hindi sila gigising kinabukasan para pasalamatan at dalhan ka ng almusal sa kwarto mo dahil narealize nilang mali pala sila. Walang ganun. 

salvation is free. no need for your efforts, attempts to be better, and unnecessary traditions. salvation is free. you don’t have to earn it. you just receive it and know that you are loved despite your past, failures, sins, anger, emptiness, sadness, mental illnesses, etc. God’s love is an unconditional love waiting for you to allow it to change you.