I’m having my first IB exams tomorrow. (15 exams in 11 days…) As you can see, I’m veeeery excited and entushed about the upcoming weeks. :) #jk #IB #Finals #Exam #IBlife #IBexams

YES I DID!!!!! I found this picture months ago and saved it for this very moment! Congrats to everyone! Diploma or not, you made it through the program and that’s something to be proud of(: We can all officially move on and try to forget about the horrors of this program xD But again, congrats to everyone! :D Love you all so much and God bless!! Also shout out to princeofprocrastination for giving me funny memes to laugh at when I felt overwhelmed xD Also, shout out to adventuresofanibstudent for helping me prepare for the History test!! 

10 Things No IB Student Has Ever Said

There are several ways the IB tries to be ahead of other programs. Some of these are: the number of subjects, CAS hours, or the Extended Essay. It’s supposed to be challenging and turn you into more of a critical and independent thinker.

Does it make you a better student though? Find out by simply reading our list of 10 things no IB student has ever said:

  1. I already finished my Extended Essay in the summer.
  2. Awesome! No more homework.
  3. Theory Of Knowledge is really starting to make sense.
  4. I wouldn’t fake those CAS hours if I were you.
  5. I don’t use SparkNotes. I actually read the book.
  6. I’ll do this now so that I’m free next week.
  7. I slept plenty of hours last night.
  8. Could I hand my paper in before the deadline?
  9. I’ll just solve this without my graphing calculator.
  10. I’m looking for something more challenging.