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This is my sisters song I helped her make about our family

Please take a listen and reblog it if you could she wants lots of views : )

lovelovelove ! <3

I'm at that point in the single stage where i really just want somebody to want me. I'm sick of being fucked around, i really just want something sweet and simple. I'd like to fall for someone and have them fall the same depth for me as i do for them.
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  • A Deathgrip On Yesterday

Go runaway in distress trying
To hide from what’s
Creeping and crawling and stabbing
Within try to deny the turmoil inside
If you find yourself far enough you’ll never win
In the ounce of serenity
I will come home be pissed (I will come home be pissed)
Cant leave you weeping on the phone
Gasping for breath (I am gasping for breath)
To be left on the floor gasping for breath!

No he’s not the person you are
Or the person your trying trying trying trying to be
Don’t let the outside swing to far from where you want to be