Young Scarlet Ibis ~ Junger Scharlachsichler ~ Ibis rouge ~ Eudocimus ruber

The name comes from the vibrant orange-red color of the adult birds as can be seen in one of my previous pictures and which is result of the bird’s diet (red crustaceans).  

2013 © Jesse Alveo

Northern Bald Ibis ~ Waldrapp ~ Ibis chauves ~ Geronticus eremita

2013 © Jesse Alveo

Sadly, a critically endangered bird who has died out in Europe and whose remaining colonies have been vanishing rapidly in the last 40 years. Only about 600 individuals are left in the wild in Morocco, Syria and Turkey. The rapid decline is caused by humans: hunting, disturbance, habitat loss, pesticide poisoning, you name it. Reintroduction/release programs have had mixed results, so the future of these freaky looking birds remains unclear. :-(

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