ibi makes stuff


this is what i did today. i made a tiny patrick stump. a pocket patrick. a stumpy trick. you get the idea. i feel like i didn’t get his eyes quite right, but that’s the closest color i had in my yarn stash and his eyes are basically impossible anyway. his hair is also probably not fluffy enough, but i think that color is a pretty good yarn approximation of the dirty-blondish-brownish-gingerish noggin fluff he’s got going. The hardest part was the fedora, and i’m still not totally pleased with it, but it’s a tiny crocheted fedora so i think i did ok (do you think the little glasses are too much or just enough?)

as of right now he’s done, but on the other hand i feel like it’s a little silly to make tiny glasses out of wire and then not go all the way with limbs and stuff. so we’ll see. (also he’s really top heavy and i feel like legs would help him sit up on his own) what say you, tumblr, should i give the little guy limbs?

if enough people express interest i met sell these in my etsy shop once i get it back up and running. dunno yet if i’ll make the rest of the guys (joe’s hair frankly scares me and i have no idea how i’d translate andy’s tattoos into tiny crocheted doll form).

but i really love this li'l guy and i’m super proud of him!

(thanks to death-valleyyy for the background image of patrick. it’s this post here)

this is Mobius Richard and he’s finally fucking done!

originally i was gonna making him to work out the pattern so i could list whales in my etsy shop when i get it back up and running, but really all i worked out is that if i sell whales they’re going to have to be waaaaay smaller. mobius used up an entire skein of yarn and took for freaking ever to make. not happening on a made to order basis unless the customer doesn’t mind waiting a month for the thing to even ship. back to the drawing board i suppose.

better pictures at some other time.