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Making sense of bday announcements timeline provided "gillovny" is defined as including a potentially complicated romantic entanglement: 2011) CNN reports that DD & TL had again split (6/29); IBG convo (7/30) & getting closer; Aaron passes away (Sept.); 2012) Evan Handler tweets "She visits the set" (of Californication), implying habit/repetition (7/11); GA separation announcement on DD's bday (8/7); 2013) SDCC (7/18), GA being her flirty self, DD not used to cons & other people on the panel...

Paley and NYCC (10/13 weekend), some more necessary talks might have happened before NYCC panel; Matt Zoller Seitz, serious critic, tweets that DD & GA “are going all over the place acting like an actual couple” (10/18 - at first thought this was 10/13, but no);2014) The year of twitter fuckery (esp. April); AVOF & “20 years deep”; DD divorce announcement on GA’s bday (8/9, judge reportedly signed off on it on 6/18, papers filed about a year before that);

2015) Breakfasts & other stuff surrounding GG’s; Hell or High Water (the rewinding (to Van times?), the rain (and GA’s raindrop necklace?), fists full of love, “another guy has come and gone, sorry for what he got wrong,” “shotgun of my heart”…); “one team” and Duchovny jersey; The Cutting Room (5/12; those looks before the first kiss…); TXF revival (summer); “Especially one of you” (10/10).

Given its slant, timeline omits instances when they were directly asked about a romance because, assuming they are (which, of course, may be false), what are they gonna say, really? They’re rather private people and they’d never hear the end of it. (Call it a fictional universe based on this ‘verse’s events, if you will.)

This is an incredibly detailed timeline. I’m not even going to add anything because holy cow you put a lot of work into this. Check it out.