Halloween Fics

Only If For A NightBloodlust, tumblr fic 1, 2Dance on Our GravesFace Your Fears, Is There Somewhere, Sempiternal and Creature Fear by bravevulnerability

Best Ever and Fade Into Night by ColieMacKenzie

Real Live Haunted House and It Doesn’t Make Sense by chezchuckles

Arresting Devices and tumblr fic by blue252

Epitaph by Kate Christie

Hist Whist by seilleanmor

Folie a Deux seilleanmor and ivyandtwine

 a royal treat by faithsette

Musings of a Pumpkin King by Trinity Everett

The Damnation of Richard Castle and The Costume by acertainzest

Fairy Wings and Scary Things and Medical Attention: Keeping With The Theme by jstar1382

Halloween Memories by shadoweddawn

Fright Night and Arachne by Griever11

Warm Bodies by pullingbeckettspigtails

What the Closet Revealed by 1822andallthat

Ghost Writer, Dark Castle and Macabre Mastication by kimmiesjoy

Bump in the Night by International08

Summer’s End by Freewheeler

Matched Pair by NellieRai

Until Dawn by IllusiveWritings

Come As You Are by muppet47

Cherries by zkcaskett

This is Halloween and A Little Batty by ilovetoread09

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! by ipreferwestside

trick or treat by allylobster

The Owl and The Raven by lms2457

Spellbound by Trapped in a MatchBox

Alexis-O-Lantern by naybaybay

Whisper of Life by ellsweetella

Ghosts of Events Past by idiosyncratic1

Oh, Halloween by IBelieveYouLiar

Samhain by brookemopolitan

The Treat Formerly Known as Trick by SineTimore

Dress Up & Demons by 41319

When Things Go Bump in the Night by Lord of Kavaka

Medium by Cassie Bones

Dead End by coffeemuse

Savor the Moment by whatarushh

Four AM Phone Call by Docnerd89

The Spirit of Justice by XX00Meg00XX

Simply Epic by Lydian Stone

Felis Felix by Garrae

Patient Zero by Shutterbug5269

The Mysteries of Crystal Cove by GeekMom

Costume Dilemma by purplangel

Halloween Candy, Visitations and Return by CheerfulChemist

The Devil Stole Her Heart by piper maru duchovny

The House that Haunted Us by Lur27

Halloween and Mistress Kate by glo1196

A Very Castle Halloween by Minstrel164

The Perfect Costume by TempeBeckett

Cutest Vampire Ever by stardustinthesky

Love Letters: A Halloween Story and Time Warp by CharacterDriven

A Little Halloween Fun by Hopeless Dreamer28

tumblr fic by RocksandCoffee

All Tricks and No Treats by la z boy

Who’re Gonna Call by Sugarrush71

Halloween in April and Brains! by KrissaBelle7

Trick or Treat by Netsrik1

The Possibility of Magic by GeekMom

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to by madcrafter72

Sharing A Cab

I think this came from a super duper old prompt on @castlefanficprompts​ - Beckett and Castle, Sharing a Cab AU. 

I found this brief little one-shot on my computer so I figured, why not share?

The torrential downpours currently battering New York City were some of the worst Richard Castle had ever seen - and having been born and raised in Manhattan, it was fairly rare for the weather to surprise him anymore. Dropping buckets, raining cats and dogs - all the clichés were more than fitting for this March evening.

A fact that Richard Castle wasn’t aware of.

Like many others, he had assumed that the weather reports were grossly exaggerated, and that it was nothing more than a quick shower before the early spring sunshine would make itself known and the blustery winter weather would be hidden for the foreseeable future.

His dripping wet frame suggested otherwise. He’d only gone for a walk to clear his head, to focus again on the task at hand - his writing. A best-selling novelist, he was currently three weeks behind on his manuscript and he was fairly certain that his bloodsucking publisher (and ex-wife) would be ready to behead him within the next 7 days. It wasn’t his fault, though - Derrick Storm, his beloved character, was giving him trouble. All of the stories were the same - CIA agent swoops in to save the day and the girl, dropping a witty line or two whilst beating the bad guys. Good triumphs over evil, the families get justice and Derrick usually ends up with a new companion or damsel in distress to keep him occupied until the next adventure.

Rick was tiring of the platitudes.

He was also tiring of the rain.

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ibelieveyouliar-  asked:

Is it normal to be a great wrote learner with ADHD? I always have been but struggle so hard with short term memory or someone just verbally giving me instructions (or just telling me something) or trying to remember a list of things I have to do or things to buy. Thank god for self talk, I don't even mind looking crazy in the supermarket.

Do you mean rote learner, as in memorizing stuff, also known as declarative memory? I’ve found that I am excellent at memorizing facts as long as I don’t try to memorize them. If I sit down and say, “I’m going to memorize these dates” or “I’m going to memorize this Bible verse” (for Sunday School), my anxiety takes over, and I can’t do it. However, I just love facts and remember tons of them without trying because they are interesting.

Poor working memory is extremely common in ADHD.


You're Lucky, He's Lucky, I'm Lucky, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

Fill for this Tumblr prompt: Caskett and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Bonus points if one of them dressed as one of the characters when they were younger. Crazy little one shot, T for a few references.

Rocky Horror prompt is filled! Go check out IBelieveYouLiar’s awesome fic. Made me smile a lot :)

#CastleFanficMonday Master Post for 9/14/2015

This is a master post of the stories posted by the Castle fanfic writers who participated, in alphabetical order by FFN writer’s name. If we have left off your story or contact information by accident, please contact us via our Tumblrs KathrynChristie, encantadaa, or ItStoppedOctober1st, or tweet at us (@Kate_Christie_ @_encantadaa or @itstoppedoct1st) and we can get in touch.

So many writers contributed so much excellent fic, and thank you ALL for filling this final Castleless Monday! But huge thanks also go to my partners who put this list together and without whom there would have been no #CastleFanficMonday, L (encantadaa) and Jen (itstoppedoctober1st). Also thank you to the folks at the Castle Ficathon and Castle Kink Meme as well as CastleFicPromoter and CastleFanfics for all the love through the hiatus.

Story by FFN name / Tumblr / Twitter / other

Raising the Stakes by ACertainZest / ACertainZest / ~

Not a Glitch by bamboo72498 / bamboo72498 / ~

In the Course of Human Events (chapter 9) by BerkieLynn / berkieryan / @BerkieLynn

The Stand and Tumblr Fic by bravevulnerability / bravevulnerability / @onlythebattles

Tumblr Fic by bravevulnerability / bravevulnerability / @onlythebattles / Translated into Italian by 47secondsofveritas / @Alessan65842753

And Everything Nice by Caffinate-me / aspenmusing / @aspen_musing

Liberosis by CalPal052699 / whatifellinlovewith / @CalPal0526

Objects in Motion (chapter 11) by Chezchuckles / writingwell / @lily_bart

A Round Robin story with contributions by: bravevulnerability, ColieMacKenzie, darkhours, encantadaa, griever11, jstar1382, narvanator, socasuallycruel, supermandy77, and The-KLF

Falling Into Place (Chapter 3) and Connection by CuffedBunnies / handcuffedplotbunnies / @cuffedwriter

Pure and Stimulate your Senses by Darkhours /ourwordsarethegatewaytothesoul / @darkhours25

Chimera by dappledshadows / walkingthroughraindrops / @dappledshadows

The Hook Up by drdit92 / drdit92 / @drdit92

Not a Narcissistic Nonchalant Neoteric Nautical Narwhal by escarr15 / escarr15 / @escarr15

Serendipity by faithsette / acoldcomfort / ~

Ellinore by He’s-Her-Lobster41319 / allylobster / @allylobster

Hurts Will Heal by IBelieveYouLiar / katherinebeckettinever / ~

Tumblr Fic by ILoveToRead09 / ilovetoread09 / @ilovetoread09

Operation: White Whale (Chapter 126) by InkyCoffee / inkstainedcoffeecup / @InkyCoffee

If Only and Anela Il Cuore (chapter 7) by ipreferwestside / narvanator / @ipreferwestside

Double Lives (Chapter 3) and Not Just A Cop (Chapter 27) by J.D. Cunegan / @alifeofrandomness / @JD_Cunegan

This Love (Chapter 3) by jstar1382 / jstar1382 / @jstar1382

Cheek to Cheek by Kate Christie / kathrynchristie / @Kate_Christie_

Always eventually and Blood through my veins by Kimmiesjoy / kimmiesjoy / @kimmiesjoy

Soulmates by ~ / lifeofallison / ~

Firelight by lms2457 / writingonthecastlewalls / @gbastian

If the Loft is Rocking by Lord of Kavaka / lordofkavaka / @lordofkavaka

Literature Love Affair (Chapter 7) by LuizaCastle / rickatecastle / @rickate_caskett

Tipping the Scales by Meg Moore / castleincalifornia / @Castle_in_CA

Gram Tells the Tale and The Walk by Missy52061 / @missy520 / @missy520

Given the Gift of Time by morgangirl11 / rewritetheending / @withoutthetiger / AO3: withoutthetiger

Perfectly Shattered by mrnaylor930 / khoughtonb / ~

A Little Bit More (Chapter 4) by muppet47 / muppet47 / @muppet_47

Coming Up For Air (chapter 6) by Netsrik1 /grabnetsrik1/ @BargKirsten

January Hymn (chapter 9) by Oneturtledove / fillmycoffeecupwithriddles / ~

A Different Sunrise by pfkman23 / ~ / @PFK_FF

If These Wings Could Fly by Prose.Meds / prosemeds / @prosemeds

Hall of Fame (chapter 6) by rickyrodgers / alwayswiththecoffee / @rangerbeckett

Pseudologoi and More Than Together III (Chapter 14) by seilleanmor / katiehoughton / @seilleanmor

Flurries by shadoweddawn / shadoweddawn / @chasingalways

Heat Incommunicado (part II) by Shutterbug5269 / shutterbug5269 / @shutterbug5269

Tumblr Fic/Reader Chooses the Ending by Skygirl55 /  skygirl5 / @skygirl55

Relinquishing Hope by Soprano193 / soprano193 / @soprano193

Impromptu Story 2: Naughty Thoughts by thenameisdenise / talkoncornersinblue / @elderwand

A Sight For Sore Eyes, Enough for Now and Honey, Honey by Trinity Everett / bunysliper / @bunysliper

Disclaimer: If someone did not contact us, did not tag anything anywhere with CastleFanficMonday, etc, we might not have posted that person’s fic. We wanted to be inclusive, but we are not omniscient – please contact us and we will add your fic to the list. This is just for fun, and to give some writers some love and some readers something to do, since there is no Castle on our usual Castle Mondays.

ALSO, if your Tumblr fic is not showing up in a search for the “CastleFanficMonday” or “Castle Fanfic Monday” tags, see this post by fembot77. SO HELPFUL BOT!!!


—KC, L and Jen

What's In A Name?, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

One-shot, post 6x10. Castle and Beckett talk baby names.

We have another prompt that was written!

Thank you to IBelieveYouLiar for filling the prompt 

“A one-shot follow-up to The Good, The Bad And The Baby where Beckett lets Castle know in no uncertain terms that no kid of hers is going to be called Cosmo. Then they discuss baby names?”

anonymous asked:

Can you re-do a 'Cops and Robbers' list? Including AUs etc? Thanks!

Here you go!

*updated 5/6/16


Kenopsia by seilleanmor

Whisper of a Heart by Trinxy

All Good Things and Footsie by kimmiesjoy

Can’t Walk Away by Ky03elk

The Nine Lives of Katherine Beckett by caffinate-me

Remember Tonight by Freewheeler

may flowers by closingdoors

Impulse by zkcaskett

If by JillianCasey

Atonement by prosemeds

The Sound of Your Voice by shadoweddawn

I Need You by beatingoutasamba

Never Let Go by He’s-Her-Lobster41319

One Shots:

Feels Like Home and Chapter 2 of Here For The Story by ColieMacKenzie

Stolen and Sans Everything by chezchuckles

If I Had Stayed by morgangirl11

Pillow Talk by LorelaiGilmore82

A Terrible Hope by muppet47

all the lights of the city are drowned out for you by tombombadillo and closingdoors

Will You Still Love Me by Topsy

Catalyst by IBelieveYouLiar

Perfect Partners by blue252

Save Tonight by Griever11

In That Moment and Security by jstar1382

carry your heart with me by veritas-always

tumblr fic by closingdoors

Uninterrupted and Almost by kimmiesjoy

bang by weightofmywords

out of the ashes and tumblr fic 2 by concreteskies

Unmistakeable by Dmarx

slipped away and Chapters 3 4 53 of love and some verses by bravevulnerability

All We Are Not Yet by Polly Lynn

Tell Me You Need Me by SongofJoy

Tipping the Scales by Meg Moore

Leap by Sandiane Carter

Everything Hits at Once by shimmeryshine

I’ll Buy You A Drink by KroganVanguard

when it comes to indulgence and Until Sunrise by swallowedminds

The Moment When Everything Changed by skygirl55

tumblr fic by Oliviet

Chapter 36 of Kiss Me Castle by Cora Clavia

tumblr fic by alwayswritewithcoffee

tumblr fic by prosemeds

let the words fall out by ivyandtwine

Of Nightmares and Early Mornings and Of Love and Admissions by Trapped in a MatchBox

tumblr fic by Cassie Bones

Being Alive by BerLina

Poison and Wine and tumblr fic by MustBeAWriter

Five Letters by nikkirose4027

tumblr fic 2 by J.D Cunegan

The Ghosts That We Knew by evalovelace

Until Tomorrow by Aquila1

Long Day by serenitymeimei

Veritas by piper maru duvonchy

The Walls Come Tumbling Down and tumblr fic by ilovetoread09

Beautiful Mess by Ares’ Warrior Babe

A Little Taste of Heaven by BurningxRedxCaskett

Perfect Partner by KB-RC23

tumblr fic by khoughtonb

Close to Me by Water-Please

Save Me One Last Time by XX00Meg00XX

Cops and Robbers, The Rest of the Story by glo1196

Pain in her Chest by redheadednursery

Bank Explosions and Panic Attacks by NotYetLostFaith

The Way Home by ncisabbylover

Something to Talk About by rememberalways

at this imaginary starting line by recycled-stars

Thanks :)

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'd like to know if you know any fic where Beckett and Castle do a movie night at the loft please ? - pre caskett in which they eventually end up together at the end of the night - thanks :)

Hi ! :D Any fic in which Castle and Beckett are at the movie theater please ? (Pre-Caskett but its okay if its post-Caskett) thanks in advance :)

I’ll do both movie night and movie theatre :)

Also here is the list for the John Woo movie night so won’t include these

Or the Forbidden Planet movie date


Chance by liviafan1

A Night In by KB-RC23

Without a Doubt by Dmarx

Fluff by International08

Kiss Me by LadyAshh

Blizzard by Googie

In the Heat of the Moment by E.Limberg

Midnight Scribbles by AlyssaLucyAnne (ch7)

Pillow Talk by LorelaiGilmore82

She’s Different by Natalie Elizabeth

The Best Medicine by ThePossibilityofMagic

The Most Comfortable Pillow by Becky’s Girl

No Declarations or Expectations by filesfreak4life

Chapter 31 of Missed Moments by Cassie Bones


A Conversation in Whispers by lousiemcdoogle

Movie Magic by naybaybay (M)

Fluff and Minions by trishtumbles

Turnabout is Fair Play by ColieMacKenzie (M)

Where I’m Supposed To Be by brookemopolitan

Vroom and Movie Night by YahLiz

You’re Lucky, He’s Lucky, I’m Lucky by IBelieveYouLiar

Distraction by brookemopolitan

A Simple Night, Almost by 16abennett

The Heart of the Christmas by BerkieLynn

In progress/Incomplete AUs

carry you to me by airbefore - Kate owns an Inn

not what yet we shall be by airbefore - Lone Vengeance Kate

Russian Bride No. 41319 by and so they said always - Castle orders a russian bride

Kidnapping by Bbolt14 - meet when Alexis is kidnapped

Bound 2 by breakingbeckett - escort

Beauty of Our Reality by caffinate-me - alternate universe Johanna

The Bodyguard, and Arranged by CassieBones - Bodyguard Kate/Arranged Marriage

595 Broome St by ColieMacKenzie - pre series

mouthful of forevers by concreteskies - Meet in grief counselling

Ancora by encantadaa - Pregnant Kate

Savior by encantadaa - Kate is homeless

Most Wanted by Ephemeral Lunatic - Rick saves Johanna

What’s In A Name by Garrae - season 1 au

Paved With Good Intentions by greenk - Castle is a serial killer

tumblr fic by IBelieveYouLiar - sharing a cab au

Rich Man, Poor Man: A Darker Path by idiosyncratic1 - Castle never made it as a writer

Shadows by Illusive Writings - Vampire/Werewolf

Eye of the Beholder by ilovetoread09 - Teachers

Through the Looking Glass by ilovetoread09 - meet in lives of others

This Love by jstar1382 - FWB

Family Practice by jstar1382 - sequel to Medical Attention

Cheek to Cheek by Kate Christie - DWTS

Crossing the Line by katiepwns - Kate has a son

Winning It All by KroganVanguard - Car crash AU

Risking it All by Liv Wilder - Kate arrests Castle when he steals the police horse

EverNight by Lord of Kavaka - Fairytale World

Treasure Hunter by Lord of Kavaka - Indiana Jones

Pen-Pals and Postscripts by McGladiator - Kate’s Alexis’ penpal

All The First Times by Miss-HL - meet on the beach in the hamptons

Life’s Inspiration by missTGR - Meet pre series

Deleterious by NellieRai - Kate’s a stripper

Lonely Hearts Club by nikkibeckettcsm - Kate arrests Castle when he steals the police horse

After Burn and Matching Baggage by NotYetLostFaith - Fireman/ Kate has a son

Fated Ones by piper maru duchovny - soulmates

Hall of Fame by rickyrodgers - Gymnast AU

Hold on Forever by skygirl55 - College au, physics partners

Just Like Heaven by The Sun Was In My Eyes - Just like heaven movie

concordia discors by tombombadillo - Rick investigates Kate’s fake death

At the End of the Tunnel, Hiding my Heart, and Someone Like You by Trapped in a MatchBox - Kate going through a divorce/Castle has two kids/Kate has a son

Our Best Selves by Trinity Everett - Canon!AU AU

Take the Stairs by Trinity Everett - Met pre series, Kate got pregnant with twins

Chasing Fire by TwinkleHeart - 9/11

Prana by whatifellinlovewith - meet at yoga

The Writer and the Auror by whiskeynights - Harry Potter

Dead Serious by zashaxander - Vampires

It’s Evergreen by zkcaskett - Meet in the library

anonymous asked:

Authors who have a tumblr?

So many of them!! I’m going to tag as many as I can in this post, but I’m sure there are lots I don’t know so add more if you want :) 

Some of these authors don’t post much, or haven’t written in a while, but  I’m including them anyway. 

Also Kylie has a fandom database which I think is still a work in progress? And it contains links to ff.net, twitter, tumblr etc, but not just authors, more for everyone :)

Super long, so under a read more

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Morning After Fics - T rated

Pancakes by FanficwriterGHC

Wake To The Light and A Love Unfolding by Dmarx

Wide Awake You Face The Day, Good Morning, My Love and ataraxia by ColieMacKenzie

Awkward by ekc293

One Hundred Days of Summer by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter

Redamancy and Poetry in Motion by seilleanmor

Opening Their Eyes and newfound grace by ifonly13

Waiting for later and Wake up dreaming by kimmiesjoy

Sense Me Senseless by Ephemeral Lunatic

Good Right Here and the disappearance of Katherine Beckett by naybaybay

Heartstrings by AlwaysCastle

Hot Shower by Jerseycaramel

A Real Good Shot by christmasinacup

Brownies by sunshine-minx

here come the blue skies by libraryghosts

Morning Truce by DarkRedWillow

Walk of Shame by The Keddster

Almost to Always by Paige Terner

Partners by Natalie Elizabeth

Good Morning Beautiful by Jameson Rook

Land of the Living and An Acquired Taste by Mindy35

Beautiful Darling by IBelieveYouLiar

The Morning After by Shutterbug5269

Won’t Break Anything That You Are and Everything Will Change by Tadpole24

Lemon Lime Syrup by TashaLaw

Peace by you'vegotthis

Bruised, Not Broken by Pepp

Undelete by Laura Picken

Not Just Breakfast by KBeckett0334

Domestic Bliss by WriterLeigh

The Morning After by Noorlo

Pillow Talk by klindsay

Then Came You by gizzymoon

In The After by Scriptor of Lacuna

fan1bsb97  asked:

Do you have a list of post fics for Murder He Wrote? Thanks!!

Combining with: Hey. So do you know any stories about caskett in the hamptons or that are related to murder he wrote?

Do you know if there are more 5x04 fics? Specially if there’s an episode insert before the murder. Great job with this blog btw!!

So these are just for 5x04, gotta do another list for other hamptons fics. Some are ep inserts, some are speculation fics as well. 

Under The Stars by Dmarx (M)

Here and Now by ColieMacKenzie

since feeling is firstDesired Most and Murder He Rewrote by seilleanmor

that which does not bend by airbefore (M)

Bonfire Heart by kimmiesjoy

Realization by Kate Christie

Seashells by KroganVanguard

Release by soulsinstarlight (M)

What We Learned This Weekend by chezchuckles

Portrait by Dana Keylits

Just You by TashaLaw

True Love by IBelieveYouLiar

How To Build Theory by pananana (M)

apples by abbyfillion22

Hamptons Hotseat by Mindy35

tell me i’m your national anthem by nikkifuego (M)

I’ll Look After You by BWJournal

Let’s Make A Memory by GameOn (M)


Fluff Fics (part 3)

For lousiemcdoogle and anyone else who wants some fluff after the finale. part 1 part 2 

Longer Fics (>10K)

Three Sizes Too Small by Kavi Leighanna

Reservations by DeBo81

One Hundred Coffees by Younger Dr. Grey

Insights by TashaLaw

26 Notes by softer

All Good Things by kimmiesjoy

A New Year by susanatc

Is Forever Possible by RGoodfellow64

Dandelions by daphnebeauty

All My Secrets by ifonly13

So Little Time by chezchuckles

Kate and Kitten: A Story of Accidental Meetings by McGladiator

Shorter Fics (<10K)

Mad Love by kimmiesjoy

Momentous by ColieMacKenzie

The Existence of Magic by ThePossibilityOfMagic

On What We Agree by FanficwriterGHC

An Toiseach Pòg by seilleanmor

Fireworks by Stephxy

Wordplay by International08

Damsel in Distress by Norah Rose

Don’t Eat the Fruit by brookmopolitan

The Kisses We Steal by ekc293

the house of life by Cora Clavia

Smile by IBelieveYouLiar