~Bad Day [Molly & Sherlock]

“Age 38, fridge 6”, Molly muttered to herself as she scribbled down the letters. She had just finished working on the corpse and was away to start on the paperwork. It had been a pretty bad day already (and she’d only been in for 2 hours). Once the body was locked away she cleaned herself up and looked at the time. 


“I’ll go and get a coffee”, again she spoke to no one. She headed up the stairs and to the cafe. It was fairly busy when wandered in, many faces she recognised including Sherlock’s. He was talking to Stamford just across the room from her. 

 "I wonder if I should go talk to him“, she thought to herself. Her day had been pretty crap already and it wasn’t likely to get any better and she needed someone to talk to because, funnily enough, working in a morgue can get pretty lonely.