May 13: I Beleaf!

Sports are not exactly my thing. Understatement of the year. I do have some favourite teams and sports but not to the point that I follow stats and such. Hockey- always been not a fan or mildly interested. I know, worst Canadian ever. But this week it was strangely different…

Anyone who is remotely Toronto related knows that today was game 7 of the Boston vs Toronto NHL Playoff series. The first time Toronto has been in the playoffs in AGES. In a crazy series of events the series went from 3-1 Boston to 3-3. This was the final showdown- and here I found myself at a pub (with the beautiful doormat pictured above) while Josh cheers for his beloved team.

The weird part was I became strangely entranced… excited even. Gasping when I was supposed too and clenching my fists in the most ridiculous last 10 minutes of the game. 

We all know they went on to lose- breaking hearts all over the city, including Josh’s- but now I’m left with this question. Has my love of Josh somehow blossomed a love of sports… a love of hockey?

*shudders at the thought*