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Tonight is Back to School Night aka the longest school day in existence, BUT I just found out that I made the short list for IB Educator Network training, and if I get through this next step, I can go to training this winter to teach the IB Geography training sessions for teachers! I had applied back in the spring and never heard anything, but I got an email last night inviting me to complete the next steps. So exciting!!!

[senior year, 2/?] 17 september 2017 - met up with the rest of my group today to put together our presentation on david foster wallace’s a supposedly fun thing i’ll never do again which is due tomorrow, 10/10 would not recommend procrastinating yikes

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{ 02.12.17 } 

- ̗̀ 100 Days of Productivity: 23/100   ̖́-

↪︎ finishing up on the last of my theory of the firm notes! just in time for mock exams since they are just around the corner (so nervous!)

Good morning y'all! 💙

I just finished up my first week of senior year, and I’m starting to get into the swing of things again.

Here we’ve got an excerpt from “Reading Like a Writer” by Francine Prose that I’m annotating for English class.

🎶Song of the day: Letterbomb by Green Day🎶

Apply | Badge | Network

I recently got into Ib (and I am thankful my friends shared this game with me) and I thought, why not have a network to make new friends who also like the game? So here we are! 

To Apply:

Fill out the application here!
That’s… that’s pretty much it…
Also, the skype line is optional but if you include it I can add you to the chat!
(There are 14 spots open by the way!)


Reblog this post (you can like for reference).
Have the badge (linked above and on the page) somewhere on your blog (a lot of people use network tabs).
Be willing to participate in group event things and conversation.
Have your ask open so I can tell you if you’re accepted.
Don’t have to be following me
Don’t have to follow the other members but check out their blogs! 
You also don’t have to have a certain blog type to join.
Be kind to all the other members.


New friends!!
Help/advice on things (themes/html, personal stuff, whatever you want).
People to talk about the game with! 
A skype group to chat in. 
A spot on the network page of course.


The group tag is #ibgamenetwork and updates and stuff will be tagged with that!
You can also tag stuff with that if you want people in the network to see.
Therefore I encourage tracking that tag.
Don’t be afraid to ask me questions if you don’t understand something!

I will be choosing when this gets a decent number of notes (like more than 25?) and letting you know who’s accepted! Thank you for your time and have a nice day! <3


{ 02.13.17 }

- ̗̀ 100 Days of Productivity: 24/100   ̖́-

↪︎ i am falling more and more in love with my economics notes. i started writing up my development notes, aka the last unit in the syllabus. it has been a fun journey with this wonderful subject :’)