Benefits of a rainy day...

Today I did all the things I love to do on rainy autumn days: I laid down in my cosy bed cuddled myself under a warm blanked, read a good book, drank several liters of hot tea and prepared some pumpkin soup to enjoy later.
This. Is. Heaven.

Why I tell you this? Because I want you to remember that you can have a good time even though you’re in a flare up.

PLEASE if you have a friend with IBD IBS or any other intestinal problems please aknowledge that they may visit the toilet more often or complain about aches. These illnesses have symptoms that can be an embarrassing sometimes so please please do not laugh at them when they talk about it

The subject of excrement in these cases are often looked down upon by others and even doctors. But its WAY more serious for these people.

Help your friend! Find them a toilet when you’re out somewhere! Give them a bottle of water for the medicine or something. Just tell them its going to alright…talk to them to keep their mind of the pain a bit.

Do not get angry when they want to sit down somewhere because they feel sick. Or when they get cranky because of pain. They DONT do this on purpose. These illnesses can cause a great deal of emotional stress. And if anything, they feel bad for ruining your day.

Why do people glamorize chronic illness?

It isn’t just days in hospitals, with oxygen going into our noses and IV’s in our arms.

It’s being in too much pain to get out of bed, and the most walking you can manage is the struggle to the bathroom and back.

It’s spending all week getting the courage to take a shower, because even though you’ll feel cleaner, it’ll drain everything you have.

It’s having to sit in the kitchen, because you can’t stand for the ten minutes it takes to make Mac n’ cheese.

It’s being afraid to do things alone, because you might pass out and no one will be there.

It’s feeling absolutely worthless, because a lot of us don’t look sick, so we wonder if we should actually feel this sick.

It’s dealing with people telling us what new fab will magically cure us. “Well my friend had something like you have once, and they cured it with….”

It’s having so many people, sometimes even doctors, try to tell you it’s all in your head. So much that you start to believe them.

As I sit here with tears running down my face I must inform Moon’s followers she was put to sleep today.

Moon, while appearing to be getting better, was loosing more weight. She was breaking out in large bruises that were growing in size. The sepsis was caught far too late and her blood cells were too far damaged to be able to repair. She had tried so hard to shed for us on her last few days and the vet techs were able to remove the shed that was on her. While removing this shed from Moons body her skin was coming off as well. The vet tested her and she showed positive for Inclusion Body Disease.

I want to thank every single person who shared Moon’s story, donated in any way shape or form for their help. With your contributions we were able to make her last days on this earth as comfortable as we possibly could.

The Edmonton Humane Society is taking this case on and going after the human that did this to Moon.


Drayton Valley Reptile Rescue

Any western Canadian herpers should be practicing 100% quarantine as of right now. I would not even let new animals into my home - IBD is fast and lethal and you will not even have the chance to separate out your animals if you develop it in an unquarantined specimen.

This is very sad news and the person who sadistically abused that snake will, I hope, be brought to all available justice.

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