Extremely Rare Neo-Sumerian Palace Messenger Tablet from Iri-Sagrig, Dated 2027 BC

A clay pillow-shaped messenger tablet from an important palace archive of the Sumerian city Iri-Saĝrig, dated to 2027 BC, with cuneiform text on both sides: “1 roasted mutton, 5 sila soup Ur-šu-suen, chancellor’s assistant when he came for the ’secretary’ of Nana’s field; 3 sila soup, 2 fish Laqipum, cup bearer, royal messenger when he went for royal offerings; 1 sila soup, 1 fish Suškin, royal messenger when he came from Der to the king’s place; 1 sila soup, 1 fish Kuganum, royal messenger; /REVERSE/ 1 sila soup, 1 fish Ilianum, royal messenger when they went to Der; 1 sila soup, 1 fish Namhani, royal messenger; 1 sila soup, 1 fish Lu-šulgira, royal messenger when they came to the governor’s place; 2 sila soup, 2 fishŠugatum, royal messenger when he came to capture fugitive soldier-workers, servants of Ninhursag; 1 sila soup, 1 fish Pululu, eguary when he went for the sikum-mules; A disbursement for the month Nigenlila, 19th day.”

This text dates to the second year of King Ibbi-Sin, the last king of the Ur III. The text is particularly rare because almost all of the named messengers are followed by a description their mission: “Suškin, royal messenger when he came from Der to the king’s place.” The tablet records rations of food and drink distributed by the government to royal messengers. According to Prof. David Owen the Iri-Saĝrig archive is probably the archive of the governor whose office was in the local palace. The king and other members of the royal family occasionally traveled to Iri-Saĝrig, perhaps on their way to or from Nippur or other towns. No town in Sumer was visited more often by the king than Iri-Saĝrig. This may explain the presence of so many royal functionaries associated with the town.

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How did Mineta even get into Class 1-A of the Hero course?????

the entrance exam task was to disarm the robots. by using his sticky grape things and plugging them in and around the robots, they couldn’t move and he rendered them useless, which technically fits the task description of disarming them. that gave him the points he needed to pass and get into UA, according to the author. –mod nejire

Falling asleep with Daryl would include:


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• Him mostly being a bit restless and rolling a little around as soon as he gets into the bed, trying to get comfortable before you join him

• Developing the habit to talk about his latest runs or other things that happened to you during the day while Daryl’s scooting closer and closer

• Him sometimes, especially after pretty exhausting days, enjoying to lay his head on your chest or in the crook of your neck while you let your hands run through his hair

• Him having the habit of not fall asleep until you come back if you’re working longer or are even coming from a run this night, just because he wants to know you’re safe before he falls asleep

• Him holding you tightly as he’s turning even more sleepy only to feel at peace when he can feel your body and your warmth

• Him loving the way you’d relax in his arms when he feels you slowly drifting into a deep sleep

• Him enjoying whenever you bury your head into his chest or anywhere else while huddling closer to him while he’s wrapping his arms closely around you only for the both of you to feel completely loved

• Him making sure you got enough of the blankets and are all warm while not caring if he has a lot left of it or not

• Whenever he has trouble to fall asleep him grumbling while turning and rolling while making sure that it doesn’t keep you from sleeping

• Him sometimes giving you small back rubs while already laying in bed when he notices that you’re feeling uncomfortable or having a hurting back only for you to relax that much that you’re almost falling asleep

• Him always having to feel you close and having to know that you’re right in his arms or next to him to be able to properly fall asleep

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A thing I’ve been thinking about lately.

Ya’ll should play Guild Wars 2. You can fight eldritch dragons as a glowing plant person.

How My Little Toddler Girl Conquered a Haunted Funhouse

So my daughter earned a reputation today among the Haunted Forest funhouse workers at the Renaissance Faire. She’s two, by the way.

While my wife rested on a bench, I took my little girl towards the mock-up wooden castle with the skeletons perched all over it. The entrance attendant who took my money at the gate eyed my toddler in her Rapunzel outfit and gave me a side-eye. Her look said plainly, “If you want to pay $6 to have her run screaming after the first ten feet, it’s your dime.”

Immediately past the ticket station, my daughter realizes she’s surrounding by skeletons and immediately laughs and points. “Skeleton! Look, Daddy, skeleton! Oh, there skeleton too!” Her grin could swallow the world. “SKELETON!”

The gate attendants look at each other in confusion. These people don’t realize they’re dealing with a girl who, earlier in the day, ran up to a woman wearing a fox tail because my little Kiddo thought she’d found a werewolf.

See, my daughter refuses to go in car rides without her dollar store glow-in-the-dark skeletons to play with. She hugs the monsters in pop-up books. She howls during Werewolves of London. She can name every Universal Monster and distinguish a gug from a shoggoth.

The maze is unprepared for her.

A few feet inside, I see a a hooded skeleton peer at us from around a corner. He’s confused. After all, this schmuck has brought a ibby bibby girl into his forest, and he has no idea what kind of experience I’m expecting him to give.

My daughter waves at the reaper. “Hello skeleton! Come!”

He slowly comes out. She and the ghoul make friendly small talk until she notices a zombie horse and runs off after “skeleton horsey!” This level of enthusiasm generally continues.

A skeleton tied to a stake belches smoke. She laughs.

A coffin shakes, hands straining to force open the lid. “Hi, ‘pire!”

My daughter has found dark Disneyland, and she loves it. Well, the part where a blast of air shoot you in the butt? That she can deal without, but the monsters make her day.

We approach the curtained door of a structure, and before I can think about whether I should risk entering the room three grown women push it aside and rush out of the dark. “It’s too scary!” One whispers to me as they pass, bolting for the entrance.

My 2-year-old walks in and tries to make friends with the monsters.

Finally we reach the exit. Standing at attention is a skeleton knight with bulging bloodshot eyeballs. The Kiddo is so damn excited to see him, she smiles and waves at him for a full minute.

Then I tell her we have to go.

She starts crying.

Walking past later a few minutes later, I see the grim reaper talking to the attendants. He spots us, and Death himself points at my daughter. “Look, it’s that little girl!”

They loved her.

He lets us get a picture of her holding the scythe.

Neo-Sumerian Messenger Tablet, 2028 BC

A clay pillow-shaped messenger tablet from an important palace archive of the Sumerian city Iri-Saĝrig, dated to 2028 BC, with cuneiform text on both sides: “120 quarts of barleyfor Namhani, a royal messenger; 120 quarts for Dadatabum; 120 quarts for Ur-diĝira; 120 quarts for Puzur-Sin; 120 quarts for Iti-Sin; 120 quarts for Zuzaya; 120 quarts for Utul-Mama; 120 quarts for Ur-Šulpa’e; 120 quarts for Nabi-Sin; 120 quarts for Ahu-țab; 120 quarts for Ahu-baqar; 120 quarts for Igi-anakezu; 120 quarts for Lu-gula; Total: 13 royal messengers, 120 quarts for each; their barley 1,560 quarts; barley salary of royal messengers when they were stationed to surveythe farmers’ field; (the rations) were receivedIlum-asu, the scribe, was responsible; withdrawal in the month of kir11-si-ak; Year when Ibbi-Sin (became) king.”

This text dates to the first year of King Ibbi-Sin, the last king of the Ur III. The text is important because it records huge quantities of barley (total 1560 quarts is equal to 1384 l) distributed by the government to royal messengers. The barley was meant to be rations or salaries in return for their service. According to prof. David Owen the Iri-Saĝrig archive is probably the archive of governor whose office was in the local palace. The king and other members of the royal family occasionally traveled to Iri-Saĝrig, perhaps on their way to or from Nippur or other towns. No town in Sumer was visited more often by the king than Iri-Saĝrig. This may explain the presence of so many royal functionaries associated with the town.

Daryl being jealous would include:


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• Him noticing a certain person always searching your near and even trying to hit on you, all while feeling the jealousy grow in him

• Whenever this person asks him something, him grumpily grumbling something, sometimes even spatting at them to just ask someone else and don’t bother him

• Him unintentionally being grumpy and harsh towards you through his jealousy and frustration before immediately regretting it as he sees your hurt glance and realizes that it’s not your fault all while trying to somehow and a little helpless make it up to you

• Him avoiding to go on runs with this person or do tasks with them, knowing too well that it doesn’t need much coming from them to make him lose control over himself

• Him being really grumpy whenever this person is around, all while beginning to tense up as he lets out grunts and annoyed huffs by just seeing them

• Him also trying to not let this person go on runs with you or trying to shift things so they can’t even guard the wall with and instead making you have those things with him

• Him having those moments of self-doubt in which he fears that he’s not good enough, that this person has something he hasn’t and you might find a liking in them

• Him being rougher through his mood whenever you’re having sex only to internally begin to panic after a while and turn to become more loving, hoping that this will make sure that you know that you belong together

• Him walking closer to you whenever you’re both in the same room with this person, all while trying to show them that they better not even try something

• Him trying to control himself until it’s just enough and he loses it, threatening the person and telling them to leave you alone or he’s gonna make them regret it

• Him having to eventually tell you reluctantly about his jealousy regardless of if you had witnessed his threat or simply asked him about his odd behavior, only to be finally able to relax as you reassure him that you love him, and only him

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Hello Ibby!! <33 Is it okay if I ask for first date headcanons for Mezo, Uraraka, Izuku, and Todoroki? >u< Any gender for the s/o is fine by me!!

Mezo Shoji

  • Mezo is rather nervous. Not for his well being, but that his date will have a good time.
  • He arranges for them to go on a picnic and packs the basket of food. He only asks that his date choose what kind of drinks they’ll have.
  • The date goes surprisingly well! He feared they would be afraid of his arms but they opened up just fine to him.
  • He doesn’t give a kiss at the end of date, rather an affection hair ruffle.

Ochaco Uraraka

  • Uraraka isn’t nervous what so ever! She’s excited!
  • They planned a date at the mall so they could learn more about each other.
  • She pulls them into Build-A-Bear and demands they make a bear together. It then becomes the object she can’t go to sleep without.
  • At the end of the date, she gives them a peck on the cheek.

Izuku Midoriya

  • Oh this poor boy is practically vibrating from nervousness.
  • His mother buys them movie tickets to a new hero movie, all while crying “My baby boy is growing up!”
  • The entire date Izuku is like a rock in his seat, he’s so nervous. He doesn’t know what to do! Does he wrap his arm around them? Does he kiss them? The poor boy’s face is bright red.
  • When his date asks if he’s okay, he freaks out and nods but meekly says “I-I’m just n-n-n-nervous.” They give a small gigle and hold his hand, “Don’t be. I’m having fun.” He calms down almost immediately and smiles.

Shouto Todoroki

  • This boy has no idea what to do. He’s not nervous, he’s just new to this whole… dating thing.
  • He lets his date figure everything out. They end up going to a small restaurant and Todoroki thanks them heavily for choosing.
  • He’s quiet during the date, listening to everything they say intently. He memorizes their features, adoring every little detail.
  • At the end of the date, he walks them to their door and kisses their forehead. “I know it might not seem like it, but I had a great time. I’d like to see you again.”
Daryl Imagine ~ Tease

prompt 73: “Oh, are you ticklish?”
prompt 187: “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”

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The sun had already set as Daryl climbed into the bed and laid down next to you.
With a small grumble he shifted, trying to get comfortable as you moved over to huddle up to him.
With a sigh you laid your head on his chest, as you slung an arm around his torso and felt him pulling you a little closer.
“Everything alright at the wall?”, you mumbled into the fabric of his shirt.
“Yeah, just the usual dead assholes”, he mumbled before you cuddled closer and let your hand stroke softly over his side.
Within a second Daryl’s chest beneath you rumbled as a giggle like laugh escaped his mouth.
With a big grin you bit your lip and let your hand stroke up again, before you heard another giggle and felt him squirming.
“Oh, are you ticklish?”, you laughed as you raised your head and looked grinning at him.
“Nah, I‘m not“, he mumbled trying desperately to hold another laugh in.
“Yeah, right“, you chuckled, climbing on top of him before you straddled his lap and ran your fingers over his side once again.
Another giggle escaped Daryl’s lips as a bigger grin grew on yours.
“(Y/N), please…stop “, he mumbled between the giggles as you continued letting your fingers run up and down his side.
“Nope“, you laughed as you rolled your hips against his and bowed over to him to begin to place some kisses on his neck.
“You want me to stop that too?“, you mumbled against his skin as your fingers kept him squirming .
“Nah…just-“, he began but cut himself off by laughing as you placed another kiss on his neck and travelled with your fingers along his skin.
With a smirk you rolled your hips against his once again before you heard him gasping and felt his growing erection pressing against your core.
“Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”, you smirked against his neck as you felt him growing out of breath.
As an answer you got a grumble before you saw him reaching out for you hips.
With a grin you let go of his side and grabbed his hands to guide them back to the sheets.
“That’s unfai-…(Y/N)”, he complained with a gasp that only motivated you to go on.
“Don’t raise them or I’ll stop and go right back to your sides”, you mumbled smirking as heard him grunt in protest but he still let his hands stay on the sheets.
With a triumphal chuckle you got back to making him grow out of breath while you could feel the tension and heat in both of your bodies growing until it was almost unbearable.
“Stop teasing…”, he grumbled deeply as your big grin grew even bigger and you slowly shook your head.
“No, I’m in charge”, you purred before you felt how his hands quickly grabbed your hips and spun you beneath him before you gasped as you felt him pressing against you and eventually heard his raspy voice.
“Not anymore.”

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On nicknames

Okay, so the AnE fandom has been doing the casual re-naming of the two strongest demon kings for a while, and lately “Amy” for Amaimon has been on the rise as well.

So, how about we start listing some suggestions for the other kings? Even if we haven’t seen them all yet.

Lucifer = Lucy

Samael = Sammy

Amaimon = Amy

Azazel = Zazzy?

Iblis = Ibby? Or Lissy/ Lizzy?

Beelzebub = Bubby, obviously…

Feel free to add~ <3

Sim Q&A tag
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I’m picking Haino, since I’m not going to play her for a while.
Sim’s name:
Haino Bertha Gergen

1. What is your sim’s favorite food?
Everything you can eat out of a bowl
2. What is your sim’s favorite color?
3. What is your sim’s zodiac sign?
4. Does your sim believe in “love at first sight”?
Yes, or maybe. Tho she’s more practical than romantic.
5. What is your sim’s sexuality?
6. Is your Sim a cat or dog person? (or both?)
7. Adding to the previous question, if your sim were to have a cat and/or dog, what kind/breed(s) would it be?
She has two siamese cats! (well, at least she will for real, in november!)
8. Does your Sim have a best friend?
Yes, her old roomie Kris Dorst, who still lives in San Myshuno.
9. Does your Sim have a favorite life stage?
10. What is your sim’s ethnicity?
11. If your Sim could travel to anywhere in the world, where would they visit?
Probably a tropical world, since she never been to one…
12. If your Sim was a castaway on a distant, uncharted island, who would they bring?
13. Does your Sim have a favorite tv show and/or movie?
Lately she’s been watching a lot of workout shows while eating animal crackers, otherwise, no. She doesn’t watch tv that often.
14. Does your sim believe in the “simulation theory”?
I have to quote @charmedsims here, because it’s the perfect answer: “Maybe she does. To her it would make sense as to why her life is complete shit.”
15. Does your Sim have a favorite kind of clothing to wear?
She’s a thrift shopper, so anything old, unique and preferable black.
16. Does your Sim have a lucky charm?

17. What kind of music or singers does your sim listen to?
Shoegaze/Dream pop
18. Does your Sim have a favorite family activity to do together?
Uhm, maybe play music together? Her mom is a famous violinist.
19. What is your sim’s age?
22 soon 23
20. Does your Sim have a dream job?
Tech guru! Right now she’s a code monkey at STP (spin the plumbob)
21. What is your sim’s favorite beverage?
Black tea and beer
22. What is your sim’s favorite dessert?
Blue Moon Ice Cream
23. Does your Sim have any siblings? if so, do they get along with all of them?
She has a half sister, Ibbie and she loves her very much!
24. What activity/hobby makes your sim the happiest?
Travelling, camping, thrift shopping
25. If you could meet your sim, would you be friends with them?

Uhm, yeah, she seems cool ;P  

Daryl Imagine ~ Blush

Prompt 109: “Why are you naked?”

Originally posted by onlydarylnormanfic

“Why are you naked?”, Daryl blustered out as he stood with widened eyes in the doorframe of the bathroom.
Feeling how your body switched between cold and hot from moment to moment, you snapped your towel from the shelf and starred in utter shock at him.
“That might not occur to you, but other people do like to shower”, you blurted out as you pressed the fabric of the towel closer against your body.
“I…sorry”, Daryl said as he turned red beneath the hair strands that hung into his face and swung the door faster and harder shut than he had meant to.

Hours later, you stood in the guarding tower as your shift had just ended and you waited for the new guard to take over.
You grabbed the messily folded paper sheet that was loosely stuck to the wall before your eyes began to wander over the names of the ones who had their shift today.
You suddenly stopped as you saw your name and your glance fell on the one beneath.
Of course, it had to be him.
You let out a sigh, knowing too well that the situation would be just as embarrassing as the one hours ago.
And if you were honest, you didn’t like this kind of mood between the both of you, instead, you liked Daryl more than you liked to admit.
You scoffed slightly, before putting the sheet back and you heard some footsteps coming up the wooden steps.
“I’m here, taking over now”, you heard Daryl’s voice say and judging from its tone, he had no idea that you were the one sitting in there.

A moment later the door swung open and Daryl’s glance changed from the moment he recognized your face.
“Uhm…hey”, he just stammered as you nodded and stood up, but before you could say a thing he continued to talk again.
“Sorry for that…that I…well, you know what”, Daryl said in an embarrassed tone.
“It’s alright, you couldn’t know I was in there”, you said, trying to loose the situation a bit.
“And my reaction, you know…was not because you didn’t look good…you look damn fine I just…”, he stammered while you could see how he blushed beneath the strands of hair again and you had to control yourself to not blush as well.
“It’s okay Daryl”, you said with a small chuckle but could feel your body become warm, then hot as you thought more about his compliment.
With one moment,  it snapped in your mind and you couldn’t really believe yourself as you gave your confidence a big push to let go of your small insecurities for a moment.
“But you know, if it happens again…you can just as well stay…”, you said before you turned around, leaving Daryl more than speechless while you were glad that he couldn’t see how your face color turned into a deep shade of blood red as you walked away.

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