ibangedjohnnymarr replied to your post: if i was there right now, id bend you over my bed get my belt from my jeans and id pull your jeans down and slap your bum hard, and make you shout ’ youre the best guitarist in the world’ and if you didnt say it loud enough id smack your face and call you a ’ sexy bitch’ then id slowly put my hands up your top poke your boobs hard, not touch em, POKE EM BABY, after im done id turn you get my 32 inch cock out and make you wank me off until i come all over your new bed sheets.

HOW DARE YOU… you only thought it was jimi because hes got a 32 inch cock because hes black :D hehehe.

omfg  LOLOLOL no i knew it was my jimi cause i’ve heard he’s a boob poker oryt

plus he’s the best guitarist in the world and HE KNOWS IT truth bby yeye

ibangedjohnnymarr replied to your post: you arent? so youre a boy? bloody hell, emile for a boy is such a beautiful name. oh please dont talk about that now. to me gallows are the only band doing something right now i love, and frank leaving.. its not gonna be the same. knowing our luck theyll get some stupid emo looking bloke to do the vocals.

youre seeing them thursday? ?:OO you lucky bastard mate. i wish i was you for that day. im sure his project will be good. but do you think better than gallows? i think not =[[[ and dam right about grey britain

yeah, mixed emotions. On one hand fucking happy I’m finally seeing them, at the other hand fucking fucking sad ‘cause they’re “splitting” :(
It will definitely not be better than gallows, but maybe/probably I’ll like it more than Gallows II (with the new vocalist)