More of the fun from Tuesday night guitar shopping: still at the humongous Cosmo Music near Toronto (Canada):

  1. Here’s a panorama of the second floor electric guitar room…the room is dedicated to the highest quality (and price!) Fender & Gibson Custom Shop, as well as Campbell, Suhr, and PRS.  Even some interesting Yamahas have started sneaking in…like the one Rik Emmett used to play with Triumph in the early 80s.
  2. Here is an interesting duo…matching American Standards in Olympic White…a lefty and a righty!
  3. One of the new SGJs.  Notice the bridge/tailpiece are dull (as opposed to the shiny chrome we are used to seeing on Gibson USA models.)
  4. Whoa…weird blue light on these dayglo Ibanezes.  I am now regretting that I dropped acid before getting here…  ;)
  5. See above!
  6. Yes Suhr!
  7. The two “big ticket items” that jump out here are the VOS blonde ES-175 (bottom left, ~ $5,400) and Byrdland (top right, ~ $6400!)
  8. Those ‘bursts…check out the LP Supreme in the middle.  The headstock inlay is lovely.
  9. Left: that’s cool!  Right: HOLY F*CK that’s cool!

And just for giggles, here’s a song from Rik Emmett as part of the 70s hard rock band Triumph…

I don’t know if the guitar he’s playing here is a Yamaha…this may have been before he was sponsored by them (which happened in the early 80s I think).  But this is the kind of Music Wayne Campbell - or Mike Meyers in reality - would have gone to the Gasworks (an actual rock bar in downtown Torontoat the time) to see!  But while Triumph is no “Crucial Taunt” or Sh*tty Beetles", they are pretty good…  :D