ibanez custom


Long & McQuade Mississauga (Toronto) Canada:

  1. Lovely 1978 Fender P-bass!
  2. I love a V with a bound neck.  This one is a special run for Giibson’s 120th anniversary.
  3. My fave Starla is still here…it has been here for AT LEAST two years!
  4. Starla (reprise)
  5. Yellow pickup, Burlington Vermont.
  6. I must say I love an Olympic White Bass VI.
  7. I don’t know much about basses that are not Fenders, so I have no idea what these are.  Pretty though…
  8. Another classic car from my trip to Vermont last week which just happened to coincide with a giant classic/antique automobile event!
  9. Say what you want about Ibanez, but they do make some great hollow bodies!
  10. There are at least THREE things in this picture that I wouldn’t mine taking home…