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#LoQueMisPapasNoSaben que fumo, me e drogado, no soy virgen, en tercero le hice una paja en pleno curso a un Aries xd, en segundo preparatoria me iban a votar como 3 veces, se mas de sexo que de mi nombre,iba a esta en una banda de chic@s malos ,soy bisexual, sufro o padesco de depresion, bulimia y anorexia, me corto, casi muero por mis manos, digo groserias a cada rato, casi me llevan presa en 3 reuniones de grupos, conoci a un chico y el primer dia me lo tire, tantas cosas xd Tauro bad girl

2 palabras: Im-presionante.

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Como cuando Willy se va de viaje y no puede grabar con Vegetta entonces Vegetta le pregunta a Fargan si puede grabar con él y Fargan le dice que él es su hombre, su soldado… y entonces Vegetta le cuenta la historia de como perdió a sus hámsters que se pensaba que eran 2 machos pero entonces estaban muy juntos y se daban mucho cariño y entonces uno de esos dos engordó y comenzó a tener hámstercitos y pues después de que ya iban unos cuantos los empezaron a regalar y entonces también regalaron a los padres… le dio mucho amor a otra de sus mascotas y pues fue malo porque le creció mucho el corazón y se tuvo que ir… y también perdió una tortuga.

¿Me quiere ?
O ¿no me quiere?
¿Me quiere? O ¿no me quiere?
Se iban arrancando petalos de mi alma
Al hacerme tantas preguntas.
—  Fernando phillips

Hi everyone. It’s good to be back. Today I want to discuss something very interesting and important about a character I love, Lorna Dane. The discussion will focus on Lorna Dane from Deadpool and The Mercs for Money (I only picked this book up for Polaris) therefore, I’m only going to include panels about her. First I want to thank Bunn and Coello who did an excellent job in executing Lorna’s characterization and her beauty. Polaris was really well done both in terms of writing and pencils. I did enjoy it very much :)

Wow. Lorna left many of us speechless because something surprising and crazy happened. Here Marvel once again, made Lorna a badass, menacing and intelligent leader. I like how Lorna and Domino interacted. The debate between them was so perfect that even Lorna uses words precisely like her father. Polaris has vowed to carry on her late father Magneto’s work. Also, I am very pleased with Polaris’ new costume and this is her what……50’s costume? Can’t keep track that’s how many costumes she has. Marvel not only gave her so many costumes, but made her a fierce leader a number of times.

Artwork of the beautiful, strong, confident, badass, and brave Polaris. The depiction tells it all. I really LOVE the Magneto inspiration the artist utilized to create it, from the helmet/tiara, to the overall composition of it, really LOVE IT a lot. @whatadouche-bag  was right about her tiara. It does have a vibe of a warrior helm. Now, let’s take a look on few other panels.

And when the Inhumans showed up, Polaris was the first in battle. She took the first stand on everything just like a true leader. What a ferocious warrior type, I LOVE IT. Those deep shadows on her face remind me so much of her father and no one in this world can deny who is the Queen of Mutants :)

One thing I would like to clarify about this panel here is that the girl with the green Mohawk is not Storm. There were people confusing her with Storm because of her Mohawk, eyes and attitude. Even though I wouldn’t blame them because ironically, in the cover of this issue, it showed her with white hair and not green. I assume this was why they were thinking it was Storm. But what a surprised seeing a green Mohawk when we were expecting to be like the cover depicted. I wonder if Marvel did this on purpose lol. I wonder what Marvel is trying to say about a new girl named Sheath (who might show up sometime soon in the future) with green Mohawk. My only thought would be Marvel’s mocking Storm. “A girl with Storm hair’s style and Polaris’s hair color” Can this be an indication to show how Polaris might look like with a green Mohawk? A Sheath is cover for the blade of a knife or sword (pretty much that’s what she was wearing). She doesn’t show any abilities and/or never shows in description what her ability is. Only that she’s more of a combat/agility who fights with knives and nothing more.

Anyway, the next panel is even more amazing.

Every single one of them were matching their perfect combat. Polaris went to the powerhouse guy called, Lash. I guess she knew he was the hard one but Look at Lorna with her magnificent beauty and very Magneta. Reasons to believe Lash is the strongest (aside from karnak) was because of this

There was nothing negative that I can point out. Of course, some might find something trivial as usual but here you can’t deny the awesomeness of Lorna Dane. Nothing minor in either both issues #7 and #8 of Deadpool. The story is pretty solid, which is what I’ve come to expect from Cullen Bunn on anything he writes. I like the fact that Marvel’s Splash Page is proudly introducing the powered Lorna Dane in both issues :) Marvel left Bunn to depict Lorna as her father’s image to let everyone knows that whether we like it or not, she’s Magneto’s daughter. Also so new readers get to know the Powerful mutants that’s about to become something much bigger in the future. It’s one of the reason why Lorna was dragged in to one of the most popular comics. Marvel is giving us a hint of what a future Polaris might look like. Who took the opportunity to stand up for mutant rights.

Even though Negasonic went back and made sure the fight in the sewers, which would prove lethal to Deadpool (is that even possible), never happened, this issue still gives us a glimpse into a possible future for Lorna. Strong, confident, taking up her father’s mantle. She will pick up where her father left off, continue his wishes, and more than likely come into her own as a leader. Even though she has already led on several occasions.

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Papá y Mamá:

No quiero que piensen que puedo hacer todo porque soy joven, hay demasiadas cosas en mi cabeza todo el tiempo.
La escuela me consume de a poco, mucha presión, muchas obligaciones, demasiadas reglas y cosas de las cuales no estoy a favor.
Creo que tener un hijo adolescente es difícil, hay muchos cambios juntos con sentimientos mezclados que al explotar podrían causar la Tercera Guerra Mundial.
¿Qué pensarían si les digo que trato de ser la mejor de mi grupo? Sí, pero es en vano, todas son mejores que yo.
También me va mal en el amor, nadie se fija en mí, y no sé si es porque no soy para nada atractiva, o porque tengo ideales bastante firmes para mi edad o porque puedo llegar a ser muy idiota si me gusta alguien.
Sólo quiero irme un tiempo, lejos y sola, o tal vez acompañada de alguien a quien no conozca mucho para poder saber de él o ella mientras recorremos alguna plaza y fumamos.
Tal vez crecí entre demasiados libros que me hicieron creer en la vida perfecta que nunca voy a tener, sí, seguro fue eso, pero sin embargo no les guardo rencor porque en ellos encuentro la paz que nadie me puede dar.
Perdón si creí que eran superhéroes, ellos no existen, y me pido perdón a mí por creer que ustedes me iban a entender siempre porque después de todo, ustedes también fueron adolescentes.

Spanish Essentials; Tenses Masterpost


El Presente

To be used when currently doing the activity

AR                                ER                           IR

o                                    o                                o
as                                  es                              es
a                                    e                                e
amos                             emos                        imos
áis                                 éis                             ís
an                                  en                             en

Common Verbs, Irregulars and Stem Changers

·       SER; soy, eres, es, somos, sois, son

·       ESTAR; estoy, estás, está, estamos, estáis, estan

·       IR; voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van

·       HACER; hago, haces, hace, hacemos, hacéis, hacen

·       TENER; tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, tenéis, tienen

e.g. I speak


El Pretério

To be used the same as English simple past; ‘ed’

AR                            ER                           IR

é                                   í                                í
aste                              iste                           iste
ó                                   ío                              ió
amos                            imos                         imos
asteis                           isteis                         isteis
aron                              ieron                         ieron

Common Verbs, Irregulars and Stem Changers

·       SER; fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron

·       ESTAR; estuve, estuviste, estuvo, estuvimos, estuvisteis, estuvieron

·       IR; fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron

·       HACER; hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicisteis, hicieron

·       TENER; tuve, tuviste, tuvo, tuvimos, tuvisteis, tuvieron

e.g. I spoke


El Imperfecto

To talk about something that ‘was’ happening

AR                                ER                           IR

aba                                ía                                ía
abas                              ías                              ías
aba                                ía                               ía
ábamos                         íamos                        íamos
abais                              íais                            íais
aban                               ían                            ían

Common Verbs, Irregulars and Stem Changers

·       SER; era, eras, era, éramos, erais, eran

·       IR; iba, ibas, iba, ibamos, ibais, iban

·       VER; veía, veías, veía, veíamos, veíais, veían

e.g. I was speaking


El Perfecto

To talk about something that has happened/ Can also be used to say I have just…

1) Use the present tense of HABER (to have)


2) Form the past participle


3) Place together

e.g. I have (just) spoken
      He Hablado


El Pluscuamperfecto

To talk about something that had happened

1) Use the imperfect tense of HABER (to have)


2) Form the past participle


3) Place together

e.g. I had spoken
      Había Hablado


El Futuro

to say I am going to…

1.     Use the verb IR (to go) ; voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van

2.     Follow it with an ‘a

3.     Use an infinitive e.g. Hablar (to speak)

e.g. I am going to speak
       Voy a hablar


El Futuro

to say I will…

*These are added on to the infinitive*



Common Stem Changers

·       HACER-Har+

·       TENER-Tendr+

e.g. I will speak


El Condicional

to say I would…

*These are added on to the infinitive*



Common Stem Changers

·       HACER-Har+

·       TENER-Tendr+

e.g. I could speak


'Crazy Rich Asians' Lands Its Male Lead (Exclusive)
Henry Golding, who has never starred in a feature film before, will play Nick Young in the adaptation directed by Jon M. Chu.

Crazy Rich Asians has landed its male lead, casting Henry Golding to play Nick Young.

Fresh Off the Boat actress Constance Wu is starring in the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s hit book about the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore. Jon M. Chu is directing the Warner Bros. film.

The story follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s (Golding) hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia, and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

Michelle Yeoh is attached to play Nick’s controlling mother who disapproves of Rachel.

Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, as well as Ivanhoe president John Penotti, are producing. Kevin Kwan will serve as executive producer along with Ivanhoe chairman Robert Friedland. Courtenay Valenti and Jon Gonda will oversee the project for Warner Bros.

With plans to feature an all-Asian cast, the filmmakers have set out on a worldwide search to find the stars of Crazy Rich Asians. Golding, whose father is from England and his mother from the Iban tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia, is a true discovery. He is currently based in Singapore after growing up in London, and has never been featured in a film, but has experience hosting for TV travel shows. He is represented by management company FLY Entertainment in Singapore.



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