• Me: Do you like video games?
  • Gamer: I like video games!
  • Me: What kind of games do you like?
  • Me: OFF?
  • Gamer: Call of Duty
  • Me: Ib?
  • Gamer: Halo
  • Me: LISA?
  • Gamer: Grand Theft Auto
  • Me: Bruh.
  • Me: *steals ur console*
  • Me: *adds to garbage bag of thirty thousand other consoles*
  • Me: Ya'll need ta get schooled on ya vidya gaymes.
RPG Horror Games

I love those RPG Horror games so I wanted to make a thread! If you don’t know what RPG Horror games are then you might as well download one and try it! Click the names of the games for a download link. Some games also need this to work.

RPG Horror Games I’ve heard of and played:


You are a nine year old girl roaming through a very strange art gallery for one reason or another. Along the way you meet some unforgettable people such as Garry and Mary. There are seven endings to this game, your choice of actions will effect the ending you get. I would rate it a 9/10 since I really enjoyed it and I love Garry. 

Yume Nikki

You play as a girl trapped in her own dream world. The most strange game I’ve seen and an ending that makes you wonder a lot. There’s not much to be said except you roam around in your dreams. I would rate it a 6/10 because it was very boring at times. There are also thousands of Yume Nikki fangames.

Mad Father

You are a little girl named Aya who’s mother has passed away and one day you go down stairs to your dads “work room”, I’m not sure what you call it, and tell him that you’re too scared to sleep. He tells you that your mother is always by your side so there no need to worry. You say that tomorrow’s the anniversery of your mother’s death and your father says that you’ll visit her grave tomorrow. Then you go back upstairs to go to sleep but before you leave you hear a cry for help from you father’s “Work room.” There are three endings. One of them is the good ending and there is also a bonus clip if you collect all 21 ‘Gems’. It was a pretty good game, boring at times, so I’ll rate it a 7/10.

The Witch’s House

You are a young girl who’s father has left you in the forest. You wander around for a bit then come up to this black cat and a house. The cat is your save point. You enter the house and there are straps everywhere so make sure to save often. It’s a bit hard to explain this one so you might want to look it up and play it your self. There is also a prequel to the game called The Red Book which I haven’t played yet. The Witch’s House has three endings. The first one is the normal ending, the second one is the true ending and the third is a secret ending. The way to get the secret ending is by not interacting with that black cat at all. I rate this game a 8/10 because the concept of it is really deep.


Made by the same maker of Mad Father. You are a girl (or boy but you have to play through the game once to be one) and recently a girl in your class Misao has gone missing. One night you have a dream where Misao is calling for you to find her. The next day you go to school and listen as some bullies say that Misao cursed the school and stuff like that. What happens next, Misao curses the school and you have to look around to find Misaos body parts. There are three endings, the good ending, the bad ending and the truth ending. There is also an extra room where you need a password to get in. I rate Misao a 7/10 because I like the truth ending a lot and I also like the Kudoh and Misao cut-scene. 

The Mirror Lied

This one isn’t really a Horror game but it leaves you with an uneasy feeling. It was a very good game since the ending made you think a lot! It’s weird and yet makes you want more. I give it an 7/10. It only takes around 20 minutes to finish. Also the beeping noise from the computer is SO ANNOYING!!

To The Moon

I haven’t actually played this one but I have heard that it’s really sad. It’s not a Horror game and is by the same creator of The Mirror Lied. It costs money to play it but its only like a dollar. I haven’t played it so I can’t rate it.

The Crooked Man

This one is by one of my favorite RPG creators named Uri! It’s about a guy named David trying to find the previous owner of his new apartment that’s acting strange. He travels to different places and meets people and stuff like that. There is a bad ending for each stage of the game. However if you pick the option that is not the bad ending you advance to the next stage. There are four stages I think. Also this being a game by Uri, it has some amazing art. I rate it 8/10 because I love the art. I also love Fluffy!


Another game by Uri. I only watched a playthrough of this game so I don’t know much about it. What I know is you play as a girl named Miki and you just moved into your aunt’s old house. You also have a illness that your aunt had. There are two endings, a good one and a bad one. It also has very disturbing art.

Mermaid Swamp

Oh how I love this game so much! My favorite RPG Horror game so far and it’s by Uri! It’s about a girl named Rin who is out on a road trip with her friends Seitaro, Yuka and Yuuta. Their van suddenly brakes down and you go out side to check what’s wrong. You meet an old man who says that he will let them stay with him while they try to fix their van. A day later the old man says he’s leaving for three days and says to take care of his house. The day after he leaves everything goes wrong. Yuka and Yuuta are acting weird and you and Seitaro are the only ones who can help. I give this game a 10/10 just because I love the characters, I love the art, I love the story. It’s awesome. And I now ship Seitaro X Rin. 

Hello? Hell… o?

Strange. Horror. Way too many endings. Nothing else to say. I can’t rate it, haven’t played it.

RPG Horror Games that I barely have a clue what they’re about:


Pretty sure it’s a remake of the Game Kinder.


I don’t think it’s a Horror game. 


I don’t think it’s a Horror game.

It’s Our Revolution!

Not a Horror game.

The Red Book

People say it’s a prequel to The Witch’s House.

Happy Gaming!


P.S. Uri’s art is awesome!

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