I’m Back!

Hello studyblr friends!

Now that the IB exams are over and I have officially graduated from high school, I wish to finally share with you some photos of myself. I am extremely satisfied with the past 2 years, and truly hope the IB results will be enough to get me to med school.

This is me with my school principal.

This is me making the valedictorian speech as I have received the highest internal school grades across the 2 years.

Thank you for all the support and I am looking forward to making more studyblr related posts asap. Work hard and play hard my friends! I never wanted to post any photos of myself but on this occasion I couldn’t resist to share the positive event that has occurred in my life.

We can realise our dreams!


13:08 18.06.15

//I need to stop buying things… Almost died in paperchase and in Blackwells in Oxford. I bought a couple of cute moleskine journals for next year, some Washi stickers, see through coloured postits (they’re my fave) along with a bunch of books… Some of which I’ve already started to a note!.//

| 18/8/2015 | 3:51pm | back in school and FINALLY got myself some colorful Staedtler pens (how very studyblr of me) they didn’t sell them where i live before but they finally stocked Bali up on all the good stuff. Even Moleskine! I had the bigger version of the notebook for my bullet journal before, but i felt as if it was too big to carry around and decided to save up for the tiny one instead. The word cards, unfortunately, i had to get in singapore since they STILL dont sell them in Bali. Ps: excuse the bad afternoon lighting, the unevenness of this picture and all the paint marks on my desk.


Hey guys! So I’m a senior in high school finishing my last year of IB and I’ve gotten a few requests to make this post! Also, if any links don’t work, let me know!

1. MANAGE YOUR TIME You’ve heard this before right? Well this is key to survival. Your time management skills separate the diploma students from those who opt out. I use the FocusNow app to keep me off my phone while I work, Coffitivity for Starbucks-like background noise, and a trusty planner and checklist to keep me organized with my tasks. Learn to prioritize your homework. College students who graduated with IB said they’re less stressed than other college students because they learned to manage time and handle stress. Don’t procrastinate, no matter how much you want to. A fifth episode of a Netflix show or college acceptance? You pick.

2. START CAS HOURS JUNIOR YEAR Do not wait to cram the hours in senior year. My class had to do 150 hours (50 in each category) but I know the junior class has to do 300 hours and take TOK for two years instead of one like us. Either way, waiting until senior year is a terrible idea.

3. LEARN WHAT COUNTS AS CAS HOURS For the most part, the “Action” counts for sports. Unlucky for me, I’m disabled and can’t do sports. Instead, I do yoga. That counts for me and I have my doctor sign off for the hours. I started a foundation that provides beanies to babies and children in the hospital. The knitting is “Creative”, the delivery is “Service” and the buying materials and such is “Action”. Also, helping at my grandmother’s garage sale was “Action” or “Service” CAS hours cannot be anything that divides the community (political campaign for example), an activity that is already a routine (If you know piano, you can’t count practicing as CAS. If you decide to learn now, you can), or anything you benefit from (monetarily mostly). However, taking classes like CPR training is CAS allowed. For ideas, check here, here, here, or here.

4. GET THE STUDY GUIDES Bio especially. Check this one out. It’s older but works fine. Or use this one. If you want a Math SL one, here it is. Study guides help with homework, tests, and exams.

5. ACTUALLY STUDY FOR THE IB TESTS Don’t write it off as being easy. You actually have to try. Yes it’s true you can only get half right and still get 4/7 on most tests, which is passing, BUT that’s if you get half right. And you may not finish the test. Also, 4 is passing but what if you slip and get a 3 on a test? You need to get a higher score to raise it up. IAs and some activities in class, like oral presentations, count towards your score so don’t slack off on those. Your EE and TOK class also get you an extra point each if you pass. REMEMBER if you get a 1 on a SL test and/or a 3 or lower on an HL test, you are disqualified.

6. It’s going to be hard, but you gain a sense of family with your fellow peers. Boost up their confidence!

7. If you’re taking IB Art, check out the IB art tags here on Tumblr. They give great ideas! Just don’t steal any!!!!!!! Plagiarism = no diploma

8. COLLABORATE AND WORK TOGETHER Proof read each other’s IAs, EE’s, etc. Find someone you trust and someone who won’t copy your work and read each other’s papers. They’ll catch things you won’t. This is why having friends in IB is so important. 

9.  GET A TI-NSPIRE CX. Not the cas one. Just this. Cas is not legal on IB tests, SAT, or ACT (As far as I know). This works perfectly for me and it can take me through college. Plus this is the version my math teachers instruct on so it’s great.

10. LEARN WHAT THE TEST GRADERS (FOR THE IB EXAMS) LOOK FOR Once you learn the mark scheme and how to play it to your favor, you’ll feel more confident. Your teachers should go over this.

11. HEALTH COMES FIRST Even though this is the last point, it truly is the most important. If you need to take a day off and stay at home to relax and destress DO IT. Tell teachers you had a nasty stomach bug.

Remember, IB is hard but not impossible. I know you can do it. I believe in every single one of you. I hope you’ll all keep me updated through the year and let me know how you’re doing. 

On IB Master Post

So this is a rehash of an awesome ask I got a week ago. Just because I wanted to make an IB master post. I added some stuff so even if you read that, I recommend also reading this. Also I added resources and links at the bottom. 

And I made this whole thing sparklier with GIFs because I like GIFs and I don’t think IB Master Posts have to be sad and boring.

So here’s a post on preparing and surviving IB. Good luck! 

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