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Cadbury, Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate’s boss, Lavander. She’s a Were Jaguar who owns and runs Tezcatlipoca Chocolat'e, a speacialty chocolate shop in the City of Ib.

She is wheelchair bound since she was young because of an car accident and she spent a lot of time after that indoors and found that she had a passion for making chocolate treats. Her Gaurdien-a Grim Reaper who has been taking care of her since her incident-frequently drops by-usually distressing the slimes to no end. She absolutely adores him.

Trying to Eat Better with IBS

Me: I’ve eaten so healthy today. I’ve had grapes, hummus, chicken, and lentils I think we’re doing great

Gut: that’s all well and good but you know that’s a lot of fiber

Me: wait what’re you trying to say

Gut: girl it’s finta be a long night


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Oh. It was a girl, one younger even than her. Ib stared owlishly at the smaller girl for a few seconds before quickly striding over to her. She took the girl’s hand in hers, holding tightly.

Back home, Ib was an only child, no brothers or sisters. But at her school, Ib tended to mother the younger children. She was always there, waiting with them for their parents to pick them up, answering their questions about math or riddles or words that she often didn’t know herself, sharing her dessert with them. She liked the feeling of being an older sister. 

Of course Ib was now going to take care of this child. “…I’m Ib.” Red eyes flickered around, lips tightening into a frown. It was freezing and she didn’t see anything around that looked like a house or apartment or even a store. There was a park, but that wouldn’t get them out of the cold. 

She looked back at the girl, giving her a small smile. “It’s cold… I’ll get you, home.”

This is Mildred. She’s Malk and Scramble’s nextdoor neighbor and fellow Dairy Cowfolk worker. She works at a comic book store and they all play video games together somtimes and eat takeout. She’s rather quiet and introverted and doesnt seem to have much to say, but gets really excited when she gets to talk about the things she likes. She plays Overwatch and mains Roadhog and Mei.