ib spoilers


Some RPG Horror game ask from the MS Paint Ask-a-thon, all in one convenient place.  Featuring characters from Ib, Ao Oni, Mad Father, @promdreamsofficial, Dreaming Mary, Liberetta (not actually an RPG Maker game but a Game Maker Stuidos game oh well it’s here) & @pocketmirror-project



Remember this AU? This is a lazy doodle based on one of Ib’s ending (SO SPOILER ALERT FOR IB’S ENDING!!!) and Please read from right to left and the rest is pretty self explanatory or not? ;_;

Actually I made 2 different endings doodle but I am contemplated to upload the second one because it may lead to misunderstanding and may triggering for some people haha so yeeah I decided to just upload this one

I decided to upload the 2nd one here


“The young necromancer clenched her jaw as she stared down her former professor. She did not know what to feel, could not remember if she knew how to, if she even wanted to. With blank eyes and numb fingers, she reached slowly for her sword, pulling the blade from its sheath as her mouth moved to form words. The sounds never reached her ears, drowned out by a song of sorrow. She could not tell if the pain she was hearing was Malistaire’s or hers.

“… Stand aside, young wizard… you cannot hope to stop me.”