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Fighting the Power Rangers

Trini Kwan: if you choose to fight this tinie, she will surprise you and manage to thoroughly kick your ass. don’t be fooled by her height, she’s a funsized ass whooping. 

Jason Scott: i mean you could fight him, but honestly why would you? he’s such a good guy?? doesn’t mean he’ll hesitate to defend himself, though. 

Kimberly Hart: just as badass as her girlfriend; will end you and punch your tooth out just ask the kid that got his put back. 

Zack Taylor: do it. fight him. no one will stop you. in fact, trini and jason would probably laugh on the sidelines, especially if you can get a few good hits in. 

Billy Cranston: do not fight him. it’s in your best interest. if you do, jason will come for you. as well as kimberly. you’ll in fact personally offend and make an enemy of every single power ranger this way and ultimately be destroyed


When you don’t have your summer body ready 😂😂 w/Jake Paul (IB DeStorm Power)

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Even more DAI party banter that I'd like to see

1 - Varric and Vivienne (If player sides with mages in DA2):

Vivienne: “Tell me, dwarf, is it true what I’ve heard? That you accompanied the Champion of Kirkwall during his/her time there?”

Varric: “I see my reputation preceeds me.”

Vivienne: “Then it’s true, that he/she risked his/her life by defending the cicle there? Even knowing he/she would face the full wrath of the Templars?”

Varric: “(Chuckles) And people say MY stories have too much flair. But yeah, that’s pretty much how it went down.”

Vivienne: “Impressive. I would like to meet him/her one day.”

Varric: “Be careful what you wish for, First Enchanter. Hawke had this nasty habit of attracting every dispute and problem under the sun.”

Vivienne: “You mean like the Inquisitor seemed to do every day?”

Varric: “Ah, touche.”

2 - Varric and Vivienne (If player sides with Templars in DA2):

Vivienne: “Tell me, dwarf, is it true what I’ve heard? That you accompanied the Champion of Kirkwall during his/her time there?”

Varric: “I see my reputation preceeds me.”

Vivienne: “Then it’s true, that he/she fought with the Templars to kill the mages there? That he/she struck all of them down, even those who begged for their lives?”

Varric: “Not the happiest ending to a story…but yeah, that’s more-or-less how it happened.”

Vivienne: “And you still stood by him/her, and call him/her a friend? Even now?”

Varric: (Aggressively) “Look, First Enchanter, you weren’t there. You never saw all the stuff the mages put him/her through. Andraste’s ass, one of them even kill his/her mother! How did you EXPECT him/her to react?!”

Vivienne: “…Not with a slaughter.”

3 - Cassandra and Iron Bull:

IB: “You have been staring at me for some time, Seeker.”

Cassandra: “Your people and ours have never been the best of friends, mercenary.”

IB: “Excuse me?”

Cassandra: “After what happened in Kirkwall, many here in Thedas still bear more than a little anger at the Qunari. And before we finish our task, we will be meeting with more-or-less all of them. There could be trouble with you here amongst us.”

IB: “Are you threatening me?”

Cassandra: “Only if you threaten us first.”

IB “…Most wise.”

4- Vivienne and Solas:

V: “You do not like me, do you, elf?”

S: “First Enchanter, if I did not like you, I would have said so long before now.”

V: “But you do not approve of what I represent, the circle?”

S: (Scoffs) “Ah yes. Putting all with magic together in one place. THAT certainly hasn’t let you down in the past before now has it?”

V: “You speak of what happened in Kirkwall, I presume?”

S: “If any good has come of that tragedy, it’s that people are finally waking up to how the Circles just don’t work any more. Perhaps, they never worked to begin with. I have lived my whole life without them, and look at me, no blood magic or possessions to be seen.”

V: “That we know of.”

5 - Iron Bull and Varric:

IB: “The Hero of Ferelden. The Champion of Kirkwall. And now, this Inquisitor. Most curious.”

V: “What are you on about now?”

IB: “Do you not think it strange that so often in recent years, the fate of many has been in the hands of one person, there in the right place at the right time?”

V: “That’s not a bad thing…is it?”

IB: “All that power and influence in the hands of only a few. Seems dangerous.”

V: “Could be worse.”

IB: “How, exactly?”

V: “Well, for one thing, it could be one of US with that job!”

6 - Varric and Cassandra (If the latter is being romanced):

V: “So…what’s this I hear about you and our fearless leader?”

C: “I…do not know of what you speak.”

V: (Chuckles) “Oh, come on now, Seeker. Even Bull with his one eye would be able to see what’s going on between you two.”

C: “Even if such a thing were "going on” as you put it, I am not the type to start blurting it out to the world.“

V: "No need to fret, my lady. Why speak of it yourself, when you have your own personal storyteller to do it for you?”

C: “By the Maker’s name, if you so much as THINK of writing some elicit fiction about this, the only story that will come out of you is the sudden and mysterious loss of your head!”

V: “Hmmm. Not the most creative threat that’s been aimed in my direction, but effective all the same.”

7 - Dorian and Solas:

D: “You have been giving me rather unpleasant look, my dear elven friend.”

S: “You are of Tevinter, correct?”

D: “This is true. What of it?”

S: “I may not count myself an expert on the world, but I know enough to know that your type aren’t to be trusted.”

D: “My type?”

S: “It is because of you and your people that those born with magic are viewed as evil and dangerous. Do you feel not remorse for it? No guilt or sense of responsibility?”

D: “When I have actually DONE something evil, THEN I will feel guilty about it.”

S: “The day is still young.”

8 - Varric and Blackwall:

V: “So…Warden eh?”

B: “I am. You have a point to make, Varric?”

V: “I knew a Warden once. She/he was the Champion’s sister/brother. Never saw much of her/him after she/he joined.”

B: “It is the life we must lead. Wardens leave behind all that they were to become what we are now.”

V: “So, any good stories to tell from your life in the Grey?”

B: “Grey Wardens have no stories, merely one long and never-ending battle against evil. Nor do any of us have happy endings.”

V: “Well…I can see you’re joust going to be the embodiment of smiles and sunshines aren’t you?”

9 - Varric and Cassandra (If players accepted Morrigan’s ritual in DAO):

V: “I always wondered how the Hero of Ferelden survived that big dragon. But this? This is was NOT how I expected it.”

C: “To think, the one hailed as a hero by so many only lived by way of an apostate’s dark magics.”

V: “Oh lay off the guy. I know I’d have done it if I was in his shoes. Death by Archdemon or sleep with a beautiful woman. Seems a pretty easy choice to me.”

C: “But what of this child? The one with the Old God soul? We have no idea what this new life might do in future. It may eve be a greater threat than what we face now.”

V: “Let’s just deal with the tears on the veil for now, Seeker. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can handle more than one earth-shattering apocalypse at any one time.”

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im screaming “Temper tantrums be like… 😂😂 (w/ DeStorm Power) (IB: Real Talk) #Klarity”

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When u finally have the money to pay EVERYONE back that u owe. 😂😂 (w/ MelvinGregg, DeStorm Power & Splack_19 IB: Nileseyy Niles) #Klarity

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