ib girl life


Today was a day with lots of wardrobe changes and unexpected twists. The alarm didn’t go off this morning, so I woke up at the same time I usually leave the house, and skipped my shower. My seniors had their IB Exam today, which actually went really well (I hope… We don’t get scores until July). I feel good about having covered everything that was on the test, though. It was also arctic in my classroom, hence the maxi dress and jacket. I also worked at the Other Job today, and apparently our store manager, who I’m pretty good friends with, walked out mid shift and quit this morning. I spent a bunch of time dealing with the assistant manager and our district manager, trying to work out schedules for this week, but I did stick to my guns and avoid picking up more shifts. I’m so burnt out right now that I’m barely functioning. There’s no way I can take on any more work from anywhere, even though I feel super guilty about it. Oh well.