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Last day of Summer // Sat • 22 Aug • 15

Finally… the day I’ve been waiting for! I’m going to finally be able to see my best friend galacticstudent and…

My first day in the IBDP commences tomorrow!! I honestly couldn’t be happier :) Here’s to another 2 years of hard work!

So yesterday I had a very exciting night!
We had prize giving for our regional science fair. I was incredibly surprised and happy to come away with a number of major awards!

• Best living world exhibit
• Best exhibit related to water/atmosphere
• 2nd in senior science class
• 3rd place for my scientific video
• Runner up (2nd) in the whole fair (over 400 entries!!!)

I got these two trophies in the photo, this really awesome book with epic illustrations and even some sneaky prize money!!

This is the best result I’ve ever gotten for a science fair entry and in my last year of high school it’s even more special. My investigation was based off the research I did for my EE (in biology) and I really enjoyed all the time I spent on it. I’m so proud of the work I put into this and super honoured to be recognised for it.

anonymous asked:

IB likes tall girls? haha ok (hauls my tiny ass out of here lmao)

Yeah, he does. But hey, who knows, he might fall for a short girl. Love is tricky! :)

I was tagged by my bb jacksmissingyou

  1. name: Nathan
  2. height: 5′6 
  3. age: 16
  4. birthday: Aug 3rd
  5. weight: 180-190 Ibs.
  6. girl bff: My girlfriend jacksmissingyou (and one of my closest friends australiyeahnah)
  7. boy bff: My friend Sam ((And James, Colt, Dylan)) I have a few guy bffs)
  8. crush: Key
  9. ever been in love?: Yea
  10. fave food: Pizza and French Toast
  11. ever done drugs: Nah
  12. battery percentage: Using my PC (charging)
  13. eye color: Grayish-Blue
  14. addiction: Video Games
  15. sports positions: Not really a sports guy
  16. favorite animal: Sloths
  17. last text: “If you can’t that’s fine” to my friend, Sam
  18. one wish: To understand myself more tbh
  19. favorite book: Not really a reader
  20. favorite movie: Most war movies tbh

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What is ib I thought you were talking about Gary the snail like ?????? He suave but is the snail that good ????????

OH MY GOD IM LAUGHING SO MUCH!!! I’m so sorry to confuse you anon!!!! As suave Garry the snail is I’m talking about Garry from Ib. Ib is a horror rpg that you can download for free online!! It’s about a girl named Ib who goes to an art gallery where eventually she ends up trapped inside another world that’s inside a painting and she has to escape, where along the way she meets my favorite character Garry, who is also trapped in the alternate world!! I TOTALLY recommend playing it!! It’s my favorite game ever!!


omg im such a scott girl😂


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A third of my life

Recently I realised that the symptoms I’ve been enduring with since I was 14 have now affected just over a third of my lifetime so far and yet the doctor’s are not any the wiser to what is causing my issues. (I’m now 22).

They still don’t know whether or not my appendectomy is the start point or whether it was pure concidence I’ve since been suffering with chronic constipation, heck they can’t even make up their mind what to call it- each specialist I go to starts with ah it’s IBS, then as they go through medicine after medicine they decide that whilst I’m suffering from constipation continuously they have zero clue what is causing it as the ‘IBS’ cures do not seem to work with me. I feel like a freaking guinea pig, who gets poked and prodded along the conveyor belt that is my countries health service. Fun.

I decided that whilst my life has been inevitably swallowed by my debilitating condition, why not be positive and poke fun at some of the more ridiculous experiences I’ve had whilst trying to search for a cure. (Seriously, you’d think some of stuff I’ll write about is fictional but it’s really not, at the time I felt in some cases like banging my head against a brick wall!)


I’m soo thankful to be part of this lovely showcase <3
A collaboration of Soul Catz & The Mechanical Minds as the Soulfull Minds
Helping Goofy with his proposal for his wife at the mainstage of ibe !
It was soooo cute, like all girls at IBE had little tears in their eyes ^^
I wish you much happiness and love Ricardo Goofy Hendriks & Izelina Sousa !
You guys are beautiful people with a lovely child xxx