ib (kouri)

Does art imitate life or is it the or͏̭̠͚̰ ͓̥̮͜i̦̤s̨̙̠͇̖̬ ̙̪̲͝ͅi̭͙̦̜̬͜t̵̠̟̭̩ ̯͟t̰̼̝̟h̲̞̰͙̻́e̖͓͞ ̸͕̩͍̩̹͖o̰̬t҉͍͎̠̦̞͖͕h͏͇͔e̦͓̭r͙͍͔͚͇̮ͅ ͙̼̫̳̦̱̖ẁ̫͍a͇̹͍͍̫͉y̺̤͚ ̜̬͕̻̱̱̕ͅa ̹͉̜r͘ ̜͈̥̤̲̰͡o ̸̲͖̻̱u ̹̟͎̬̺ͅṉ̛͙ d͖̯̬͘

Did up the lady in red from one of my favorite indie rpg horrors, Ib!
It’s a great game combining two of the things I love!

Art galleries and survival horror (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

((Oh thank u so much.. your kind words mean a lot.. but you don’t have to worry for me abt that, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from running three askblogs, it’s that you make an askblog only for something that you are passionate about!

yes it’s terrible that the fandom is dying down… it’s especially a shame, since the fandom hasn’t even wrung out everything that can be explored about  Ib (game). It’s not like Homestuck, Puella Magi, or Harry Potter which has new fancomics and fanfiction being dished out each week. The problem with the Ib fandom is that we don’t truly realize that THERE ARE OTHER ships that can be shipped other than Garry/Ib, THERE ARE OTHER universes we can put the characters in other than the “gallery world” and “real world”, and THERE ARE OTHER characters other than just Ib, Mary and Garry, and I’m not just talking about the blue dolls, or Guertena or Ib’s parents, I mean:

what do u think of this girl who was standing fearfully at the floor painting, going"I feel like it’s sucking me in…!“ how long do u think she would’ve lasted if she really had been sucked into it like Ib was?

 or how about these two who are obviously dating? ( ´∀`)

or how about this guy who was totally smitten with the Lady in Red? if he was Ib’s companion instead of Garry, how would he have reacted to the Lady in Red coming to life and snapping at his heels? Also, do you think he and the girl standing at the candy tree could be siblings? idk they look alike

IB FANDOM, I URGE you not to let this fandom grow stale by just posting the same pixiv art over and over! Don’t just draw the trio! Let your creative juices flow and make your own comics like all the other fandoms do–you can draw/write about my ideas too! Also, everyone else has a highschool AU, why don’t we have one? ))

La Vie En Rose (Ib Fanfiction)

Title: La Vie En Rose 

Fandom: Ib
Rated: T
Genre: Romance

Summary: It is the anniversary for many things. The fifteenth anniversary of the day they fought through a strange, demented gallery. The fifteenth anniversary on the day they first met. The fifth anniversary of the day they dated for the first time. Garry sets out to make it a night to remember for Ib. Written for direwolfdragon on tumblr.



“Forgotten Portrait” was the third ending I ever got while playing Ib. At the time, it made me sad. Then I found this vid, which takes place after it. Now it’s my second favorite ending (the first still being Promise of Reunion, of course). The art in this song is beautiful, and the song is wonderful. ^_^ Instead of crying sad tears, I’m crying happy ones.