ib (horror game)

lets revive

You like Undertale? How about these old horror RPGs that are just as amazing and need a fandom revive. 


About a young girl (Madotsuki) traveling in her nightmares

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About a nine year old girl (Ib) trapped in an art gallery with two strangers

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A man named The Batter sent on a holy mission to purify.

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Amazing Soundtrack

In depth characters

Great writing/ story

Open to theories

Rules for RPG horror games

1) Save every 5 seconds. (You’ll thank me later)

2) Don’t trust anybody.

3) Don’t.Touch.The.Piano.

4) If you see a weapon,pick it up.

5) Get a calculator.(There is always a number puzzle)

6) Have your finger on the sprint key…just in case.

7) Don’t get attached to any characters.(One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made)

8) Go to the bathroom before playing.

9) If you forgot to do 8),sorry you’re on your own.

10)  Don’t have anything breakable nearby.You might either rage or jump with fright.

  • horror game: don't play this if you get scared or disturbed easily. this game is forbidden to those who are unable to distinguish fiction from reality.
  • me: *spamming the start button* ok yeah lets play the damn game
  • me, later that night: *brandishing some random object* cmon zombie motherfucker get out here so i can kill you and then go to sleep