some scenes from my finished round one and unfinished round 2 entries for the iantivirus RP forum PvP comic category

got about 100 + drawings, and pretty impressive work for being done on Paint with a mouse if I say so myself/MAULED

Orpheus (white haired man) belongs to @Chuchi8sushi on twitter

Hestia and Baubo (the one with curly black hair and the girl with pink goggles) belong to me

Gaia (dark skin and hair, dressed in blue, yellow and green) belongs to Tsukikomumai on tumblr

Khima (heart dress, pigtails) belongs to @buffchuus on twitter

Granny (the old woman) belongs to Sileath/Ghost 

and Ruchi (pink haired girl) belongs to @Kokotan003 on twitter


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