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some scenes from my finished round one and unfinished round 2 entries for the iantivirus RP forum PvP comic category

got about 100 + drawings, and pretty impressive work for being done on Paint with a mouse if I say so myself/MAULED

Orpheus (white haired man) belongs to @Chuchi8sushi on twitter

Hestia and Baubo (the one with curly black hair and the girl with pink goggles) belong to me

Gaia (dark skin and hair, dressed in blue, yellow and green) belongs to Tsukikomumai on tumblr

Khima (heart dress, pigtails) belongs to @buffchuus on twitter

Granny (the old woman) belongs to Sileath/Ghost 

and Ruchi (pink haired girl) belongs to @Kokotan003 on twitter

iAntiVirus // Noelle // Striker

Okay so. I just HAVE to make a post and derp about it for a while. x) Warning: Lots of derping.

So I recently joined this RP forum with a really cool setting. Cyberpolis is a VR MMO (Virtual Reality Mass Multi-player Online Game). Underneath everything, there are two organisations fighting “against” each other. Virus and Firewall. Virus started because some users were sick and tired of seeing hackers, spammers, PKers, and the like. By hunting and deleting these characters, “peace” would return to Cyberpolis. SO. VIRUS MEMBERS = VIGILANTES. Another group of users thought that this was super bad, (Virus members are hackers after all.. They delete characters. FOR THE SAKE OF JUSTICE!) so a second organisation was made to hunt down and destroy Virus? I think.. That organisation was named Firewall.

So. These two are super top secret organisations that only some have heard rumors about. Anyways. In comes my new character. She’s from a town that gives this huge agility boost, and her creator decides to make her a striker. Strikers give up their skills and forfeit the ability to wield weapons in return for an enormous amount of strength and something called “spirit.” I was thinking all day/night of a fighting style that would be awesome for this class (VR RIGHT?!) and it finally dawned on me. Muay Thai. Seriously. Have you seen these guys fight? It’s deadly. Fighters use their hands, elbows, feet, and knees to strike..

Yeah. Okay. Just wanted to share this epiphany with you guys. Now. Time to do my research on martial arts/muay thai. THIS IS WHERE THE FUN BEGINS. God. I love how roleplaying makes me so motivated to learn new things. x)